0206 Eve Bunting

Eve Bunting

A Day’s Work (children)1994Book
A Gift for Lonny (children)1973Book
A Part of the Dream (children)1984Book
A Perfect Father’s Day (children)1991Book
A Picnic in October (children)1999Book
A Sudden Silence (children)1988Book
A Turkey for Thanksgiving (children)1991Book
Anna’s Table (children)2003Book
Baby Can (children)2007Book
Barney the Beard (children)1975Book
Blackbird Singing (children)1980Book
Blackwater (children)1999Book
Box, Fox, Ox and the Peacock (children)1974Book
Butterfly House (children)1999Book
Can You Do This, Old Badger? (children)2000Book
Cheyenne Again (children)1995Book
Christmas Cricket (children)2010Book
Clancy’s Coat (children)1984Book
Coffin on a Case (children)1992Book
Dandelions (children)1995Book
Day of the Earthlings (children)1978Book
Dear Wish Fairy (children)2000Book
Death of a Dinosaur (children)1975Book
December (children)1997Book
Demetrius and the Golden Goblet (children)1980Book
Doll Baby (children)2000Book
Dream Dancer (children)1974Book
Dreaming of America: An Ellis Island Story (children)2000Book
Ducky (children)1997Book
Emma’s Turtle (children)2007Book
Escape from Tyrannosaurus (children)1975Book
Face at the Edge of the World (children)1985Book
Fifteen (children)1979Book
Finn McCool and the Great Fish (children)2010Book
Flower Garden (children)1994Book
Fly Away Home (children)1991Book
Follies (musical play)1972Play
For Always (children)1984Book
Ghost Behind Me (children)1988Book
Ghost of Summer (children)1977Book
Ghost’s Hour, Spook’s Hour (children)1987Book
Girls: A to Z (children)2002Book
Gleam and Glow (children)2001Book
Going Home (children)1996Book
Goodbye, Charlie (children)1974Book
Goose Dinner (children)1981Book
Green Shamrocks (children)2011Book
Happy Birthday, Dear Duck (children)1988Book
High Tide for Labrador (children)1975Book
How Many Days to America? A Thanksgiving Story (children)1988Book
Hurry! Hurry! (children)2007Book
I Am the Mummy Heb-Nefert (children)1997Book
I Don’t Want to Go to Camp (children)1996Book
I Have an Olive Tree (children)1999Book
I Like the Way You Are (children)2000Book
I Love You, Too! (children)2004Book
If I Asked You, Would You Stay? (children)1984Book
In the Haunted House (children)1990Book
Is Anybody There? (children)1988Book
Jane Martin, Dog Detective (children)1984Book
Janet Hamm Needs a Date for the Dance (children)1986Book
Jin Woo (children)2001Book
Josefina Finds the Prince (children)1976Book
Jumping the Nail (children)1991Book
Just Like Everyone Else (children)1978Book
Karen Kepplewhite is the World’s Best Kisser (children)1983Book
Lady’s Girl (children)1974Book
Little Badger, Terror of the Seven Seas (children)2001Book
Little Badger’s Just-About Birthday (children)2002Book
Little Bear’s Little Boat (children)2003Book
Maggie the Freak (children)1984Book
Magic and the Night River (children)1978Book
Market Day (children)1996Book
Monkey in the Middle (children)1984Book
Moonstick: The Seasons of the Sioux (children)1997Book
Mother, How Could You? (children)1986Book
Mouse Island (children)2008Book
Mr Pride’s Umbrella (children)1980Book
My Backpack (children)1997Book
My Big Boy Bed (children)2003Book
My Dog Jack Is Fat (children)2011Book
My Mom’s Wedding (children)2006Book
My Red Balloon (children)2005Book
My Robot (children)2006Book
My Special Day at Third Street School (children)2004Book
Nasty Stinky Sneakers (children)1994Book
Night of the Gargoyles (children)1994Book
Night Tree (children)1991Book
No Nap (children)1989Book
Nobody Knows but Me (children)1984Book
Oh, Rick (children)1992Book
On Call Back Mountain (children)1997Book
Once upon a Time (children)1995Book
One Candle (children)2002Book
One Green Apple (children)2006Book
One More Flight (children)1976Book
Our Library (children)2006Book
Our Sixth-Grade Sugar Babies (children)1990Book
Our Teacher’s Having a Baby (children)1992Book
Peepers (children)2001Book
Pitcher to Center Field (children)1974Book
Pop’s Bridge (children)2006Book
Red Fox Running (children)1993Book
Reggie (children)2006Book
Ride When You’re Ready (children)1992Book
Riding the Tiger (children)2001Book
Rudi’s Pond (children)1999Book
Say it Fast (children)1974Book
Scary, Scary Halloween (children)1986Book
