0275 Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie

4.50 from Paddington/Murder She Said (novel)1957Book
A Caribbean Mystery (novel)1964Book
A Christmas Tragedy1932Short Story
A Daughter’s a Daughter (novel)1952Book
A Daughter’s a Daughter (play)1930Play
A Fairy in the Flat/A Pot of Tea1929Short Story
A Fruitful Sunday1934Short Story
A Greeting1965Poem
A Murder Is Announced (novel)1950Book
A Pocket Full of Rye (novel)1953Book
A Wreath for Christmas1965Poem
Absent in the Spring (novel)1944Book
Accident1934Short Story
After the Funeral/Funerals Are Fatal/Murder at the Gallop (novel)1953Book
Agatha Christie: An Autobiography1977Book
Akhnaton (play)1937Play
And Then There Were None (play)1943Play
And Then There Were None/Ten Little Indians (novel)1939Book
Appointment with Death (novel)1938Book
Appointment with Death (play)1945Play
Are You Happy? If Not, Consult Mr. Parker Pyne (novella)1932Short Story
At Bertram’s Hotel (novel)1965Book
At the Bells and Motley1930Short Story
Before It Is Too Late (novella)1936Short Story
Black Coffee (play)1930Play
Blindman’s Buff1929Short Story
Butter in a Lordly Dish (radio script)1948Play
By the Pricking of My Thumbs (novel)1968Book
Cards on the Table (novel)1936Book
Cat among the Pigeons (novel)1959Book
Chimneys (play)1931Play
Christmas Adventure1923Short Story
Come and Be Hanged1944Short Story
Come, Tell Me How You Live1946Book
Companions/The Resurrection of Amy Durrant1930Short Story
Crooked House (novel)1949Book
Curtain (novel)1975Book
Dead Man’s Folly (novel)1956Book
Dead Man’s Mirror (novella)1931Short Story
Death by Drowning/Village Tragedy1931Short Story
Death Comes as the End (novel)1944Book
Death in the Clouds/Death in the Air (novel)1935Book
Death on the Nile1934Short Story
Death on the Nile (novel)1937Book
Destination Unknown/So Many Steps to Death (novel)1954Book
Double Sin1961Short Story
Double Sin and Other Stories (short stories)1961Collection
Dumb Witness/Poirot Loses a Client (novel)1937Book
Elephants Can Remember (novel)1972Book
Endless Night (novel)1967Book
Evil Under the Sun (novel)1941Book
Fiddler’s Three (play)1972Play
Finessing the King/The Gentleman Dressed in Newspaper1929Short Story
Five Little Pigs/Murder in Retrospect (novel)1942Book
Four-and-Twenty Blackbirds1940Short Story
Giant’s Bread (novel)1930Book
Go Back for Murder (play)1960Play
Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh1965Poem
Greenshaw’s Folly (novella)1956Short Story
Hallowe’en Party (novel)1969Book
Harlequin’s Lane (novella)1927Short Story
Have You Got Everything You Want? If Not, Consult Mr. Parker Pyne1933Short Story
Hercule Poirot in Hell1947Short Story
Hercule Poirot, Armchair Detective1923Short Story
Hercule Poirot’s Christmas/Murder for Christmas/Holiday for Murder1938Book
Hickory Dickory Dock/Hickory Dickory Death (novel)1955Book
How Does Your Garden Grow?1935Short Story
In a Glass Darkly1939Short Story
In the Cool of the Evening1965Short Story
Ingots of Gold1932Short Story
Jane in Search of a Job1934Short Story
Jenny by the Sky1965Poem
Lord Edgware Dies/Thirteen at Dinner (novel)1933Book
Magnolia Blossom1971Short Story
Manx Gold1997Short Story
Miss Marple Tells a Story1939Short Story
Miss Marple’s Final Cases and Two Other Stories (short stories)1979Collection
Motive v. Opportunity1932Short Story
Mr. Eastwood’s Adventure1934Short Story
Mrs. McGinty’s Dead/Blood Will Tell (novel)1952Book
Murder in Mesopotamia (novel)1936Book
Murder in the Mews (four novellas)1937Collection
Murder in the Mews (novella)1937Short Story
Murder is Easy/Easy to Kill (novel)1938Book
Murder on the Nile/Hidden Horizon (play)1946Play
Murder on the Orient Express/Murder in the Calais Coach (novel)1934Book
N or M? (novel)1941Book
Nemesis (novel)1971Book
Next to a Dog1971Short Story
One, Two, Buckle My Shoe/Overdose of Death/The Patriotic Murders1940Book
Ordeal by Innocence (novel)1958Book
Parker Pyne Investigates (short stories)1934Collection
Partners in Crime (short stories)1929Collection
Passenger to Frankfurt (novel)1970Book
Peril at End House (novel)1932Book
Personal Call (radio script)1954Play
Philomel Cottage/Love from a Stranger1924Short Story
Poirot Investigates (short stories)1924Collection
Poirot’s Early Cases (short stories)1974Collection
Postern of Fate (novel)1973Book
Problem at Pollensa Bay1931Short Story
Problem at Pollensa Bay and Other Stories (short stories)1991Collection
Problem at Sea1939Short Story
Promotion in the Highest1965Short Story
Rule of Three (play)1962Play
