0037 Robert Altman

Robert Altman

3 Women (director, film)1977Play
A Gift for a Warrior (teleplay, Route 66)1963Play
A Lion Walks among Us (teleplay, Bus Stop)1961Play
A Matter of Trust (teleplay, Whirlybirds)1959Play
A Perfect Couple (director, film)1979Play
A Prairie Home Companion (director, film)2006Play
A Wedding (director, film)1978Play
Accessory by Consent (teleplay, Bus Stop)1961Play
Alicia Osante: Beauty and the Sailor (teleplay)1959Play
All the President’s Women (teleplay for Gun)1997Play
And the Pursuit of Evil (teleplay, Bus Stop)1961Play
Andrew C. Cooley: Andy and Clara (teleplay)1959Play
Any Second Now (teleplay, Combat!)1962Play
Apollo with a Gun (teleplay, Sugarfoot)1959Play
Aria (director, film)1987Play
Backfire (teleplay, U.S, Marshall)1959Play
Bank Run (teleplay, Bonanza)1961Play
Basements (director, TV)1987Play
Battle Zone (teleplay, pilot The Gallant Men)1962Play
Better Football (director, film)1954Play
Beyond Therapy (director, film)1987Play
Black and Blue (director, TV)1993Play
Bolt from the Blue (teleplay, Maverick)1960Play
Brewster McCloud (director, film)1970Play
Brother’s Keeper (teleplay, The Roaring ’20s)1960Play
Buffalo Bill and the Indians/Sitting Bull’s History Lesson (director, film)1976Play
California Split (director, film)1974Play
Cat and Mouse (teleplay, Combat!)1962Play
Christmas in June (teleplay, Whirlybirds)1959Play
Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean (director, film)1982Play
Cookie’s Fortune (director, film)1999Play
Countdown (director, film)1968Play
County General [possibly failed pilot] (teleplay, Bus Stop)1962Play
Dance Marathon (teleplay, The Roaring ’20s)1961Play
Death of a Dream (teleplay, Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse)1960Play
Door without a Key (teleplay, Bus Stop)1962Play
Dr. T & the Women (director, film)2000Play
Ebb Tide (director, film)1966Play
Escape to Nowhere (teleplay, Combat!)1962Play
Experiment X-74 (teleplay, Whirlybirds)1959Play
Fool for Love (director, film)1985Play
Forgotten Front (teleplay, Combat!)1962Play
Girl Talk (director, film)1966Play
Gosford Park (director, film)2001Play
Guilty of Old Age (teleplay, Whirlybirds)1959Play
Health (director, film)1980Play
Henry Banning: The Show Off (TV director, The Millionaire)1959Play
Honeymoon for Harriet (director, film)1949Play
I Swear by Apollo (teleplay, Combat!)1962Play
Images (director, film)1972Play
In Ways Mysterious (teleplay, Whirlybirds)1959Play
It’s Magic/Oh! Susanna (teleplay, The Gale Storm Show)1960Play
Jackson Greene: The Beatnik (TV director, The Millionaire)1959Play
Kansas City (director, film)1996Play
Kill or Be Killed (teleplay, U.S, Marshall)1959Play
King Basketball (director, film)1952Play
Lorraine Dagget: The Beach Story (teleplay, The Millionaire)1959Play
Lover’s Lane Killing (TV director, M Squad)1958Play
MASH (director, film)1970Play
McCabe & Mrs. Miller (director, film)1971Play
McTeague (director, TV)1992Play
Modern Baseball (director, film)1953Play
Modern Football (director, film)1951Play
Nashville (director, film)1975Play
Nightmare in Chicago (director, TV)1964Play
O.C. & Stiggs (director, film)1984Play
Off Limits (teleplay, Combat!)1963Play
Once upon a Savage Night (teleplay, Kraft Suspense Theatre)1963Play
Paper Bullets (teleplay)Play
Pete Hopper: Afraid of the Dark (TV director, The Millionaire)1958Play
Popeye (director, film)1980Play
Portrait of a Hero (teleplay, Bus Stop)1961Play
Pot au feu (director, film)1965Play
Precious Blood (director, TV)1982Play
Pret-a-Porter (director, film)1994Play
Quintet (director, film)1979Play
R.I.P. (teleplay, U.S, Marshall)1959Play
Rattlesnake in a Cooler (director, TV)1982Play
Rear Echelon Commandos (teleplay, Combat!)1962Play