Secret Place (children)1996Book
Seriously Stinky Trainers (children)2003Book
Sharing Susan (children)1991Book
Sixth-Grade Sleepover (children)1986Book
Skateboard Four (children)1976Book
Skateboards: How to Make Them, How to Ride Them1977Book
Smoky Night (children)1994Book
Snowboarding on Monster Mountain (children)2003Book
So Far from the Sea (children)1998Book
Some Frog! (children)1997Book
Someday a Tree (children)1993Book
Someone Is Hiding on Alcatraz Island (children)1984Book
SOS Titanic (children)1996Book
Springboard to Summer (children)1975Book
Spying on Miss Muller (children)1995Book
St. Patrick’s Day in the Morning (children)1980Book
Stable of Fear (children)1974Book
Strange Things Happen in the Woods (children)1978Book
Such Nice Kids (children)1990Book
Summer Wheels (children)1992Book
Sunflower House (children)1996Book
Sunshine Home (children)1994Book
Surfing Country (children)1974Book
Surrogate Sister (children)1984Book
Survival Camp (children)1984Book
Swan in Love (children)2000Book
Terrible Things: An Allegory of the Holocaust (children)1980Book
That’s What Leprechauns Do (children)2006Book
The Baby Shower (children)2007Book
The Banshee (children)2009Book
The Big Cheese (children)1977Book
The Big Find (children)1978Book
The Big Red Barn (children)1979Book
The Blue and the Gray (children)1996Book
The Bones of Fred McFee (children)2002Book
The Cloverdale Switch (children)1979Book
The Creature of Cranberry Cove (children)1976Book
The Day before Christmas (children)1992Book
The Day of the Dinosaurs (children)1975Book
The Days of Summer (children)2001Book
The Demon (children)1976Book
The Dinosaur Trap (children)1975Book
The Empty Window (children)1980Book
The Followers (children)1987Book
The Ghost (children)1976Book
The Ghost Children (children)1989Book
The Ghosts of Departure Point (children)1982Book
The Giant Squid (children)1981Book
The Girl in the Painting (children)1992Book
The Great White Shark1982Book
The Happy Funeral (children)1982Book
The Haunting of Kildoran Abbey (children)1978Book
The Haunting of SafeKeep (children)1985Book
The Hideout (children)1991Book
The in-between Days (children)1994Book
The Island of One (children)1978Book
The Lambkins (children)2005Book
The Man Who Could Call Down Owls (children)1994Book
The Man with the Red Bag (children)2007Book
The Mask (children)1980Book
The Memory String (children)2000Book
The Mirror Planet (children)1978Book
The Mother’s Day Mice (children)1986Book
The Once-a-Year Day (children)1974Book
The Pirate Captain’s Daughter (children)2011Book
The Presence: A Ghost Story (children)2003Book
The Pumpkin Fair (children)1997Book
The Robot Birthday (children)1980Book
The Robot People (children)1978Book
The Sea World Book of Sharks1984Book
The Sea World Book of Whales1987Book
The Skate Patrol (children)1980Book
The Skate Patrol and the Mystery Writer (children)1982Book
The Skate Patrol Rides Again (children)1982Book
The Space People (children)1980Book
The Spook Birds (children)1981Book
The Summer of Riley (children)2001Book
The Tongue of the Ocean (children)1976Book
The Traveling Men of Ballycoo (children)1983Book
The Two Giants (children)1971Book
The Undersea People (children)1980Book
The Valentine Bears (children)1983Book
The Waiting Game (children)1981Book
The Wall (children)1990Book
The Wedding (children)2003Book
The Wednesday Surprise (children)1989Book
The Wild Horses (children)1992Book
Too Many Monsters (children)2001Book
Train to Somewhere (children)1996Book
Trouble on the T-Ball Team (children)1997Book
Tweak Tweak (children)2011Book
Twinnies (children)1997Book
Two Different Girls (children)1978Book
Two Giants (children)1960Book
Walking to School (children)2008Book
Wanna Buy an Alien? (children)2000Book
We Need a Bigger Zoo! (children)1974Book
We Were There: A Nativity Story (children)2010Book
Whales Passing (children)2003Book
Who Was Born This Special Day? (children)2000Book
Will it Be a Baby Brother? (children)2010Book
Will You Be My Posslq? (children)1987Book
Winter’s Coming (children)1977Book
Yesterday’s Island (children)1979Book
You Were Loved before You Were Born (children)2008Book
Your Move (children)1997Book


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