0046 Maxwell Anderson

Maxwell Anderson

A la sombra del puente (screenplay)1946Play
All Quiet on the Western Front (screenplay)1930Play
Anne of the Thousand Days1848Play
Another Woman’s House1946Essay
Bad Seed (a play in two acts)1954-55Play
Barefoot in Athens1951Play
Ben-Hur (screenplay)1959Play
Both Your Houses1933Play
Candle in the Wind1941Play
Celanese Theatre: TV Series (screenplay)1951Play
Cry, the Beloved Country (lyric) (from Lost in the Stars)1949Poem
Death Takes a Holiday (screenplay)1934Play
Dramatist in America: Letters of Maxwell Anderson1977Collection
Dust Remembering1921Poem
Eleven Verse Plays, 1929-19391939Collection
Elizabeth the Queen1930Play
Eve of St. MarkPlay
First Flight1925Play
Four Verse PlaysCollection
Gawayne Sings1921Poem
Gods of the Lightning1929Play
Her Heart Was Curiously Wrought1922Poem
High Tor1937Play
In the Afternoon1918Poem
It Never Was You (lyric)Poem
Joan of Arc (screenplay)1948Play
Joan of Lorraine1946Play
Journey to Jerusalem (a play in three acts)1940Play
Key Largo1939Play
Knickerbocker Holiday (a musical comedy in two acts)1938Play
Letter to Jackie (one-act play)1944Play
Lost in the Stars (lyric) (from Lost in the Stars)1949Poem
Lost in the Stars (play)1949Play
Mary of Scotland1933Play
Maybe It’s Love (screenplay)1935Play
Meet Joe Black (earlier screenplay)1998Play
Never Steal Anything Small (screenplay)1959Play
Night Over Taos1932Play
Notes on a Dream (poetry)1972Collection
Off Broadway Essays about the Theatre (essays)1947Collection
Outside Looking In (play)1925Play
Pulitzer Prize Playhouse: TV Series (screenplay)1950Play
Rain (screenplay)1932Play
Saturday’s Children1927Play
Second Overture (one-act play)1938Play
September Song (lyric) (from Knickerbocker Holiday)1938Poem
So Red the Rose (screenplay)1935Play
Stay Well (lyric)Poem
Storm Operation1944Play
The Alcoa Hour: TV Series (screenplay)1955Play
The Cock-Eyed World (screenplay)1929Play
The Day the Money Stopped1958Play
The Essence of Tragedy and Other Footnotes and Papers (essays)1939Collection
The Eve of St. Mark1942Play
The Feast of Ortolans (one-act play)1937Play
The Fire Is Out in Acheron1921Poem
The Golden Six1958Play
The Guardsman (screenplay)1931Play
The Lives of a Bengal Lancer (screenplay)1935Play
The Masque of Kings (a play in three acts)1936-37Play
The Miracle of the Danube (one-act play)1941Play
The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex (screenplay)1939Play
The Star Wagon (screenplay)1967Play
The Wingless Victory1936Play
The Wrong Man (screenplay)1956Play
There’s Nowhere to Go but Up (lyric)Poem
Thousands of Miles (lyric)Poem
Trouble Man (lyric) (from Lost in the Stars)1949Poem
Truckline Cafe1946Play
Valley Forge1934Play
Washington Merry-Go-Round (screenplay)1932Play
We Live Again (screenplay)1934Play
What Price Glory? (a war drama)1924Play
When You’re in Love (lyric)Poem
White Desert1923Play
Winterset (a play in three acts)1935Play
You Who Have Dreams (poetry)1925Collection
Your Navy (one-act play)1942Play


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