0042 Mulk Raj Anand

Mulk Raj Anand

Across the Black Waters1940
Aesop’s Fables1960
Alampur (ed.)1978
Album of Indian Paintings1973
Amrita Sher-Gil1989
Annals of Childhood1968
Apology for Heroism1946
Apology for Heroism: A Brief Autobiography of Ideas1975
Author to Critic: The Letters of Mulk Raj Anand to Saros Cowasjee1973Collection
Between Tears and Laughter1973
Caliban and Gandhi: Letters to Bapu from Bombay1991
Confessions of a Lover1976
Contemporary World Sculpture (editor)1968
Conversations in Bloomsbury1981
Curries and Other Indian Dishes1932
Death of a Hero1963
Delhi, Agra, Sikri1968
Experiments (ed.)1968
Folk Tales of Punjab (ed.)1974Collection
Golden Goa (ed.)1980
Grassroots (ed.)1968
Homage to Amritsar (ed.)1977
Homage to Jaipur (ed.)1977
Homage to Kalamkari (ed.)1979
Homage to Khajuraho1960/2
Homage to Tagore1946
India in Colour1958
India Speaks (play)1943Play
Indian Fairy Tales1946Collection
Indian Ivories1970
Indian Short Stories (ed., with I. Singh)1947Collection
Is There a Contemporary Indian Civilization?1963
Kama Kala1958
Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana (ed. with L. Dane)1982
Konarak (with others)1968
Lajwanti and Other Stories1966Collection
Lament on the Death of a Master of the Arts1938
Letters on India1942
Letters Written to Indian Air1949
Little Plays of Mahatma Gandhi1991Collection
Madhubani Painting1984
Maharaga Ranit Singh as Patron of the Arts (ed.)1981
Marx and Engels on India1939
Maya of Mohenjo-Daro1980
More Indian Fairy Tales1961Collection
Morning Face1968
Old Myth and New Myth: Letters ... to K.V.S. Murti Anand1991Collection
On Education1947
Only Connect: Letters to Indian Friends - E.M. Forster, a Profile1979Collection
Panorama (ed. with S.B. Rao)1986
Persian Painting1930
Pilpali Sahib: The Story of a Big Ego in a Small Boy1990
Pilpali Sahib: the Story of a Childhood under the Raj1985
Poet-Painter: Paintings by Rabindranath Tagore1985
Reflections on the Golden Bud and Other Stories1954Collection
Roots and Flowers1972
Selected Short Stories1977Collection
Selected Stories1954Collection
Seven Little Known Birds of the Inner Eye1978
Seven Summers1951
Splendours of Tamil Nadu (ed.)1980Collection
Splendours of the Vijayanagara (ed.)1980Collection
Tales from Tolstoy (ed.)1978Collection
Tantra Magic (with A. Mookerjee)1978
The Barber’s Trade Union and Other Stories1944Collection
The Big Heart1945
The Bride’s Book of Beauty (with K. Hutheesing)1947
The Dancing Foot1957
The Golden Breath1933
The Hindu View of Art1933
The Humanism of Jawaharlal Nehru1978
The Humanism of M.K. Gandhi1967
The Humanism of Rabindranath Tagore1979
The Indian Theatre1950
The King-Emperor’s English1948
The Lost Child and Other Stories1934Collection
The Old Woman and the Cow1960
The Power of Darkness and Other Stories1959Collection
The Private Life of an Indian Prince1953
The Road1961
The Story of Chacha Nehru1965
The Story of India1948
The Story of Man1952
The Sword and the Sickle1942
The Third Eye1963
The Tractor and the Corn Goddess and Other Stories1947Collection
The Village1939
The Volcano1967
Three Eminent Personalities on the Ram Janambhoomi1989
Treasures of Everyday Art (ed.)1981Collection
Two Leaves and a Bud1937


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