0446 Dario Fo

Dario Fo

25 Monologues for Women/25 monologhi per una donna1989Collection
A Mother/Una madre (play)1982Play
A Woman Alone (play)1978Play
A Woman Alone and Other Plays1991Collection
Abducting Diana/Il ratto della Francesca (play)1986Play
About Face/Clacson, trombette e pernacchi (play)1981Play
Accidental Death of an Anarchist/Morte accidentale ... anarchico (play)1970Play
Adult Orgasm Escapes from the Zoo (play)1978Play
All House, Bed and Church (play)1977Play
An Ordinary Day/Una giornata qualunque (play)1986Play
Archangels Don’t Play Pinball/Gli arcangeli non giocano a flipper (play)1959Play
Ballate e canzoni (play)1974Play
Basta con i fascisti (play)1973Play
Bava Beccaris, fame e rabbia: cento anni fa a Milano (play)1998Play
Betty (play)1980Play
Boniface VIII (play)1969Play
Buona sera (television play)1979-80Play
Can’t Pay? Won’t Pay!/Non Si Paga! Non Si Paga! (play)1974Play
Canzoni e ballate (play)1974Play
Chi l’ha visto? (television play)1959Play
Ci ragiono e canto (play)1966Play
Coins from Five Pounds/Monetine da 5 lire (television play)1956Play
Comic Mystery/Mistero Buffo (play)1969Play
Comico Finale (4 short plays)1958Collection
Companions Uncensored/Compagni senza censura (play)1970-72Play
Coppia Aperta (play)1983Play
Corpse for Sale/Un morto da vendere (play)1958Play
Da Tangentopoli all’irresistibile ascesa di Ubu-Bas (play)2002Play
Dario Fo Recita Ruzzante1995Essay
Dedalo e Icaro (play)1980Play
Dialogue on the Comic, the Tragic, Folly and Reason1990Essay
Dio li fa e poi li accoppa (play)Play
Elizabeth: Almost by Chance a Woman/Quasi per caso una donna (play)1984Play
Eva’s Diary/Diario di Eva (play)1984Play
Fanfani Rapito (play)1975Play
Fedayin (play)1971Play
Female Parts: One Woman Plays/Tutta casa, letto e chiesa (plays)1978Collection
God Is the Director General of the Italian State Railway Company2006Short Story
Grande pamtomina con bandieri e pupazzi piccolo e medi (play)1968Play
Guerra di popolo in Cile (play)1973Play
He Had Two Pistols with White and Black Eyes (play)1960Play
He Who Steals a Foot is Lucky in Love/Chi ruba un piede ... (play)1961Play
Healthy by Wire/Sani da legare (play)1954Play
Hellequin, Harlekin, Arlechino (play)1985Play
Il caso Marini (play)1974Play
Il diavolo con le zinne (play)1967Play
Il grande bugiardo (play)2001Play
Il paese dei Mezarat (play)2002Play
Il porco (play)2000Play
Il teatro di Dario Fo (television play)1977Play
Il teatro politico di Dario Fo1977Collection
Il viaggio a Reims (play)2003Play
Isabella, Three Tall Ships, and a Con Man (play)1962Play
Johan Padan and the Discovery of the Americas (play)1992Play
Knock, Knock - Who´s There? The Police! (play)1972Play
L’anomalo bicefalo (play)2003Play
L’opera dello sghignazzo (play)1981Play
La colpa e sempre del diavolo (play)1965Play
La Gazzetta (play)2001Play
La guillarata (play)1975Play
La Marcolfa (play)1958Play
La parte del Leone (play)1987Play
La professione della Signora Warren (television play)1981Play
La Signora e da Buttare (play)1967Play
Ladri, manichini e donne nude (four plays)1957Collection
Le commedie di Dario Fo1977Collection
Le commedie I-IX, 1966-19911966-91Collection
Lettera dalla Cina (play)1989Play
Lu santo jullare Francesco (play)1999Play
Lucio e asino (play)1982Play
Mama’s Marijuana is the Best/La marijuana della mamma ... (play)1976Play
Mamma! I sanculotti! (play)1993Play
