0780 Lois Lowry

Lois Lowry

A Summer to Die (children)1977Book
All about Sam (children)1988Book
Anastasia Absolutely (children)1995Book
Anastasia Again! (children)1981Book
Anastasia at This Address (children)1991Book
Anastasia at Your Service (children)1982Book
Anastasia Has the Answers (children)1986Book
Anastasia Krupnik (children)1979Book
Anastasia on Her Own (children)1985Book
Anastasia, Ask Your Analyst (children)1984Book
Anastasia’s Chosen Career (children)1987Book
Attaboy Sam! (children)1992Book
Autumn Street (children)1980Book
Bright Streets and Dark Paths2001OrationPDF
Crow Call (children)2009Book
Find a Stranger, Say Goodbye (children)1978Book
Gathering Blue (children)2000Book
Gooney Bird and the Room Mother (children)2006Book
Gooney Bird Greene (children)2002Book
Gooney Bird Is So Absurd (children)2009Book
Gooney the Fabulous (children)2007Book
Gossamer (children)2006Book
Here in Kennebunkport (children)1978Book
How Everything Turns Away2005OrationPDF
Like the Willow Tree (children)2011Book
Looking Back (memoir)1998Book
Messenger (children)2004Book
Newbery Acceptance Speech1994OrationPDF
Number the Stars (children)1989Book
Rabble Starkey (children)1987Book
See You Around, Sam! (children)1996Book
Stay! Keeper’s Story (children)1997Book
Switcharound (children)1985Book
Taking Care of Terrific (children)1983Book
The Beginning of Sadness2001OrationPDF
The Birthday Ball (children)2010Book
The Giver (children)1993Book
The One Hundredth Thing about Caroline (children)1983Book
The Remembered Gate and the Unopened Door2001OrationPDF
The Silent Boy (children)2003Book
The Village of Childhood1997OrationPDF
The Willoughbys (children)2008Book
Us and Uncle Fraud (children)1984Book
Wondering Where Everything Went1996OrationPDF
Your Move, J.P.! (children)1990Book
Zooman Sam (children)1999Book


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