0645 Brian Jacques

Brian Jacques

A Redwall Winter’s Tale (children)2003Book
A Smile and a Wave2004Short Story
Allie Alma1991Short Story
Bridgey1991Short Story
Castaways of the Flying Dutchman (children)2001Book
Doomwyte (children)2008Book
Eulalia! (children)2007Book
High Rhulain (children)2005Book
Jamie and the Vampires1991Short Story
Loamhedge (children)2003Book
Lord Brocktree (children)2000Book
Mariel of Redwall (children)1991Book
Marlfox (children)1998Book
Martin the Warrior (children)1993Book
Mattimeo (children)1989Book
Mossflower (children)1988Book
Outcast of Redwall (children)1995Book
R.S.B. Limited1991Short Story
Rakkety Tam (children)2004Book
Redwall (children)1986Book
Redwall Friend & Foe (children)2000Book
Redwall Map & Riddler (children)1997Book
Salamandastron (children)1992Book
Seven Strange and Ghostly Tales (short stories)1991Collection
The All Ireland Champion versus the Nye Add2004Short Story
The Angel’s Command (children)2003Book
The Bellmaker (children)1994Book
The Fate of Thomas P. Kanne1991Short Story
The Great Redwall Feast (children)1996Book
The Legend of Luke (children)1999Book
The Lies of Henry Mawdsley1991Short Story
The Long Patrol (children)1997Book
The Mystery of Huma d’Este2004Short Story
The Pearls of Lutra (children)1996Book
The Redwall Cookbook (children)2005Book
The Ribbajack2004Short Story
The Ribbajack and Other Curious Yarns (short stories)2004Collection
The Rogue Crew (children)2011Book
The Sable Quean (children)2010Book
The Sad History of Gilly Bodkin1991Short Story
The Taggerung (children)2001Book
Tribes of Redwall Badgers (children)2001Book
Tribes of Redwall Hares (children)2006Book
Tribes of Redwall Mice (children)2002Book
Tribes of Redwall Otters (children)2001Book
Tribes of Redwall Squirrels (children)2003Book
Triss (children)2002Book
Urso Brunov and the White Emperor (children)2008Book
Urso Brunov, Little Father of All Bears (children)2003Book
Voyage of Slaves (children)2006Book


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