Marino libero! Marino innocente! (play)1998Play
Medea (play)1978Play
Misteri Buffo: The Collected Plays of Dario Fo1969Collection
Mistero Buffo (television play)1991Play
Morte e resurrezione di un pupazzo (play)1971Play
Nobel Banquet Speech1997Orationhttp://nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/literature/laureates/1997/fo-speech.html
Nobel Lecture1997Orationhttp://nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/literature/laureates/1997/fo-lecture-e.html
Obscene Fables/Fabulazzo Osceno (play)1982Play
One Was Nude and One Wore Tails/L’uomo nudo e l’uomo frak (play)1957Play
Ordine! Per Dio.000.000.000 (play)1972Play
Parliamo di donne (television play)1977Play
Parpaja topola (play)1982Play
Parti femminili (television play)1989Play
Peace Mom/Mother Courage: Cindy Sheehan’s ... Diary (play)PlayPDF
Plays: 11992Collection
Plays: 21994Collection
Plays: One. & Plays: Two1994Collection
Poer nano ed altre storie (radio plays)1951Collection
Porta e belle (play)1974Play
Promessi sposi (television play)1989Play
Quando sarai povero sarai re (play)1958Play
Sesso? Grazie, tanto per gradire! (play)1994Play
Settimo ruba un po’ meno (play)1991Play
Seventh Commandment: Thou Shalt Steal a Bit (play)1964Play
St. Francis: The Holy Jester (play)Play
Storia vera di Piero d’Angera (play)1984Play
Story of a Soldier/La Storia di un Soldato (play)1978Play
Teatro Comico (plays)1962Collection
The Bawd (play)1973Play
The Birth of the Jongleur (play)1969Play
The Birth of the Villeyn (play)1969Play
The Boss’ Funeral/Il funerale del padrone (play)1969Play
The Devil with Boobs (play)1997Play
The Finger in the Eye/Il Dito nell’Occhio (play)1953Play
The First Miracle of the Infant Jesus (play)Play
The Flagellants’ Laude (play)1969Play
The Fourth Wall (play)1978Play
The Marriage at Cana (play)1969Play
The Morality Play of the Blind Man & the Cripple (play)1969Play
The Open Couple/Coppio aperta, quasi spalancata (play)1983Play
The Painters Did Not Remember/Gli imbianchini non ... ricordi (play)1957Play
The Peasants Bible: My First Seven Years (Plus a Few More)1996Collection
The Pope and the Witch/Il Papa e la Strega (play)1989Play
The Pope and the Witch/Papa e la Strega (plays)1997Collection
The Resurrection of Lazarus (play)1969Play
The Same Old Story (play)1978Play
The Screwed/Lo svitato 1956 (screenplay)1956Play
The Slaughter of the Innocents (play)1969Play
The Tale of a Tiger/Storia della tigre (play)1978Play
The Three Good/I tre bravi (play)1962Play
The Tricks of the Trade/Manuale Minimo dell’Attore (play)1985Play
The Virtuous Burglars/Non tutti i ladri vengono per nuocere (play)1957Play
The Zeedonk and the Shoe (play)1988Play
Transmissione forzata (television play)1988Play
Trumpets and Raspberries (play)1981Play
Tutti uniti! Tutti insieme! (play)1971Play
Two Pistols/Aveva due pistole con gli occhi bianci e neri (play)1960Play
Ubu-Bas va alla guerra (play)2003Play
Un morto da vendere (play)1958Play
Una lepre con la faccia da bambina (television play)1989Play
Vorrei morire anche stasera se dovessi pensare che non ... (play)1970Play
Waking Up (play)1978Play
We Won’t Pay! We Won’t Pay! and Other Works2000Collection
Women Undressed, Bodies Ready to Be Dispatched (play)1957Play
Worker Knows 300 Words, Boss 1000, ... Why He’s the Boss (play)1969Play
Zitti! Stiamo Precipitando (play)1990Play


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