0325 Michael Curtiz

Michael Curtiz

20,000 Years in Sing Sing (director)1932Play
99 (director)1918Play
A Breath of Scandal (director)1960Play
A Deadly Game (director)1924Play
A Million Bid (director)1927Play
A Penny’s History (director)1917Play
A Skorpio I. (director)1918Play
A Soldier’s Plaything (director)1930Play
Alraune (director)1918Play
Angels with Dirty Faces (director)1938Play
Avalanche (director)1923Play
Bank Ban (director)1914Play
Black Fury (director)1935Play
Boccaccio (director)1920Play
Bright Leaf (director)1950Play
Bright Lights (director)1930Play
British Agent (director)1934Play
Cab No. 13 (director)1926Play
Captain Blood (director)1935Play
Captains of the Clouds (director)1942Play
Captive Souls (director)1913Play
Casablanca (director)1942Play
Daughters Courageous (director)1939Play
Demon of the Sea (director)1931Play
Dive Bomber (director)1941Play
Doctor X (director)1932Play
Dodge City (director)1939Play
Earth’s Man (director)1917Play
Female (director)1933Play
Flamingo Road (director)1949Play
Force of Arms (director)1951Play
Four Daughters (director)1938Play
Four Wives (director)1939Play
Four’s a Crowd (director)1938Play
Francis of Assisi (director)1961Play
Front Page Woman (director)1935Play
General Babka (director)1924Play
Glad Rag Doll (director)1929Play
God’s Gift to Women (director)1931Play
Gold Is Where You Find It (director)1938Play
Golddigger (director)1914Play
Good and Evil (director)1921Play
Good Time Charley (director)1927Play
Goodbye Again (director)1933Play
Harun al Raschid (director)1924Play
Hearts in Exile (director)1929Play
I’ll See You in My Dreams (director)1951Play
Janie (director)1944Play
Jean the Tenant (director)1917Play
Jim Thorpe - All-American (director)1951Play
Jimmy the Gent (director)1934Play
Jon az ocsem (director)1919Play
Judas (director)1918Play
Kid Galahad (director)1937Play
King Creole (director)1958Play
Labyrinth of Horror (director)1921Play
Life with Father (director)1947Play
Liliom (director)1919Play
Little Big Shot (director)1935Play
Lu, the Coquette (director)1918Play
Lulu (director)1918Play
Madonna of Avenue A (director)1929Play
Magic Waltz (director)1918Play
Mammy (director)1930Play
Mandalay (director)1934Play
Master Zoard (director)1917Play
Mildred Pierce (director)1945Play
Miss Tutti Frutti (director)1921Play
Mission to Moscow (director)1943Play
Mountain Justice (director)1937Play
Mr. Doctor (director)1916Play
Mrs. Dane’s Confession (director)1921Play
My Dream Is Yours (director)1949Play
My Husband’s Getting Married (director)1913Play
Mystery of the Wax Museum (director)1933Play
Nameless (director)1923Play
Night and Day (director)1946Play
Noah’s Ark (director)1928Play
Nobody’s Son (director)1917Play
One Who Is Loved by Two (director)1915Play
Passage to Marseille (director)1944Play
Peace’s Road (director)1917Play
Prisoner of the Night (director)1914Play
Private Detective 62 (director)1933Play
Red Heels (director)1925Play
River’s End (director)1930Play
Romance on the High Seas (director)1948Play
Roughly Speaking (director)1945Play
Santa Fe Trail (director)1940Play
Secret of St. Job Forest (director)1917Play
Seven of Spades (director)1916Play
Sodom and Gomorrah (director)1922Play
Sons of Liberty (director)1939Play
Spring in Winter (director)1917Play
Stolen Holiday (director)1937Play
Tartar Invasion (director)1917Play
Tenderloin (director)1928Play
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (director)1960Play
The Adventures of Robin Hood (director)1938Play
The Best Things in Life Are Free (director)1956Play
The Black Rainbow (director)1916Play
The Borrowed Babies (director)1914Play
The Boy from Oklahoma (director)1954Play
The Breaking Point (director)1950Play
The Cabin in the Cotton (director)1932Play
The Case of the Curious Bride (director)1935Play
The Charge of the Light Brigade (director)1936Play
The Charlatan (director)1917Play
The Colonel (director)1917Play
The Comancheros (director)1961Play
The Desired Woman (director)1927Play
The Devil (director)1918Play
The Egyptian (director)1954Play
The Exile (director)1914Play
The Fishing Bell (director)1917Play
The Gamblers (director)1929Play
The Golden Butterfly (director)1926Play
The Hangman (director)1959Play
The Helen Morgan Story (director)1957Play
The Jazz Singer (director)1952Play
The Karthauzer (director)1916Play
The Kennel Murder Case (director)1933Play
The Key (director)1934Play
The Keyhole (director)1933Play
The Lady Takes a Sailor (director)1949Play
The Lady with the Black Gloves (director)1919Play
The Last Bohemian (director)1912Play
The Last Dawn (director)1917Play
The Mad Genius (director)1931Play
The Man in the Net (director)1959Play
The Matrimonial Bed (director)1930Play
The Medic (director)1916Play
The Merry Widow (director)1918Play
The Moon of Israel (director)1924Play
The Perfect Specimen (director)1937Play
The Princess in a Nightrobe (director)1914Play
The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex (director)1939Play
The Proud Rebel (director)1958Play
The Red Samson (director)1917Play
The Scarlet Hour (director)1956Play
The Scourge of God (director)1920Play
The Sea Hawk (director)1940Play
The Sea Wolf (director)1941Play
The Star of Damascus (director)1920Play
The Story of Will Rogers (director)1952Play
The Strange Love of Molly Louvain (director)1932Play
The Strength of the Fatherland (director)1916Play
The Sunflower Woman (director)1918Play
The Third Degree (director)1926Play
The Ugly Boy (director)1918Play
The Unsuspected (director)1947Play
The Vagabond King (director)1956Play
The Walking Dead (director)1936Play
The Wolf (director)1916Play
The Woman from Monte Carlo (director)1932Play
This Is the Army (director)1943Play
Today and Tomorrow (director)1912Play
Trouble along the Way (director)1953Play
Under a Texas Moon (director)1930Play
Virginia City (director)1940Play
We’re No Angels (director)1955Play
White Christmas (director)1954Play
Yankee Doodle Dandy (director)1942Play
Young Man with a Horn (director)1950Play
Young Medardus (director)1923Play


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