0256 Raymond Chandler

Raymond Chandler

10 Greatest Crimes of the Century1948Essay
And Now Tomorrow (screenplay)1944Play
Bay City Blues1937Short Story
Blackmailers Don’t Shoot1933Short Story
Chandler before Marlowe: Early Prose and Poetry, 1908-19121973Collection
Critical Notes1947Essay
Double Indemnity (screenplay)1944Play
English Summer1976Short Story
Farewell, My Hollywood1976Essay
Farewell, My Lovely (novel)1940Book
Finger Man1934Short Story
Fingerman and Other Stories (short stories)1947Collection
Five Murderers (short stories)1944Collection
Five Sinister Characters (short stories)1945Collection
Goldfish1936Short Story
Guns at Cyrano’s1936Short Story
I’ll Be Waiting1939Short Story
Killer in the Rain (novella)1935Short Story
Killer in the Rain (short stories)1964Collection
Later Novels and Other Writings1995Collection
Mandarin’s Jade (novella)1937Short Story
Marlowe Takes on the Syndicate (novella)1959Short Story
Nevada Gas1935Short Story
No Crime in the Mountains (novella)1941Short Story
Noon Street Nemesis1936Short Story
Oscar Night in Hollywood1948Essay
Pearls Are a Nuisance1939Short Story
Playback (novel)1958Book
Poodle Springs (unfinished novel)1959Book
Professor Bingo’s Snuff1951Short Story
Raymond Chandler Speaking (essays, letters, misc.)1997Collection
Red Wind1938Short Story
Red Wind (short stories)1946Collection
Selected Letters of Raymond Chandler1981Collection
Smart-Aleck Kill (novella)1934Short Story
Spanish Blood1935Short Story
Strangers on a Train (screenplay)1951Play
Ten Percent of Your Life1952Essay
The Big Sleep (novel)1939Bookhttp://gutenberg.ca/ebooks/chandlerr-bigsleep/chandlerr-bigsleep-00-h.html
The Blue Dahlia (screenplay)1946Play
The Bronze Door1939Short Story
The Curtain (novella)1936Short Story
The Detective Story as an Art Form1959Essay
The High Window (novel)1942Book
The Hit1981Poem
The King in Yellow (novella)1938Short Story
The Lady in the Lake1939Short Story
The Lady in the Lake (novel)1943Book
The Little Sister (novel)1949Book
The Long Goodbye (novel)1953Book
The Man Who Liked Dogs (novella)1936Short Story
The Pencil (novella)1959Short Story
The Simple Art of Murder1944Essayhttp://www.en.utexas.edu/amlit/amlitprivate/scans/chandlerart.html
The Simple Art of Murder (short stories)1950Collection
The Smell of Fear1965
Trouble Is My Business (novella)1939Short Story
Try the Girl/Find the Girl (novella)1937Short Story
Writers in Hollywood1945Essay


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