0166 Paul Bowles

Paul Bowles

A 1977 Dream1981
A Cafe in Morocco1968Essay
A Distant Episode1947Short Story
A Distant Episode: The Selected Stories1988Collection
A Friend of the World1961
A Gift for Kinza1951Short Story
A Hundred Camels in the Courtyard (short stories)1962Collection
A Little Stone (short stories)1950Collection
A Secret1972
A Thousand Days to Mokhtar1989Short Story
Acrostic Notes1971
Afternoon with Antaeus1970Short Story
Ahmed Yacoubi as Painter1993Essayhttp://www.paulbowles.org/yacoubipainter.html
An Island of My Own1985Essayhttp://www.paulbowles.org/island.html
An Open Letter (To Those Interested in Surviving the Coming Decade)1979Essay
At Paso Rojo1948Short Story
At the Krungthep Plaza1980-81Short Story
Berber Tales (short stories)1975Collection
Blessed Be the Meek1929Short Story
Bluey: Passages from an Imaginary Diary1943Short Story
Bouayad and the Money1980Short Story
Burroughs in Tangier1959Essay
By the Water1946Short Story
Call at Corazon1947Short Story
Call at Corazon and Other Stories1988Collection
Collected Stories and Later Writings2002Collection
Collected Stories, 1939-19761978Collection
Dignity and Discretion1984
Dimension of Love1958Essay
Dinner at Sir Nigel’s1988Short Story
Dona Faustina1945Short Story
Early 19311972
Erfoud1936Short Story
Europe’s Most Exotic City/A Man Must Not Be Very Moslem1955Essay
Fish Traps and Private Business1956
From Notes Taken in Ceylon1956
From Notes Taken in Thailand1972
He of the Assembly1960
Here to Learn1979
How Many Midnights1950Short Story
How to Live on a Part-Time Island1957Essay
Hugh Harper1985
If I Should Open My Mouth1954Short Story
In Absentia1987Short Story
In the Red Room1981Short Storyhttp://www.classicshorts.com/stories/redroom.html
Istikhara, Anaya, Medagan and the Medaganat1976
Journey through Morocco/The Route to Tassemsit1963Essayhttp://www.paulbowles.org/journey.html
Julian Vreden1985
Ketama Taza/The Rif to Music1960
Kif: Prologue and Compendium of Terms1967
Kitty1980Short Story
Let It Come Down (novel)1952Book
Letter from Ceylon1957
Letter from Kenya1957
Letter from Morocco1956
Letter from Tangier1954Essay
Lucidity1930Short Story
Madame and Ahmed1980Short Story
Massachusetts 19321983Short Story
Mejdoub1974Short Story
Midnight Mass1979Short Story
Monologue, Massachusetts1932Short Story
Monologue, New York1965Short Story
Monologue, Tangier1975Short Story
Morocco Perceived1975
Music1946Short Story
New York1965Short Story
Next to Nothing1976Poem
Next to Nothing: Collected Poems, 1926-19771981Collection
No Eye Looked Out from Any Crevice1928Poem
No More Djinns?1951
No Whining Thing1930Short Story
Notes Mailed at Nagercoil1952Essay
Notes on a Visit to India1957
Pages from Cold Point1949Short Story
Pages from Cold Point and Other Stories1968Collection
Paris! City of the Arts1953Essay
Parrots I Have Known/All Parrots Speak1956Essay
Pastor Dowe at Tacate1949Short Story
Points in Time1982
Probative Sentences1982
Reminders of Bouselham1977Short Story
Rumor and a Ladder1981Short Story
Sad for U.S., Sad for Algeria1958
Scenes (nine poems)1968Collection
Senor Ong and Senor Ha1950Short Story
Spire Song1928Poem
Sylvie Ann, the Boogie Man1959Short Story
Taedium Cupiditatis1930Poem
Tangier Diary: A Post-Colonial Interlude1957
Tapiama1958Short Story
Tea on the MountainShort Story
The Alleys of Marrakesh1954Essay
The Ball at Sidi Hosni1960-1
The Celebration1953
The Challenge to Identity1958
The Church1929Short Story
The Circular ValleyShort Story
The Delicate Prey1949Short Story
The Delicate Prey and Other Stories1950Collection
The Dismissal1980
The Echo1946Short Story
The Eye1978
The Fourth Day Out from Santa CruzShort Story
The Fqih1974
The Frozen Fields1957Short Story
The Garden1964
The Hours after Noon1956Short Story
The Hours after Noon (short stories)1959Collection
The Husband1980Short Story
The Hyena1962Short Story
The Incredible Arab/Mustapha and His Friends1956Essay
The Little House1981Short Story
The Moslems/Africa Minor1959Essay
The Path to the Pond1929Short Story
The Paul Bowles Reader2000Collection
The Point of View1945Essay
The Scorpion1945Short Story
The Secret Sahara/Baptism of Solitude1953Essay
The Sheltering Sky (novel)1949Book
The Sky1993Essay
The Spider’s House (novel)1955Book
The Stories of Paul Bowles2001Collection
The Story of Lachen and Idir/Merkala Beach1960Short Story
The Successor1951
The Thicket of Spring: Poems, 1926-19691972Collection
The Time of FriendshipShort Story
The Time of Friendship: A Volume of Short Stories1967Collection
The Waters of Izli1977
The Wind at Beni Midar1998
The Worlds of Tangier1958Essayhttp://www.paulbowles.org/tangier.html
Their Heads Are Green (travel essays)1963Collection
Things Gone and Things Still Here1976Short Story
Things Gone and Things Still Here (short stories)1977Collection
Three Tales1975
Too Far from Home (novella)1992Book
Travels: Collected Articles and Essays, 1950-952010Collection
Two Poems1933Collection
Two Years beside the Strait: Tangier Journal, 1987-1989
Under the Sky1947Short Story
Unwelcome Words: Seven Stories1988Collection
Up above the World (novel)1966Book
View from Tangier1956
Views of Tangier1991
Waterfall1926Short Story
What’s So Different about Marrakesh1971Essay
Windows on the Past1955Essay
Without Stopping (autobiography)1972Book
Yesterday’s Perfume: An Intimate Memoir2000Book
You Are Not I1948Short Story
You Have Left Your Lotus Pods on the Bus1971Short Story
Zany Costa del Sol1965Essay


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