0615 Sidney Coe Howard

Sidney Coe Howard

A Lady to Love (screenplay)1930Play
Alien Corn (play)1933Play
An Island Made for Two1933Essay
Arrowsmith (screenplay)1931Play
Bewitched (play)1924Play
Bulldog Drummond (screenplay)1929Play
Casanova (play)1923Play
Condemned (screenplay)1929Play
Dodsworth (play)1934Play
Dodsworth (screenplay)1936Play
Gather Ye Rosebuds (play)1934Play
Getting a Blighty One1930Essay
Gone with the Wind (screenplay)1939Play
Half Gods (play)1929Play
Lexington (play)1925Play
Lucky Sam McCarver (play)1925Play
Lute Song (play)1930Play
Madame, Will You Walk? (play, adaptation)1953Play
Marseilles (play)1930Play
Michel Auclair (play)1925Play
Morals (play)1925Play
Ned McCobb’s Daughter (play)1926Play
Ode to Liberty (play)1934Play
Olympia (play)1928Play
One Heavenly Night (screenplay)1931Play
One, Two, Three (play)1930Play
Paths of Glory (play)1935Play
Professional Patriots1927Book
Raffles (screenplay)1930Play
S.S. Tenacity (play)1922Play
Salvation (play)1928Play
Sancho Panza (play)1923Play
Swords (play)1921Play
The Ghost of Yankee Doodle (play)1937Play
The Greeks Had a Word for Them (screenplay)1932Play
The Last Night of Don Juan (play)1925Play
The Late Christopher Bean (play)1932Play
The Silver Cord (play)1926Play
The Sons of Spain (play)1914Play
They Knew What They Wanted (play)1924Play
Yellowjack (play)1934Play


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