0796 Naguib Mahfouz

Naguib Mahfouz

A Story without a Beginning or an Ending (novel)1971Book
Adrift on the Nile (novel)1966Book
Akhenaten, Dweller in Truth (novel)1985Book
Al-Karnak (novel)1974Book
Arabian Nights and Days (novel)1981Book
Cairo Trilogy (novels)1956-57Collection
Children of Gebelawi (novel)1959Book
Dreams of the Rehabilitation Period (novel)2004Book
Echoes of an Autobiography (novel)1994Book
Fountain and Tomb (novel)1988Book
God’s World (novel)1962Book
Khan El-Khalili (novel)1945Book
Love above the Pyramid Plateau (novel)1979Book
Love and the Veil (novel)1980Book
Love under the Rain (novel)1973Book
Midaq Alley (novel)1947Book
Miramar (novel)1967Book
Mirrors (novel)1972Book
Mockery of the Fates (novel)1939Book
Modern Cairo (novel)1945Book
Nobel Lecture1988Orationhttp://nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/literature/laureates/1988/mahfouz-lecture.html
Old Egypt (novel)1932Book
One Hour Remains (novel)1982Book
Palace of Desire (novel)1957Book
Palace Walk (novel)1956Book
Quail and Autumn (novel)1962Book
Respected Sir (novel)1975Book
Rhadopis of Nubia (novel)1943Book
Room No. 122005Short Story
Speaking the Morning and Evening (novel)1987Book
Sugar Street (novel)1957Book
The Beggar (novella)1965Book
The Beginning and The End (novel)1950Book
The Crime (novel)1973Book
The Day the Leader was Killed (novel)1985Book
The Devil Preaches (novel)1979Book
The Disturbing Occurrences1979Short Story
The Harafish (novel)1977Book
The Honeymoon (novel)1971Book
The Hunger/Al-Go’a (novel)1986Book
The Journey of Ibn Fattouma (novel)1983Book
The Mirage (novel)1948Book
The Pub of the Black Cat (novel)1969Book
The Search (novel)1964Book
The Seventh Heaven (novel)2005Book
The Seventh Heaven: Supernatural Stories (short stories)2006Collection
The Struggle of Thebes (novel)1944Book
The Thief and the Dogs (novel)1961Book
Thebes at War (short stories)2005Collection
Voices from the Other World: Ancient Egyptian Tales (short stories)2002Collection
Wedding Song (novel)1981Book
Whisper of Madness (novel)1938Book
Zaabalawi (novel)1963Book


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