0516 Graham Greene

Graham Greene

21 Days (screenplay)1940Play
A Branch of the Service1990Short Story
A Burnt Out-Case (novel)1960Book
A Chance for Mr. Lever1936Short Story
A Day Saved1935Short Story
A Discovery in the Woods (novella)1963Short Story
A Drive in the Country1937Short Story
A Few Pipes1954Essay
A Gun for Sale/This Gun for Hire (novel)1936Book
A Hoax on Mr. Hulton1951Essay
A Life in Letters2008PCollection
A Little Place off the Edgware Road1939Short Story
A Quick Look Behind: Footnotes to an Autobiography1983Book
A Sense of Reality (short stories)1963Collection
A Shocking Accident1967Short Story
A Sort of Life (autobiography)1971Book
A Visit to Morin1957Essay
A World of My Own (autobiography)1992PBook
Across the Bridge1938Short Story
After Two Years1949
Alas, Poor Maling1940Short Story
Alas, Poor Maling (teleplay)1975Play
All but Empty1947Short Story
An Appointment with the General1990Short Story
An Impossible Woman (ed.)1975Collection
An Old Man’s Memory1990Short Story
An Unheroic Dramatist1951Essay
Articles of Faith: The Collected Tablet Journalism of Graham Greene2006PCollection
Awful when You Think of It1967Short Story
Babbling April (poems)1925Collection
Beatrix Potter1951Essay
Beauty1963Short Story
British Dramatists1942Book
Brother1936Short Story
Carving a Statue (play)1964Play
Chagrin in Three Parts1967Short Story
Cheap in August1964Short Story
Church Militant1956Short Story
Collected Essays1969Collection
Collected Plays1995PCollection
Collected Stories1972Collection
Crazy Elopement1936Short Story
Crook’s Tour1970Short Story
Dear Dr. Falkenheim1963Short Story
Doctor Crombie1967Short Story
Don in Mexico1951Essay
Dr. Fisher of Geneva; or the Bomb Party (novel)1980Book
Dr. Oates of Salamanca1951Essay
Dream of a Strange Land1963Short Story
England Made Me/The Shipwrecked (novel)1935Book
Eric Gill1951Essay
Essais Catholoques1953Collection
Fielding and Sterne1951Essay
For Christmas1951
For Whom the Bell Chimes (play)1983Play
Ford Madox Ford1951Essay
Ford Madox Ford (ed.)1962-63Collection
Francis Parkman1951Essay
Francois Mauriac1951Essay
Frederick Rolfe: A Spoiled Priest1951Essay
Frederick Rolfe: Edwardian Inferno1951Essay
Frederick Rolfe: From the Devil’s Side1951Essay
From Feathers to Iron1951Essay
George Darley1951Essay
Getting to Know the General (autobiography)1985Book
Graham Greene Country1986
Great Dog of Weimar1951Essay
Greek Meets Greek1941Short Story
Harkaway’s Oxford1951Essay
Henry James: The Private Universe1951Essay
Henry James: The Religious Aspect1951Essay
Her Uncle vs. His Father1942Short Story
Herbert Read1951Essay
I Spy1930Short Story
In Search of a Character: Two African Journals (travel)1961Book
Invincible Ignorance1951Essay
Isis Idol1951Essay
It’s a Battlefield (novel)1934Book
J’Accuse: The Dark Side of Nice1982Essay
Journey Without Maps (travel)1936Book
Jubilee1936Short Story
Lord Rochester’s Monkey (biography)1974Book
Loser Takes All (novel)1955Book
Loser Takes All (screenplay)1956Play
Man Made Angry1951Essay
May We Borrow Your Husband?1967Short Story
May We Borrow Your Husband? (short stories)1967Collection
Men at Work1940Short Story
Monsignor Quixote (novel)1982Book
Mortmain1963Short Story
Mr. Cook’s Century1951Essay
Murder for the Wrong Reason1990Short Story
Nineteen Stories1947Collection
No Man’s Land (novel)2005PBook
Our Man in Havana (novel)1958Book
Our Man in Havana (screenplay)1959Play
Portrait of a Maiden Lady1951Essay
Proof Positive1930Short Storyhttp://www.nbu.bg/webs/amb/british/6/greene/proof.htm
Reflections, 1923-881990Collection
Remembering Mr. Jones1951Essay