S.O.S.1933Short Story
Sad Cypress (novel)1940Book
Sanctuary (novella)1954Short Story
Sing a Song of Sixpence1934Short Story
Sleeping Murder (novel)1976Book
Sparkling Cyanide/Remembered Death (novel)1945Book
Spider’s Web (play)1954Play
Star over Bethlehem1965Short Story
Star over Bethlehem and Other Stories (Christian stories and poems)1965Collection
Strange Jest1941Short Story
Surprise, Surprise! (short stories)1965Collection
Swan Song1934Short Story
Taken at the Flood/There is a Tide (novel)1948Book
Tape-Measure Murder1979Short Story
The £10 Adventure1932Short Story
The A.B.C. Murders/The Alphabet Murders (novel)1935Book
The Actress1997Short Story
The Adventure of the Cheap Flat1923Short Story
The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding (short stories)1960Collection
The Adventure of the Clapham Cook/Find the Cook1923Short Story
The Adventure of the Egyptian Tomb1923Short Story
The Adventure of the Italian Nobleman1923Short Story
The Adventure of the King of Clubs/Beware the King of Clubs1923Short Story
The Adventure of the Sinister Stranger1929Short Story
The Adventure of the Western Star1924Short Story
The Adventure/Kidnapping of Johnnie Waverly1923Short Story
The Affair at the Bungalow1930Short Story
The Affair at the Victory Ball/The Six China Figures1923Short Story
The Affair of the Pink Pearl/Blunt’s Brilliant Detectives1924Short Story
The Ambassador’s Boots1929Short Story
The Apples of Hesperides1947Short Story
The Arcadian Deer1940Short Story
The Augean Stables1940Short Story
The Big Four (novel)1927Book
The Bird with the Broken Wing1930Short Story
The Blood-Stained Pavement/Miss Marple and the Wicked World1928Short Story
The Blue Geranium1929Short Story
The Body in the Library (novel)1942Book
The Burden (novel)1956Book
The Call of Wings1933Short Story
The Capture of Cerberus1947Short Story
The Case of the Caretaker1942Short Story
The Case of the City Clerk1934Short Story
The Case of the Discontented Husband1934Short Story
The Case of the Discontented Soldier1932Short Story
The Case of the Distressed Lady/The Cat and the Chestnut1932Short Story
The Case of the Erymanthian Boar1940Short Story
The Case of the Middle-aged Wife1934Short Story
The Case of the Missing Lady1924Short Story
The Case of the Missing Will/Sporting Challenge1923Short Story
The Case of the Nemean Lion1939Short Story
The Case of the Perfect Maid/The Servant Problem1942Short Story
The Case of the Rich Woman1934Short Story
The Case of the Veiled Lady/The Chinese Puzzle Box1923Short Story
The Chocolate Box1974Short Story
The Clergyman’s Daughter/The Red House1923Short Story
The Clocks (novel)1963Book
The Coming of Mr. Quinn1924Short Story
The Companion1932Short Story
The Cornish Mystery1951Short Story
The Crackler1929Short Story
The Cretan Bull; or the Case of the Family Taint (novella)1939Short Story
The Dead Harlequin/The Man in the Empty Chair1929Short Story
The Disappearance of Captain Harwell/A Man of Magic1925Short Story
The Disappearance of Mr. Davenheim1923Short Story
The Double Clue1923Short Story
The Dream (novella)1937Short Story
The Dressmaker’s Doll1958Short Story
The Edge1997Short Story
The Face of Helen1927Short Story
The First Wish/Seek, and Ye Shall Find1923Short Story
The Flock of Geryon1947Short Story
The Four Suspects/Some Day They Will Get Me1930Short Story
The Fourth Man1925Short Story
The Gate of Baghdad1934Short Story
The Girdle of Hyppolita/The Disappearance of Winnie King1939Short Story
The Girl in the Train (novella)1924Short Story
The Golden Ball1934Short Story
The Golden Ball and Other Stories (short stories)1971Collection
The Gypsy1933Short Story
The Harlequin Tea Set1991Short Story
The Harlequin Tea Set (short stories)1997Collection
The Herb of Death1932Short Story
The Hollow (play)1951Play
The Hollow/Murder after Hours (novel)1946Book
The Horses of Diomedes/The Case of the Drug Peddler1940Short Story
The Hound of Death1933Short Story
The Hound of Death (short stories)1933Collection
The House at Shiraz1934Short Story
The House of Dreams1997Short Story
The House of Lurking Death1929Short Story
The Idol House of Astarte1932Short Story
The Incident of the Dog’s Ball2009Short Story
The Incredible Theft (novella)1927Short Story
The Island1965Short Story
The Jewel Robbery at the Grand Metropolitan1923Short Story
The Kidnapped Prime Minister/Premier1923Short Story
The King of Clubs1951Short Story
The Labours of Hercules (short stories)1947Collection
The Lamp1933Short Story
The Last Seance1933Short Story
