0716 Fritz Lang

Fritz Lang

American Guerrilla in the Philippines (director)1950Play
Bettler GmbH (screenplay)1919Play
Beyond a Reasonable Doubt (director)1956Play
Clash by Night (director)1952Play
Cloak and Dagger (director)1946Play
Das indische Grabmal (screenplay)1921Play
Das indische Grabmal (screenplay/director)1959Play
Das Testament des Dr. Mabuse (screenplay/director)1933Play
Das wandernde Bild (screenplay/director)1920Play
Der Herr der Liebe (screenplay/director)1919Play
Der mude Tod (screenplay/director)1921Play
Der Tiger von Eschnapur (screenplay/director)1959Play
Die Frau mit den Orchideen (screenplay)1919Play
Die Herrin der Welt 8. Die Rache der Maud Fergusson (screenplay)1920Play
Die Hochzeit im Excentricclub (screenplay)1917Play
Die Nibelungen (screenplay/director)1924Play
Die Peitsche (screenplay)1917Play
Die Pest in Florenz (screenplay)1919Play
Die Rache ist Mein (screenplay)1919Play
Die Spinnen, 1. Teil - Der Goldene See (screenplay/director)1919Play
Die Spinnen, 2. Teil - Das Brillantenschiff (screenplay/director)1920Play
Die tausend Augen des Dr. Mabuse (screenplay/director)1960Play
Dr. Mabuse, der Spieler (screenplay/director)1922Play
Frau im Mond (screenplay/director)1929Play
Fury (screenplay/director)1936Play
Halbblut (screenplay/director)1919Play
Hangmen Also Die! (screenplay/director)1943Play
Harakiri (director)1919Play
Hilde Warren und der Tod (screenplay)1917Play
House by the River (director)1950Play
Human Desire (director)1954Play
Liliom (screenplay/director)1934Play
Lilith und Ly (screenplay)1918Play
M (screenplay/director)1931Play
Man Hunt (director)1941Play
Metropolis (screenplay/director)1927Play
Ministry of Fear (director)1944Play
Moonfleet (director)1955Play
Moontide (director)1942Play
Rancho Notorious (director)1952Play
Scarlet Street (director)1945Play
Secret Beyond the Door (director)1948Play
Spione (screenplay/director)1928Play
The Big Heat (director)1953Play
The Blue Gardenia (director)1953Play
The Return of Frank James (director)1940Play
The Woman in the Window (director)1944Play
Totentanz (screenplay)1919Play
Vier um die Frau (screenplay/director)1921Play
Western Union (director)1941Play
While the City Sleeps (director)1956Play
Wolkenblau und Flimmerstern (screenplay)1919Play
You and Me (director)1938Play
You Only Live Once (director)1937Play


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