0259 Charles Chaplin

Charles Chaplin

A Busy Day (screenplay)1914Play
A Comedian Sees the World1933Essay
A Countess from Hong Kong (screenplay)1967Play
A Day’s Pleasure (screenplay)1919Play
A Dog’s Life (screenplay)1918Play
A Jitney Elopement (screenplay)1915Play
A King in New York (screenplay)1957Play
A Million Laughs a Day1918Essay
A Night in the Show (screenplay)1915Play
A Night Out (screenplay)1915Play
A Woman (screenplay)1915Play
A Woman of Paris (screenplay)1923Play
Behind the Screen (screenplay)1916Play
Burlesque on Carmen (screenplay)1915Play
By the Sea (screenplay)1915Play
Caught in the Rain (screenplay)1914Play
Charlie Chaplin’s Own Story (autobiography)1916Bookhttp://www.archive.org/stream/charliechaplinso00chap#page/n5/mode/2up

Chase Me Charlie (screenplay)1918Play
City Lights (screenplay)1931Play
Dough and Dynamite (screenplay)1914Play
Easy Street (screenplay)1917Play
Gentlemen of Nerve (screenplay)1914Play
Getting Acquainted (screenplay)1914Play
His Musical Career (screenplay)1914Play
His New Job (screenplay)1915Play
His New Profession (screenplay)1914Play
His Prehistoric Past (screenplay)1914Play
His Trysting Place (screenplay)1914Play
How to Make Movies (screenplay)1918Play
In the Park (screenplay)1915Play
Laughing Gas (screenplay)1914Play
Life (screenplay)1915-16Play
Limelight (screenplay)1952Play
Mabel’s Married Life (screenplay)1914Play
Modern Times (screenplay)1936Play
Monsieur Verdoux (screenplay)1947Play
My Trip Abroad/My Wonderful Visit (autobiography)1922Collectionhttp://www.archive.org/stream/cu31924027230766#page/n11/mode/2up



Nice and Friendly (screenplay)1922Play
One A.M. (screenplay)1916Play
Pay Day (screenplay)1922Play
Police (screenplay)1916Play
Recreation (screenplay)1914Play
Shanghaied (screenplay)1915Play
Shoulder Arms (screenplay)1918Play
Sunnyside (screenplay)1919Play
The Adventurer (screenplay)1917Play
The Bank (screenplay)1915Play
The Bond (screenplay)1918Play
The Champion (screenplay)1915Play
The Chaplin Revue (screenplay)1959Play
The Circus (screenplay)1928Play
The Count (screenplay)1916Play
The Cure (screenplay)1917Play
The Essanay-Chaplin Revue (screenplay)1916Play
The Face on the Bar Room Floor (screenplay)1914Play
The Fireman (screenplay)1916Play
The Floorwalker (screenplay)1916Play
The Freak (screenplay)1966-75Play
The Gold Rush (screenplay)1925Play
The Great Dictator (screenplay)1940Play
The Idle Class (screenplay)1921Play
The Immigrant (screenplay)1917Play
The Kid (screenplay)1921Play
The Masquerader (screenplay)1914Play
The New Janitor (screenplay)1914Play
The Pawnshop (screenplay)1916Play
The Pilgrim (screenplay)1923Play
The Professor (screenplay)1919Play
The Property Man (screenplay)1914Play
The Rink (screenplay)1916Play
The Rounders (screenplay)1914Play
The Tramp (screenplay)1915Play
The Vagabond (screenplay)1916Play
Those Love Pangs (screenplay)1914Play
Triple Trouble (screenplay)1918Play
Twenty Minutes of Love (screenplay)1914Play
Work (screenplay)1915Play


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