The Lemesurier Inheritance1951Short Story
The Lernaean Hydra/The Invisible Enemy1939Short Story
The Listerdale Mystery (short stories)1934Collection
The Listerdale Mystery/The Benevolent Butler1925Short Story
The Lonely God1997Short Story
The Lost Mine1974Short Story
The Love Detectives/At the Crossroads1926Short Story
The Man from the Sea1929Short Story
The Man in the Brown Suit (novel)1924Book
The Man in the Mist1929Short Story
The Man Who Was No. 161929Short Story
The Manhood of Edward Robinson1934Short Story
The Market Basing Mystery1951Short Story
The Million Dollar Bond Robbery1923Short Story
The Mirror Crack’d from Side to Side (novel)1962Book
The Mousetrap (play)1952Play
The Moving Finger/The Case of the Moving Finger (novel)1942Book
The Murder at the Vicarage (novel)1930Book
The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (novel)1926Book
The Murder on the Links/The Merlinville Mystery (novel)1923Book
The Mysterious Affair at Styles (novel)1920Bookhttp://en.wikisource.org/wiki/The_Mysterious_Affair_at_Styles





















The Mysterious Mr. Quinn (short stories)1930Collection
The Mystery of Hunter’s Lodge/Investigation by Telegram1923Short Story
The Mystery of the Bagdad Chest1932Short Story
The Mystery of the Blue Jar1924Short Story
The Mystery of the Blue Train (novel)1928Book
The Mystery of the Plymouth Express/The Girl in Electric Blue1923Short Story
The Mystery of the Spanish Chest1960Short Story
The Mystery of the Spanish Shawl/Mystery of the Second Cucumber1924Short Story
The Naughty Donkey1965Short Story
The Oracle at Delphi1934Short Story
The Outraged Heart (novella)1946Short Story
The Pale Horse (novel)1961Book
The Passing of Mr. Quinn/Mr. Quinn Passes By1924Short Story
The Pearl of Price/Once a Thief1933Short Story
The Plymouth Express1923Short Story
The Rajah’s Emerald1934Short Story
The Red House1923Short Story
The Red Signal1924Short Story
The Regatta Mystery1939Short Story
The Regatta Mystery and Other Stories (short stories)1939Collection
The Road of Dreams (poems)1925Collection
The Rose and the Yew Tree (novel)1948Book
The Saints of God1965Poem
The Second Gong1932Short Story
The Secret Adversary/The Mysterious Mr. Brown (novel)1922Bookhttp://en.wikisource.org/wiki/The_Secret_Adversary















The Secret of Chimneys (novel)1925Book
The Seven Dials Mystery (novel)1929Book
The Shadow on the Glass/Jealousy Is the Devil1924Short Story
The Sign in the Sky1925Short Story
The Sittaford Mystery/Murder at Hazelmoor (novel)1931Book
The Soul of the Croupier1930Short Story
The Strange Case of Sir Arthur Carmichael1933Short Story
The Stymphalean Birds; or the Case of the Vulture Women1939Short Story
The Submarine Plans/Shadow in the Night1923Short Story
The Sunningdale Mystery1924Short Story
The Tape-Measure Murder1942Short Story
The Theft of the Royal Ruby/The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding1960Short Story
The Third Floor Flat1929Short Story
The Third Girl (novel)1966Book
The Thirteen Problems (short stories)1932Collection
The Thumb Mark of St. Peter1928Short Story
The Tragedy at Marsdon Manor1923Short Story
The Tuesday Night Club1927Short Story
The Unbreakable Alibi1929Short Story
The Under Dog1926Short Story
The Under Dog and Other Stories (short stories)1951Collection
The Unexpected Guest (play)1958Play
The Veiled Lady1974Short Story
The Voice in the Dark1930Short Story
The Water Bus1965Short Story
The Witness for the Prosecution and Other Stories (short stories)1948Collection
The Witness for the Prosecution/Traitor’s Hands1925Short Story
The World’s End1930Short Story
The Yellow Iris (radio script)1937Play
They Came to Baghdad (novel)1951Book
They Do It with Mirrors/Murder with Mirrors (novel)1952Book
Three Act Tragedy/Murder in Three Acts (novel)1935Book
Three Blind Mice1948Short Story
Three Blind Mice (radio script)1947Play
Three Blind Mice and Other Stories (short stories)1950Collection
Towards Zero (novel)1944Book
Towards Zero (play)1956Play
Triangle at Rhodes (novella)1936Short Story
Unfinished Portrait (novel)1934Book
Verdict (play)1958Play
Wasp’s Nest1961Short Story
Wasp’s Nest (teleplay)1937Play
Where There’s a Will/Wireless1926Short Story
While the Light Lasts1997Short Story
While the Light Lasts and Other Stories (short stories)1997Collection
Why Didn’t They Ask Evans?/The Boomerang Clue (novel)1934Book
Within a Wall1997Short Story
Witness for the Prosecution (play)1953Play
Yellow Iris1939Short Story


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