0202 Mikhail Bulgakov

Mikhail Bulgakov

A Cabal of Hypocrites/Kabala Svyatosh (play)1936Play
A Country Doctor’s Notebook/Zapiski Iunogo Vracha1963Short Story
A Dead Man’s Memoir (novel)Book
Adam and Eve/Adam I Eva (play)1971Play
Belaia GvardiiaShort Story
Black Snow: A Theatrical Novel/Teatralny Roman (novel)1930Book
Chernoe More1988
Days of the Turbins/The White Guard/Dni Turbinykh (play)1926Play
DiaboliadShort Story
Diaboliad and Other Stories1972Collection
Diavoliada: Rasskazy1925Short Story
Don Kikhot (play)1940Play
Dramy I Komedii1965Collection
Flight/On the Run/Beg (play)1928Play
Ivan Vasilevich (play)1964Play
Ivan Vasilievich (novel)1935Book
Izbrannaia Proza1966
Izbrannye Proizvedeniia V Dvukh Tomakh (short stories)1989Collection
Madame Zoyka (play)Play
Manuscripts Don’t Burn1991
Mertvye Dushi (play)1932Play
Minin I Pozharski (play)1976Play
Moliere (play)Play
Nezdannyi Bulgagov1977
Notes on the Cuff and Other Stories1991Collection
Peace Plays1990Collection
Peter the Great/Petr Velikii1988Book
Pod Piatoi. Moi Dnevnok1990
Poloumnyi Zhurden (play)1965Play
Rakovyje Jaitsa1924
Rannyaya Nesobrannaya Proza1978
Rashel (play)1943Play
Rokovyye Yaytsa1928
Sbornik Rasskazov1952
Six Plays1991Collection
Skypoy (play)1939Play
Sobranie Sochinenii1989-90Collection
The Crimson Island/Bagrovyi Ostrov (play)1928Play
The Day of Turbins/Dni Turbinykh/Belaya Gvaerdiya (novel)1927-29Book
The Early Plays1972Collection
The Fatal Eggs (novella)1924Short Storyhttp://www.lib.ru/BULGAKOW/eggs_engl.txt
The Fatal Eggs and Other Soviet Satire, 1918-19631963Collection
The Heart of a Dog/Sobachye Serdtse1925Short Storyhttp://www.lib.ru/BULGAKOW/dogheart_engl.txt
The Last Days/Poslednie Dni (play)1943Play
The Life of Monsieur de Moliere/Zhizn’ Gospodina De Mol’era1962Book
The Master and Margarita/Master I Margarita (novel)1931-40Book
The Red CrownShort Story
The White Guard/Belaya Gvardiya (novel)1925Book
Voina I Mir (play)1981Play
Zapiski Na Manzhetakh1922-23Short Story
Zoia’s Apartment/Zoikina Kvartira (play)1926Play


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