0200 Pearl S. Buck

Pearl S. Buck

A Bridge for Passing (autobiography)1962Book
A Community Success Story: The Founding of the Pearl Buck Center1972Essay
A Field of Rice1962Short Story
A House Divided (novel)1935Book
A Long Love (novel)1949Book
A Man’s Daily Bread (novella)1941Short Story
A Man’s Foes (novella)1940Short Story
Advice to Novelists1935Essay
All Men Are Brothers (translation)1933BookVol. 1:

Vol. 2:
All under Heaven (novel)1973Book
American Argument1949Essay
American Legend (novella)1939Short Story
American Triptych: Three John Sedges Novels1958Collection
American Unity and Asia1942Essay
Between These Two (novella)1935Short Story
Bright Procession (novel)1952Book
Children for Adoption1965Essay
China and Federal Union1942OrationExcerpts:
China as I See It1970Book
China Flight (novel)1943Book
China Gold (novella)1942Short Story
China in Black and White (ed.)1945Collection
China Past and Present1972Book
China Sky (novel)1941Book
China to America (radio play)1944Play
Christine (play, adaptation)1960Play
Christmas Day in the Morning1955Short Story
Come, My Beloved (novel)1953Book
Command the Morning (novel)1959Book
Death and the Dawn1956Short Story
Death in the Castle (novel)1965Book
Desert Incident (play)1959Play
Don’t Throw Away the Best Part1942Essay
Dragon Seed (novel)1942Book
East and West and the Novel1932Essay
East and West Stories1975Collection
East Wind: West Wind (novel)1930Book
Easter 19331933Essay
Enough for a Lifetime1935Short Story
Escape at Midnight1964Short Story
Escape at Midnight and Other Stories1964Collection
Fairy Tales of the Orient (ed.)1965Collection
Far and Near1947
Far and Near: Stories of Japan, China and America1949Collection
Fighting Angel: Portrait of a Soul (biography)1936Book
Flight into China (play)1939Play
Fool’s Sacrifice1934Short Story
For a Thing Done1939Short Story
For Spacious Skies: A Journey in Dialogue1966Book
Fourteen Stories1961Collection
Freedom for All1942
Friend to Friend1958
Gift for the Children1971
God’s Men (novel)1951Book
Golden Flower1940Short Story
Guerilla Mother1945Short Story
Hearts Come Home1935Short Story
Hearts Come Home and Other Stories1962Collection
Heat Wave1939Short Story
His Own Country1935Short Story
Home to Heaven1947Short Story
Honeymoon Blues1957Short Story
How It Happens: Talk about the German People, 1914-19331947Book
Imperial Woman (novel)1956Book
India - India1964Short Story
Is There a Case for Foreign Missions?1932Essayhttp://catalog.hathitrust.org/Record/006645494
Japanese Americans1942OrationExcerpts:
Johnny Jack and His Beginnings (children)1954Book
Kinfolk (novel)1949Book
Letter from Peking (novel)1957Book
Love and the Morning Calm (novella)1951Short Story
Mandala (novel)1970Book
Mass Education in China1945Essay
Matthew, Mark, Luke and John (novel)1967Book
Mrs. Starling’s Problem1973
Mrs. Stoner and the Sea1978Short Story
Mrs. Stoner and the Sea and Other Stories1978Collection
My Several Worlds: A Personal Record (autobiography)1954Book
Nobel Banquet Speech1938Orationhttp://nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/literature/laureates/1938/buck-speech.html
Nobel Lecture: The Chinese Novel1938Orationhttp://nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/literature/laureates/1938/buck-lecture.html
Of Men and Women1941BookExcerpts:
Once upon a Christmas1972Collection
One Bright Day1950Short Story
One Bright Day and Other Stories1952Collection
Other Gods (novel)1940Book
Pavilion of Women (novel)1946Book
Pearl Buck’s America1971Collection
Pearl S. Buck’s Book of Christmas (ed.)1974Collection
Pearl S. Buck’s Oriental Cookbook1972Book
Peony (novel)1948Book
Portrait of a Marriage (novel)1945Book
Satan Never Sleeps (novel)1962Book
Secrets of the Heart: Stories 1976Collection
Sons (novel)1932Book
Stories for Little Children1940Collection
Stories of China1964Collection
Sun Yat Sen (play)1944Play
Talk about Russia1945Essay
Talks with James Yen about the Mass Education Movement1945Essay
The Angel1937Short Story
The Angry Wife (novel)1947Book
The Beauty1961Short Story
The Beech Tree1954
The Big Fight1964Short Story
The Big Wave (novel)1948Book
The Big Wave (screenplay)1962Play
The Child Who Never Grew1950Book
The Chinese Children Next Door1942Short Story
The Chinese Story Teller1971
The Christmas Ghost (children)1960Book
The Dance1935Short Story
The Delights of Learning1960Essay
The Dragon Fish (novel)1944Book
The Enemy1943Short Story
The Exile (biography)1936Book
The Face of Buddha1945Short Story
The Face of Gold1940Short Story
The First Wife1933Short Story
The First Wife (play)1945Play
The First Wife and Other Stories1933Collection
The Frill1933Short Story
The Gifts They Bring1965
The Goddess Abides (novel)1972Book
The Good Deed1969Short Story
The Good Deed and Other Stories of Asia, Past and Present1969Collection
The Good Earth (novel)1931Book
The Guide (play, adaptation)1965Play
The Guide (screenplay)1965Play
The Heart’s Beginning1954Short Story
The Hidden Flower (novel)1952Book
The House of Earth (trilogy of novels)1935Collection
The House They Built1968Short Story
The Joy of Children1964
The Kennedy Women1970Book
The Legend of Tchi-Niu1964Short Story
The Lesson1945Short Story
The Little Fox in the Middle1966
The Living Reed (novel)1963Book
The Long Love (novel)1949Book
The Long Way Round (novella)1943Short Story
The Lovers1977Short Story
The Lovers and Other Stories1977Collection
The Man Who Changed China: The Story of Sun Yat-Sen1953Book
The Mother (novel)1933Bookhttp://catalog.hathitrust.org/Record/000585965
The New Year (novel)1968Book
The Patriot (novel)1939Book
The People of Japan1966Book
The Promise (novel)1943Bookhttp://catalog.hathitrust.org/Record/000583025
The Rainbow (novel)1974Book
The RefugeeShort Story
The Story Bible1971Book
The Story of Dragon Seed1944Essay
The Three Daughters of Madame Liang (novel)1969Book
The Time Is Noon (novel)1966Book
The Townsman (novel)1945Book
The Water Buffalo Children1943
The White Bird (play)1958Play
The Woman Who Was Changed1979Short Story
The Woman Who Was Changed and Other Stories1979Collection
The Young Revolutionist1932
This Proud Heart (novel)1938Book
To My Daughters, with Love1967
Today and Forever: Stories of China1941Collection
Twenty-Seven Stories1943Collection
Voices in the House (novel)1953Book
Welcome Child1964
What America Means to Me1943Essay
When Fun Begins1941
Will This Earth Hold? (radio play)1945Play
Words of Love1974
Yu Lan1945


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