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W5 Casa_Blanca_San_Juan, Latin American Literature“Latin American” literature is the body of literary works produced by writers living in all of the generally Spanish-speaking nations comprising Central and South America, including the modern nation of Mexico and all of the islands W5 Colon_Cemetery_Main_Gate_before_1901, Latin American Literatureof the Caribbean region.

These works include every known literary form and span almost every historical and literary time period up to the 21st century, reflecting the values, social norms, sentiments, religious and political ideals of their respective nations.

Latin American Literature

The following authors in our database represent the Latin American Literature category of World Literature:

(Where appropriate, some authors or works of this period may be found in the Mythology, Fables and Folktales category of this collection)

Allende, IsabelBook Icon (1942-) Esquivel, LauraBook Icon (1950-)
Arenas, ReinaldoBook Icon (1943-1990) Marquez, Gabriel GarciaBook Icon (1927-2014)
Bolano, RobertoBook Icon (1953-2003) Marti, JoseBook Icon (1853-1895)
Borges, Jorge LuisBook Icon (1899-1986) Rulfo, JuanBook Icon (1917-1986)
Coelho, PauloBook Icon (1947-) Sarmiento, Domingo F.Book Icon (1811-1888)
Dorfman, ArielBook Icon (1942-)

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