Right Off the Boat, Parts 1 & 2 (teleplay, The Roaring ’20s)1961Play
Robert Altman’s Jazz ’34 (director, TV)1996Play
Royal Tour (teleplay, The Roaring ’20s)1961Play
Sam Hill (teleplay, Bonanza)1961Play
Secret Honor (director, film)1984Play
Secret Honor (director, TV)1984Play
Short Cuts (director, film)1993Play
Shortcut to Hell (teleplay, U.S, Marshall)1959Play
Silent Thunder (teleplay, Bonanza)1960Play
Sissy’s Roles (teleplay for Saturday Night Live)1977Play
Some of the People, Some of the Time’ (teleplay, Route 66)1961Play
Speak Low (director, film)1966Play
Special Delivery (teleplay)Play
Standing Room Only (teleplay, The Roaring ’20s)1961Play
Streamers (director, film)1983Play
Summer Lightning (teleplay, Bus Stop)1962Play
Survival (teleplay, Combat!)1963Play
Tanner ’88 (director, TV)1988Play
Tanner on Tanner (director, TV)2004Play
Tapes for Murder (teleplay)Play
Tarnished Star (teleplay)Play
That Cold Day in the Park (director, film)1969Play
The Big Lie (teleplay, Whirlybirds)1959Play
The Black Maria (teleplay, Whirlybirds)1959Play
The Builders (director, film)1954Play
The Caine Mutiny Court Martial (director, TV)1988Play
The Challenge (teleplay, Whirlybirds)1959Play
The Company (director, film)2003Play
The Covering Darkness (teleplay, Bus Stop)1961Play
The Delinquents (director, film)1957Play
The Dirty Look (director, film)1951Play
The Dream Riders (teleplay, Bonanza)1961Play
The Duke (teleplay, Bonanza)1961Play
The Gingerbread Man (director, film)1998Play
The Highbinder ((teleplay, Sugarfoot)1960Play
The Hunt (teleplay, Kraft Suspense Theatre)1963Play
The James Dean Story (director, film)1957Play
The Katherine Reed Story (director, film)1965Play
The Last Mile (director, film)1952Play
The Laundromat (director, TV)1985Play
The Long Goodbye (director, film)1973Play
The Long Hot Summer (teleplay, pilot)1965Play
The Long Lost Life of Edward Smalley (teleplay)1963Play
The Magic Bond (director, film)1955Play
The Many Faces of Gideon Finch (teleplay, Bonanza)1961Play
The Midnight Show (teleplay, Whirlybirds)1958Play
The Murder Bond (teleplay, Peter Gunn)1961Play
The Mustangers (teleplay, Bronco)1960Play
The Party (director, film)1966Play
The Perfect Crime (director, film)1954Play
The Perfect Crime (teleplay, Whirlybirds)1959Play
The Player (director, film)1992Play
The Prairie Flower (teleplay, The Roaring ’20s)1960Play
The Prisoner (teleplay, Combat!)1962Play
The Real McTeague (director, TV)1993Play
The Rival (teleplay, Bonanza)1961Play
The Robbery (teleplay, Lawman)1961Play
The Secret (teleplay, Bonanza)1961Play
The Sitting Duck (teleplay, Whirlybirds)1959Play
The Sound of Bells (director, film)1952Play
The Sound of Murder (teleplay, Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse)1960Play
The Suitcase (teleplay, pilot Nightwatch)1968Play
The Third Miracle (teleplay, U.S, Marshall)1959Play
The Triple Cross (teleplay, U.S, Marshall)1959Play
The Unknown Soldier (teleplay, Whirlybirds)1959Play
The Volunteer (teleplay, Combat!)1963Play
The Young One (TV director, Alfred Hitchcock Presents)1957Play
Thieves among Honor (teleplay, Surfside 6)1961Play
Thieves Like Us (director, film)1974Play
Three Tickets to Lani (teleplay, Hawaiian Eye)1959Play
Til Death Do Us Part (teleplay, Whirlybirds)1959Play
Time Limit (teleplay, Whirlybirds)1959Play
Together (TV director, Alfred Hitchcock Presents)1958Play
Troubleshooters (13 episodes) (teleplays)1959Play
Two a Day (teleplay, The Roaring ’20s)1961Play
Two of a Kind (teleplay, Whirlybirds)1959Play
Vincent & Theo (director, TV)1990Play
Vincent and Theo (director, film)1990Play
Walk in the Sky (teleplay, Premiere)1968Play
White Carnation (teleplay, The Roaring ’20s)1960Play


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