0302 Francis Ford Coppola

Francis Ford Coppola

American Graffiti (producer)1973Play
Apocalypse Now (screenplay/director/producer)1979Play
Be Creative2000Essay
CQ (producer)2001Play
Dementia 13 (screenplay/director)1963Play
Dracula (screenplay/director/producer)1992Play
Finian’s Rainbow (director)1968Play
Frankenstein (producer)1994Play
Gardens of Stone (director/producer)1987Play
Jack (director/producer)1996Play
Letter to the Reader1991Essay
Marie Antoinette (producer)2006Play
My Latest Idea2006Essay
New York Stories (screenplay/director)1989Play
On the Road (producer)2011Play
One from the Heart (screenplay/director)1982Play
Patton (screenplay)1970Play
Peggy Sue Got Married (director)1986Play
Rumble Fish (screenplay/director/producer)1983Play
Sleepy Hollow (producer)1999Play
Somewhere (producer)2010Play
Tetro (screenplay/director/producer)2009Play
The Adventures of Pinocchio: An Excerpt from the Story of a Puppet2003Short Story
The Bellboy and the Playgirls (screenplay/director)1962Play
The Conversation (screenplay/director/producer)1974Play
The Cotton Club (screenplay/director)1984Play
The Godfather (screenplay/director)1972Play
The Godfather Part II (screenplay/director/producer)1974Play
The Godfather Part III (screenplay/director/producer)1990Play
The Outsiders (director)1983Play
The Rain People (screenplay/director)1969Play
The Rainmaker (screenplay/director)1997Play
The Terror (director/producer)1963Play
The Virgin Suicides (producer)1999Play
THX 1138 (producer)1971Play
Tonight for Sure (screenplay/director)1962Play
Tucker: The Man and His Dream (director)1988Play
You’re a Big Boy Now (screenplay/director)1966Play
Youth without Youth (screenplay/director/producer)2007Play


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