0093 Eleanor H. Ayer

Eleanor H. Ayer

A Firestorm Unleashed, January 1942 to June 1943 (children)1997Book
A Guide to Ancient Cultures of the Southwest (children)1992Book
Adolf Hitler (children)1996Book
Arizona Traveler: Indians of Arizona (children)1990Book
Arizona Wildflowers (children)1989Book
Berlin (children)1992Book
Birds of Arizona: A Guide to Unique Varieties (children)Book
Boris Yeltsin: Man of the People (children)1992Book
Colorado (children)1997Book
Colorado Wildlife (children)1983Book
Determination (children)Book
Discover Arizona: The Grand Canyon State (children)1989Book
Discover Colorado (children)1989Book
Earthquake Country: Traveling California’s Fault Lines (children)1992Book
Everything You Need to Know about Depression (children)1994Book
Everything You Need to Know about Stress (children)1994Book
Everything You Need to Know about Teen Fatherhood (children)1995Book
Everything You Need to Know about Teen Marriage (children)1990Book
Famous Colorado Men (children)Book
Famous Colorado Women (children)1981Book
From the Ashes: May 1945 and After (children)1997Book
Germany (children)1990Book
Germany: In the Heartland of Europe (children)1995Book
Hispanic Colorado (children)1982Book
Homeless Children (children)1997Book
In the Ghettos: Teens Who Survived ... the Holocaust (children)1999Book
Indians of Arizona: A Guide to Arizona’s Heritage (children)Book
Indians of Colorado (children)1981Book
Inferno: July 1943-April 1945 (children)1997Book
It’s OK to Say No: Choosing Sexual Abstinence (children)1997Book
Lewis Latimer: Creating Bright Ideas (children)Book
Margaret Bourke-White: Photographing the World (children)1992Book
Our Flag (children)Book
Our Great Rivers and Waterways (children)1994Book
Our National Monuments (children)1992Book
Parallel Journeys (children)1995Book
Poland: A Troubled Past, a New Start (children)1996Book
Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Fire and Steel on the Supreme Court (children)1994Book
Teen Smoking (children)1999Book
Teen Suicide: Is It Too Painful to Grow Up? (children)1993Book
Teen Witnessess to the Holocaust, Class Set (children)2002Book
Teen Witnessess to the Holocaust, Sample Set (children)2002Book
The Anasazi (children)1992Book
The Importance of Charles Dickens (children)1998Book
The Survivors (children)1998Book
The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum ... (children)1994Book
Wildflowers: A Guide to Colorado’s Unique Varieties (children)1987Book


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