0470 Brian Friel

Brian Friel

A Doubtful Paradise (play)1960Play
A Month in the Country (play, adaptation)1992Play
A Sort of Freedom (radio play)1958Play
Afterplay (play)2002Play
American Welcome (play)1981Play
Aristocrats (play)1979Play
Crystal and Fox (play)1968Play
Dancing at Lughnasa (play)1990Play
Faith Healer (play)1979Play
Farewell to Ardstraw (teleplay)1976Play
Fathers and Sons (play) adaptation)1987Play
Give Me Your Answer, Do! (play)1997Play
Hedda Gabler (play, adaptation)2008Play
Living Quarters (play)1977Play
Lovers: Winners and Losers (play)1967Play
Making History (play)1988Play
Molly Sweeney (play)1994Play
Performances (play)2003Play
Philadelphia, Here I Come! (play)1964Play
The Bear (play, adaptation)2002Play
The Blind Mice (play)1963Play
The Communication Cord (play)1982Play
The Enemy Within (play)1962Play
The Founder Members (teleplay)1964Play
The Freedom of the City (play)1973Play
The Gentle Island (play)1971Play
The Home Place (play)2005Play
The London Vertigo (play) adaptation1991Play
The Loves of Cass McGuire (play)1966Play
The Mundy Scheme (play)1969Play
The Next Parish (teleplay)1976Play
The Yalta Game (play, adaptation)2001Play
Three Fathers, Three Sons (teleplay)1964Play
Three Sisters (play, translation)1981Play
To This Hard House (radio play)1958Play
Translations (play)1980Play
Uncle Vanya (play adaptation)1998Play
Volunteers (play)1975Play
Wonderful Tennessee (play)1993Play


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