0091 Avi-Edward Irving Wortis

Avi-Edward Irving Wortis

A Beginning, a Muddle and an End2008Book
A Place Called Ugly1981Book
Abigail Takes the Wheel1999Book
Amanda Joins the Circus1999Book
American Children’s Cokacola: A Bibliographic History1979Book
Beyond the Western Sea: Lord Kirkle’s Money (Book II)1996Book
Beyond the Western Sea: The Escape from Home (Book I)1996Book
Blue Heron1992Book
Bright Shadow1985Book
Captain Grey1977Book
City of Light, City of Dark1993Book
Crispin: At the Edge of the World2006Book
Crispin: The Cross of Lead2002Book
Devils Race1984Book
Don’t You Know There’s a War On?2001Book
Emily Upham’s Revenge Hell; or How Deadwood Dick Saved ...1978Book
Encounter at Easton1980
Ereth’s Birthday2000Book
Finding Providence: The Story of Roger Williams1997Book
History of Helpless Harry1980Book
Iron Thunder2007Book
Keep Your Eyes on Amanda1997Book
Man from the Sky1980Book
Midnight Magic1999Book
Murder at Midnight2009Book
Never Mind2004Book
Night Journeys1979Book
No More Magic1975Book
Nothing but the Truth1991Book
Perloo the Bold1998Book
Poppy & Rye1998Book
Poppy and Ereth2009Book
Poppy’s Return2005Book
Prairie School2001Book
Punch with Judy1993Book
Reading the Sky2006Book
Romeo & Juliet, Together and Alive at Last1987Book
S.O.R. Losers1984Book
Second Sight: Stories for a New Millennium1999Collection
Shadrach’s Crossing1983Book
Sherwood Anderson’s the Triumph of the Egg (dissertation)1962Book
Silent Movie2003Book
Smuggler’s Island1983Book
Snail Tail: The Adventures of a Rather Small Snail1972Book
Something Upstairs: A Tale of Ghosts1988Book
Sometimes I Think I Hear My Name1982Book
Strange Happenings: Five Tales of Transformation2006Collection
Tales From Dimwood Forest: Ragweed1999Collection
Talk to Me1997Book
The Barn1994Book
The Bird the Frog and the Light: A Fable1994Book
The Book Without Words: A Fable of Medieval Magic2005Book
The Christmas Rat2000Book
The End of the Beginning: Being the Adventures of a Small Snail ...2004Book
The Fighting Ground1984Book
The Good Dog2001Book
The Man Who Was Poe1989Book
The Mayor of Central Park2003Book
The Secret School2001Book
The Seer of Shadows2008Book
The Traitors’ Gate2007Book
The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle1990Book
Things That Sometimes Happen1970Book
Tom, Babbette & Simon1995Book
What Do Fish Have to Do with Anything? and Other Stories1997Collection
Who Stole the Wizard of Oz?1981Book
Who Was That Masked Man Anyway?1992Book
Wolf Rider1986Book


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