0528 A.R. Gurney

A.R. Gurney

A Cheever Evening (play)1994Play
A Light Lunch (play)2008Play
Ancestral Voices (play)1999Play
Another Antigone (play)1986Play
Big Bill (play)Play
Black Tie (play)Play
Buffalo Gal (play)2001Play
Children (play)1974Play
Collected Works1995Collection
Crazy Mary (play)2007Play
Darlene (play)Play
Entertaining Strangers (novel)1977Book
Far East (play)1998Play
Four Plays1985Collection
Human Events (play)Play
Indian Blood (play)2006Play
Labor Day (play)1998Play
Later Life (play)1993Play
Love in Buffalo (musical)1958Play
Love Letters (play)1988Play
Mrs. Farnsworth (play)Play
Nine Early Plays, 1961-19731995Collection
O Jerusalem (play)Play
Office Hours (play)2010Play
Overtime (play)1996Play
Post Mortem (play)2006Play
Richard Cory/Who Killed Richard Cory? (play)1976Play
Scenes from American Life (play)1970Play
Screen Play (play)2005Play
Strawberry Fields (play)Play
Sweet Sue (play)1986Play
Sylvia (play)1995Play
The Bridal Dinner (play)1962Play
The Cocktail Hour (play)1988Play
The Comeback (play)1965Play
The David Show (play)1966Play
The Dining Room (play)1982Play
The Fourth Wall (play)Play
The Golden Age (play)1981Play
The Golden Fleece (play)1968Play
The Gospel According to Joe (novel)1974Book
The Grand Manner (play)2010Play
The Guest Lecturer (play)1998Play
The Love Course (play)1970Play
The Middle Ages (play)1977Play
The Old Boy (play)1991Play
The Old One-Two (play)1973Play
The Open Meeting (play)1969Play
The Perfect Party (play)1969Play
The Problem (play)1969Play
The Rape of Bunny Stuntz (play)1966Play
The Snow Ball (novel)1991Book
The Snow Ball (play)1991Play
The Wayside Motor Inn (play)1977Play
Three People (play)1955-56Play
Turn of the Century (play)1955-56Play
What I Did Last Summer (play)1975Play
White Walls (play)1988Play


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