0764 Alain LeRoy Locke

Alain LeRoy Locke

A Baha’i Inter-Racial Conference1928Essay
A Collection of Congo Art1927Essay
A Decade of Negro Self-Expression1928Collection
A Note on African Art1924Essay
Alain Locke in His Own Words: Three Essays2005CollectionPDF
American Literary Tradition and the Negro1926Essay
Ballad for Democracy1940Essay
Creative Democracy (lecture)1946-47Oration
Cultural Relativism and Ideological Peace1944Essay
Democracy Faces a World Order1942Essay
Educator and Publicist1931Essay
Five Phases of DemocracyEssay
Four Negro Poets (ed.)1927Collection
Four Talks Redefining Democracy, Education and World Citizenship2006-07CollectionPDF
Frederick Douglass: A Biography of Anti-Slavery1935Book
Harlem: Dark Weather-Vane1936Essay
Harlem: Mecca of the New Negro1925Essay
Impressions of Haifa1924Essay
Impressions of Luxor1924Essay
Is There a Basis for Spiritual Unity in the World Today?1942Essay
Lessons in World Crisis1945Essay
Locke, Alain (autobiographical sketch)1942Essay
Major Prophet of Democracy1946Essay
Minorities and the Social Mind1935Essay
Negro Art Past and Present1936Essay
Negro Speaks for Himself1924Essay
Negro Spirituals1940Essay
On Becoming World Citizens (lecture)1946Oration
Our Little Renaissance1927Essay
Peace between Black and White in the United StatesEssay
Plays of Negro Life: A Source-Book of Native American Drama (ed.)1927Collection
Pluralism and Ideological Peace1947Essay
Pluralism and Intellectual Democracy1942Essay
Race Contacts and Interracial Relations (lectures)1916Collection
Reason and Race1947Essay
Self-Criticism: The Third Dimension in CultureEssay
Steps Towards the Negro Theatre1922Essay
Stretching Our Social Mind (lecture)1944Oration
The Gospel for the Twentieth CenturyEssay
The High Cost of Prejudice1927Essay
The Moon MaidenPoem
The Moral Imperatives for World Order1944Essay
The Negro and His Music1936Essay
The Negro and the American Stage1926Essay
The Negro Group1943Essay
The Negro in America1933Essay
The Negro in American Culture (unfinished)Book
The Negro in Art1931Essay
The Negro in Art: A Pictorial Record of the Negro Artist ... (ed.)1940Book
The Negro in New Jersey: Race Contacts and Inter-Racial Relations1916Book
The Negro in the Three Americas1944Essay
The Negro Poets of the United States1926Essay
The Negro’s Contribution to American Art and Literature1928Essay
The Negro’s Contribution to American Culture1939Essay
The New Negro: An Interpretation (ed.)1925Collection
The Orientation of Hope1936Essay
The Philosophy of Alain Locke: Harlem Renaissance and Beyond1989Collection
The Preservation of the Democratic Ideal (lecture)1938-39Oration
The Problem of Classification in the Theory of Value (dissertation)1917Book
The Unfinished Business of Democracy1942Essay
Three Corollaries of Cultural Relativism1941Essay
Unity through Diversity: A Baha’i Principle1933Essay
Values and Imperatives1935Essay
Values That Matter1954Essay
When Peoples Meet: A Study in Race and Culture Contacts (ed.)1942Collection
World View on Race and Democracy: A Study Guide ...1943Book


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