0670 George Kaufman

George Kaufman

A Night at the Opera (screenplay)1935Play
Amicable Parting (play)1957Play
Animal Crackers (play)1928Play
As It Probably Was (play)1922Play
Be Yourself (play)1924Play
Beggar on Horseback (play)1924Play
Bravo! (play/director)1948Play
Channel Road (play)1929Play
Dinner at Eight (play)1932Play
Dulcy (play)1921Play
Fancy Meeting You Again (play/director)1952Play
First Lady (play)1935Play
George Washington Slept Here (play)1940Play
Guys and Dolls (play/director)1950Play
Helen of Troy (play)1923Play
Hollywood Pinafore; or the Lad Who Loved a Salary (play/director)1945Play
I’d Rather Be Right (play)1937Play
I’ve a Friend in the Business (play)1922Play
If Men Played Cards as Women Do (sketch)Play
June Moon (play)1929Play
Kibitzers’ RevoltEssay
Let ’Em Eat Cake (play)1933Play
Merrily We Roll Along (play)1934Play
Merton of the Movies (play)1922Play
Metropole (play/director)1949Play
Minick (play)1924Play
My Sister Eileen (play/director)1940Play
Of Mice and Men (play/director)Play
Of Thee I Sing (musical play/director)1931Play
Once in a Lifetime (play)1930Play
Pardon My English (play)1932Play
Park Avenue (play/director)1946Play
Romanoff and Juliet (play/director)1957Play
Silk Stockings (play)1955Play
Six Plays by Kaufman and Hart1942Collection
Someone in the House (play)1918Play
Stage Door (play)1936Play
Strike Up the Band (play)1930Play
The American Way (play)1939Play
The Band Wagon (play/review)1931Play
The Butter and Egg Man (play)1925Play
The Cocoanuts (play)1925Play
The Dark Tower (play)1933Play
The Deep Tangled Wildwood (play)1923Play
The Enchanted (play/director)1950Play
The Fabulous Invalid (play)1938Play
The Front Page (play/director)1928Play
The Good Fellow (play)1926Play
The Land Is Bright (play)1941Play
The Late George Apley (play, adaptation)1944Play
The Man Who Came to Dinner (play)1939Play
The Next Half Hour (play/director)1945Play
The Royal Family (play)1927Play
The Senator Was Indiscreet (film director)1947Play
The Small Hours (play/director)1951Play
The Solid Gold Cadillac1953Play
The Still Alarm (sketch)1930Play
To the Ladies (play)1922Play
Town House (play/director)1948Play
You Can’t Take It with You (play)1936Play


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