0131 Alan Bennett

Alan Bennett

102 Boulevard Haussmann (teleplay)1990Play
A Cuckoo in the Nest (play)1964Play
A Dance to the Music of Time (teleplay)1997Play
A Day Out (teleplay)1972Play
A Life Like Other People’s (memoir)2009Book
A Little Outing (teleplay)1975Play
A Night In (teleplay)1992Play
A Private Function (screenplay)1984Play
A Question of Attribution (teleplay)1991Play
A Visit from Miss Prothero (play)1987Play
A Visit from Miss Prothero (teleplay)1978Play
Afternoon Off (teleplay)1979Play
Alice in Wonderland (teleplay)1966Play
All Day on the Sands (teleplay)1979Play
An Englishman Abroad (teleplay)1983Play
Being Alan Bennett (documentary, teleplay)2009Play
Bennett on Bennett (television monologues)2009Play
Better Halves (radio play)1988Play
Better Late (play)1959Play
Beyond the Fringe (play)1960Play
Breaking Up (teleplay)1986Play
Dinner at Noon (teleplay)1988Play
Doris and Doreen (teleplay)1978Play
Dragon (radio play)1982Play
Dreamchild (screenplay)1985Play
Enjoy (play)1980Play
Famous Gossips (teleplay)1965Play
Father! Father! Burning Bright (short story)1999Short Story
Fortunes of War series (teleplay)1987Play
Forty Years On (play)1968Play
Forty Years On and Other Plays1991Collection
Getting On (play)1971Play
Habeas Corpus (play)1973Play
Intensive Care (teleplay)1982Play
Kafka’s Dick (play)1986Play
Little Dorrit (screenplay)1987Play
Long Shot (screenplay)1980Play
Man and Music (teleplay)1986Play
Me, I’m Afraid of Virginia Woolf (teleplay)1978Play
Meg and Mog (teleplay)1987Play
My Father Knew Lloyd George (teleplay)1965Play
Objects of Affection (teleplay)1982Play
Office Suite1981
On the Margin series (teleplay)1966-67Play
One Fine Day (teleplay)1979Play
Parson’s Pleasure (screenplay)1995Play
Plato: The Drinking Party (teleplay)1965Play
Pleasure at Her Majesty’s (screenplay)1987Play
Poetry in Motion (collaboration)1990Collection
Poetry in Motion (teleplay)1990Play
Poetry in Motion 2 (collaboration)1992Collection
Poetry in Motion 2 (teleplay)1992Play
Portrait or Bust (teleplay)1994Play
Prick Up Your Ears (screenplay)1987Play
Selling Hitler (teleplay)1991Play
Sing a Rude Song (play)1969Play
Single Spies (play)1988Play
Single Spies and Talking Heads (plays)1990Collection
Sunset across the Bay (teleplay)1975Play
Talking Heads (plays)1992Collection
Talking Heads (teleplay)1987Play
Talking Heads 2 (teleplay)1998Play
Telling Tales (teleplay)2000Play
The Abbey (teleplay)1995Play
The Blood of the Bambergs (play)1962Play
The Clothes They Stood Up In (novella)2001Short Story
The Great Jowett (radio play)1980Play
The Habit of Art (play)2009Play
The History Boys (play)2004Play
The History Boys (screenplay)2006Play
The Insurance Man (teleplay)1986Play
The Lady in the Van (radio play)1990Play
The Laying on of Hands (short stories)2000Collection
The Long Summer (teleplay)1993Play
The Madness of George III (play)1991Play
The Madness of King George (screenplay)1995Play
The Merry Wives of Windsor (teleplay)1982Play
The Old Country (play)1977Play
The Old Crowd (teleplay)1979Play
The Secret Policeman’s Ball (screenplay)1986Play
The Secret Policeman’s Other Ball (screenplay)1982Play
The South Bank Show (documentary, teleplay)2005Play
The Story Store (teleplay)1995Play
The Uncommon Reader (novella)2007Short Story
The Wind in the Willows (play)1990Play
The Wind in the Willows/The Willows in Winter (teleplay)1995-96Play
The Writer in Disguise1985
Two Kafka Plays1987Collection
Uncle Clarence (radio play)1985Play
Untold Stories (autobiography and essays)2005Collection
Wind in the Willows (screenplay)1994Play
Winnie-the-Pooh (radio play)1990Play
Writing Home (memoir & essays)1994Collection


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