Rudyard Kipling: His Life and Work1956Essay
Rumour at Nightfall (novel)1931Book
Saint Joan (screenplay)1957Play
Samuel Butler1951Essay
Special Duties1954Short Story
Stambul Train/Orient Express (novel)1932Book
The Basement Room and Other Stories1935Collection
The Basement Room/The Fallen Idol (novella)1935Short Story
The Bear Fell Free1935
The Best of Saki (ed.)1950Collection
The Blessing1966Short Story
The Blue Film1954Short Story
The Brighton Rock (novel)1938Book
The Brighton Rock/Young Scarface (screenplay)1947Play
The Burden of Childhood1951Essay
The Captain and the Enemy (novel)1988Book
The Case for the Defence1939Short Story
The Comedians (novel)1966Book
The Comedians (screenplay)1967Play
The Complaisant Lover (play)1959Play
The Confidential Agent (novel)1939Book
The Destructors1954Short Story
The Domestic Background1951Essay
The Empty Chair (novella)2009PShort Story
The End of the Affair (novel)1951Book
The End of the Party1929Short Storyhttp://www.classicshorts.com/stories/EndParty.html
The Fallen Idol (screenplay)1948Play
The First and the Last (novel)1937Book
The Future’s in the Air (screenplay)1937Play
The General and the Spy1954Essay
The Graham Greene Film Reader1993PCollection
The Great Jowett (play)1980Play
The Heart of the Matter (novel)1948Book
The Hint of an Explanation1948Short Story
The Honorary Consul (novel)1973Book
The Human Factor (novel)1978Book
The Innocent1937Short Story
The Invisible Japanese Gentlemen1965Short Story
The Last Buchan1951Essay
The Last Word1988Short Story
The Last Word and Other Stories1990Collection
The Lawless Roads (travel)1939Book
The Lesson of the Master1951Essay
The Lieutenant Died Last1940Short Story
The Little Fire Engine (children)1950Book
The Little Horse Bus (children)1952Book
The Little Steamroller (children)1953Book
The Little Train (children)1946Book
The Living Room (play)1953Play
The Lost Childhood and Other Essays1951Collection
The Lottery Ticket1990Short Story
The Man Who Stole the Eiffel Tower1990Short Story
The Man Within (novel)1929Book
The Ministry of Fear (novel)1943Book
The Moment of Truth1990Short Story
The Monster of Capri1985
The Name of Action (novel)1930Book
The New Britain (screenplay)1940Play
The New House1989Short Story
The News in English1940Short Story
The Old School (essays, ed.)1934Collection
The Over-Night Bag1967Short Story
The Plays of Henry James1951Essay
The Pleasure-Dome: The Collected Film Criticism, 1935-401972Collection
The Poker-Face1951Essay
The Portrait of a Lady1951Essay
The Potting Shed (play)1957Play
The Power and the Glory/The Labyrinthine Ways (novel)1940Book
The Quiet American (novel)1955Book
The Return of A.J. Raffles (play)1975Play
The Root of All Evil1964Short Story
The Saratoga Trunk1951Essay
The Second Death1929Short Story
The Spy’s Bedside Book (ed.)1957Collection
The Stranger’s Hand (screenplay)1954Play
The Tenth Man (novel)1985Book
The Third Man (novella)1949Book
The Third Man (screenplay)1948Play
The Ugly Act1951Essay
The Unknown War1951Essay
The Virtue of Disloyalty1972
The Young Dickens1951Essay
Travels with My Aunt (novel)1969Book
Twenty-One Stories1954Collection
Two Gentle People1967Short Story
Under the Garden1963Short Story
Victorian Detective Fiction1966Collection
Victorian Villainies1984Book
Walter de la Mare’s Short Stories1951Essay
Ways of Escape (autobiography)1980Book
Whom the Bell Chimes (play)1980Play
Why Do I Write1948Essay
Why the Epigraph?1989
Work Not in Progress1990Short Story
Yes and No (play)1980Play
Yours, Etc.: Letters to the Press1989Collection


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