0586 Tony Hillerman

Tony Hillerman

A New Omnibus of Crime (ed.)2005Collection
A Thief of Time (novel)1988Book
A Thief of Time (screenplay)2004Play
Best American Mysteries of the Century (ed.)2000Collection
Best of the Western: Anthology of ... Writing ... American West (ed.)1991Collection
Buster Mesquite’s Cowboy Band (children)1973Book
Canyon de Chelly1998Book
Coyote Waits (novel)1990Book
Coyote Waits (screenplay)2003Play
Dance Hall of the Dead (novel)1973Book
Fifty Foreign Firsts: A Tony Hillerman Checklist1991Collection
Finding Moon (novel)1995Book
Hillerman Country (photos)1991Book
Hunting Badger (novel)1999Book
Indian Country: America’s Sacred Land1987Book
Kilroy Was There: A G.I.’s War in Photographs2004Book
Leaphorn & Chee (novels)1992Collection
Leaphorn, Chee, and More (novels)2005Collection
Listening Woman (novel)1978Book
Making Mysteries with Navajo Materials1989Book
Mystery, Country Boys and the Big Reservation1986Collection
New Mexico (photos)1974Book
New Mexico, Rio Grande and Other Essays1975Collection
New Omnibus of Crime2005Collection
Our Own Holy Land1994Essay
People of Darkness (novel)1980Book
Rio Grande (photos)1975Book
Robbers, Rogues, and Ruffians: True Tales of the Wild West1992Collection
Sacred Clowns (novel)1993Book
Seldom Disappointed: A Memoir2001Book
Skeleton Man (novel)2004Book
Skinning the Night: American Mystery (screenplay)Play
Skinwalkers (novel)1986Book
Skinwalkers (screenplay)2002Play
Talking God (novel)1989Book
Talking Mysteries1991Book
The Blessing Way (novel)1970Book
The Boy Who Made Dragonfly: A Zuni Myth (children)1970Book
The Dark Wind (novel)1982Book
The Dark Wind (screenplay)1991Play
The Fallen Man (novel)1996Book
The First Eagle (novel)1998Book
The Fly on the Wall (novel)1970Book
The Ghostway (novel)1984Book
The Great Taos Bank Robbery1973Book
The Great Taos Bank Robbery & Other Indian Country Affairs (essays)1973Collection
The Jim Chee Mysteries (novels)1990Collection
The Joe Leaphorn Mysteries (novels)1989Collection
The Leaphorn & Chee Novels2005Collection
The Mysterious West1995Book
The Mysterious West (essays, ed.)1994Collection
The Oxford Book of American Detective Stories (ed.)1996Collection
The Perfect Murder (novel, collaboration)1991Book
The Shape Shifter (novel)2006Book
The Sinister Pig (novel)2003Book
The Spell of New Mexico1976Book
The Wailing Wind (novel)2002Book
Three Jim Chee Mysteries (novels)1993Collection


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