0366 Ariel Dorfman

Ariel Dorfman

Americanos: Los pasos de Murieta2009Essay
Blake’s Therapy/Terapia2001Short Story
Burning City2006Short Story
Corn Cake (My old lady had nothing)2002Poemhttp://adorfman.duke.edu/pages/POETRYPAGE/pages/poems/corn.htm
Desert Memories2004Essay
El absurdo entre cuatro paredes: el teatro de Harold Pinter1968Essay
Exorcising Terror: The Incredible Unending Trial of Augusto Pinochet2002Essay
First We Set Up the Chairs (If they come for me at night)2002Poemhttp://adorfman.duke.edu/pages/POETRYPAGE/pages/poems/house.htm
Gracias (It is time now to thank our neighbors)2002Poemhttp://adorfman.duke.edu/pages/POETRYPAGE/pages/poems/GRACIAS.htm
Heading South, Looking North: A Bilingual Journey/Rumbo (memoir)1999Essay
How to Read Donald Duck: Imperialist Ideology in the Disney Comic1971Essay
Identity (What did you say - they found another one?)2002Poemhttp://adorfman.duke.edu/pages/POETRYPAGE/pages/poems/IDENTITY.htm
In Case of Fire in a Foreign Land (Maybe it’s time to start praying)2002Poemhttp://adorfman.duke.edu/pages/POETRYPAGE/pages/poems/fire.htm
In Case of Fire in a Foreign Land: New and Collected Poems2002Collection
Konfidenz2003Short Story
Last Waltz in Santiago (All that you’ve danced they take from you)2002Poemhttp://adorfman.duke.edu/pages/POETRYPAGE/pages/poems/waltz.htm
Mascara2004Short Story
Other Septembers, Many Americas: Selected Provocations 1980-20042004Collection
Short StoriesCollection
Simultaneous Translation (I’m not so different from the interpreters)2002Poemhttp://adorfman.duke.edu/pages/POETRYPAGE/pages/poems/translation.htm
Soft Evidence (If he were dead)2002Poemhttp://adorfman.duke.edu/pages/POETRYPAGE/pages/poems/soft.htm
Some Write to the Future: Essays on Contemporary Latin Am. Fiction1991Collection
Something Must Be Happening to My Antennas (I find myself crying)2002Poemhttp://adorfman.duke.edu/pages/POETRYPAGE/pages/poems/ANTENNAS.htm
Sun Stone (They put the prisoner)2002Poemhttp://adorfman.duke.edu/pages/POETRYPAGE/pages/poems/sun.htm
That Deafening Noise Is the Garbage Truck (Today the cup broke)2002Poemhttp://adorfman.duke.edu/pages/POETRYPAGE/pages/poems/noise.htm
The Empire’s Old Clothes/Patos, elefantes y heroes1983Essay
The Last Song of Manuel Sendero/La Ultima Cancion de ... Sendero1988Short Story
The Nanny and the Iceberg/La Nana y el Iceberg1999Short Story
The Rabbits’ Rebellion/La Rebelion de los Conejos Magicos2001Short Story
The Resistance Trilogy1998Collection
The World That Harold Pinter Unlocked2008Essayhttp://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/12/26/AR2008122601359.html
Widows/Viudas1983Short Story


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