0707 Akira Kurosawa

Akira Kurosawa

After the Rain (screenplay)1995Play
Dersu Uzala (screenplay/director)1975Play
Dodesukaden (screenplay/director)1970Play
Dreams (screenplay/director)1990Play
Drunken Angel (screenplay/director)1948Play
High and Low (screenplay/director)1963Play
Horse/Uma (director)1941Play
Ikiru (screenplay/director)1952Play
Kagemusha (screenplay/director)1980Play
Madadayo/Not Yet (screenplay/director)1993Play
No Regrets for Our Youth (screenplay/director)1946Play
One Wonderful Sunday (screenplay/director)1947Play
Ran (screenplay/director)1985Play
Rashomon (screenplay/director)1950Play
Record of a Living Being (screenplay/director)1955Play
Red Beard (screenplay/director)1965Play
Rhapsody in August (screenplay/director)1991Play
Runaway Train (unfinished screenplay/director)1968Play
Sanjuro (screenplay/director)1962Play
Sanshiro Sugata Part II (director)1945Play
Sanshiro Sugata/Judo Saga (director)1943Play
Scandal (screenplay/director)1950Play
Seven Samurai (screenplay/director)1954Play
Snow Trail (screenplay)1947Play
Stray Dog (screenplay/director)1949Play
The Bad Sleep Well (screenplay/director)1960Play
The Hidden Fortress (screenplay/director)1958Play
The Idiot (screenplay/director)1951Play
The Lower Depths (screenplay/director)1957Play
The Men Who Tread on the Tiger’s Tail (screenplay/director)1945Play
The Most Beautiful (director)1944Play
The Quiet Duel (screenplay/director)1949Play
The Sea is Watching (screenplay)1993Play
Throne of Blood (screenplay/director)1957Play
Tora! Tora! Tora! (screenplay/co-director)1970Play
Yojimbo/The Bodyguard (screenplay/director)1961Play


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