0514 Paul Eliot Green

Paul Eliot Green

A Southern Life: Letters of Paul Green, 1916-19811994Collection
A Start in the Life (play)1940Play
Black Like Me (screenplay, adaptation)1964Play
Blackbeard (play)1922Play
Captain Eddie (screenplay)1945Play
Carmen (play, adaptation)1953Play
Cross and Sword (play)1965Play
David Harum (screenplay, adaptation)1934Play
Dog on the Sun (short stories)1949Collection
Dr. Bull (screenplay)1933Play
Drama and the Weather (essays)1958Collection
Dramatic Heritage (essays)1953Collection
Drumbeats in Georgia (play)1973Play
Faith of Our Fathers (play)1950Play
Five Plays of the South1963Collection
Fixin’s (play)1924Play
Forever Growing: Some Notes on a Credo for Teachers (essays)1945Collection
Green Light (screenplay, adaptation)1937Play
Home to My Valley (short stories)1970Collection
Hymn to the Rising Sun (play)1936Play
In Abraham’s Bosom: The Biography of a Negro (play)1926Play
In Aunt Mahaly’s Cabin (play)1925Play
In the Valley1928Play
In the Valley and Other Carolina Plays1928Collection
Johnny Johnson: The Biography of a Common Man (play)1936Play
Lonesome Road: Six Plays for the Negro Theatre1926Collection
Louisiana Cavalier (play)1979Play
Native Son (play, adaptation)1941Play
Old Wash Lucas (play)1920Play
Out of the South: The Life of a People in Dramatic Form (plays)1939Collection
Paul Eliot Green Papers: Selected Letters, 1917-1919Collectionhttp://docsouth.unc.edu/wwi/greenletters/menu.html
Paul Green’s War Songs: A ... History of the Great War, 1917-19201993Collection
Peer Gynt (play, adaptation)1951Play
Plough and Furrow: Some Essays on Life and the Theatre1963Collection
Potter’s Field: A Symphonic Play of the Negro People (play)1934Play
Quare Medicine (play)1925Play
Roll Sweet Chariot (play)1934Play
Roseanna McCoy (screenplay, adaptation)1949Play
Salvation on a String (short stories)1924Collection
Salvation on a String and Other Tales of the South1946Collection
Saturday Night1928Play
Serenata (play)1953Play
Shroud My Body Down/The Honeycomb (play)1934Play
Song in the Wilderness: Cantata for Chorus and Orchestra1947Poem
State Fair (screenplay, adaptation)1933Play
Supper for the Dead1928Play
Texas (play)1966Play
The Cabin in the Cotton (screenplay)1932Play
The Common Glory (play)1947Play
The Confederacy (play)1958Play
The Enchanted Maze (play)1935Play
The End of the Row1926Play
The Field God (play)1927Play
The Field God and In Abraham’s Bosom1927Collection
The Founders (play)1957Play
The Goodbye1928Play
The Green Years (screenplay, adaptation)1946Play
The Hawthorn Tree: Some Papers and Letters on Life and the Theatre1943Collection
The Highland Call (play)1939Play
The Hot Iron1926Play
The House of Connelly (play)1931Play
The House of Connelly and Other Plays1931Collection
The Land of Nod and Other Stories1976Collection
The Last of the Lowries (play)1920Play
The Laughing Pioneer (novel)1932Book
The Lone Star (play)1977Play
The Lord’s Will (play)1922Play
The Lord’s Will and Other Carolina Plays1925Collection
The Lost Colony (play)1937Play
The Man on the House1928Play
The Man Who Died at Twelve o’Clock (play)1925Play
The No ’Count Boy (play)1924Play
The Old Man of Edenton (play)1920Play
The Picnic1928Play
The Prayer-Meeting1926Play
The Seventeenth Star (play)1953Play
The Southern Cross (play)1938Play
The Stephen Foster Story (play)1959Play
This Body the Earth (novel)1935Book
Time Out of Mind (screenplay, adaptation)1947Play
Tread the Green Grass/Sing All a Green Willow (play)1932Play
Trifles of Thought (poems)1918Collection
Trumpet in the Land (play)1970Play
Unto Such Glory (play)1936Play
Voltaire (screenplay)1933Play
We the People (play)1976Play
White Dresses (play)1923Play
Wide Fields (short stories1928Collection
Wilderness Road (play)1955Play
Wings for to Fly: Three Plays of Negro Life1959Collection
Words and Ways: Stories ... Cape Fear Valley Folklore Collection1968Collection
Work of Art (screenplay, adaptation)1934Play
Wrack P’int (play)1922Play
Your Fiery Furnace1926Play


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