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W3 Russian Peasants 1909, Russian LiteratureRussian literature is the body of literary works produced by writers living in Russia or its neighboring territories. Some of the earliest Russian works were recorded during the Middle Ages in history (dating from about the 13th century), but it was not until the 1830s that the Russian language was finally standardized (a result of the social and cultural reforms initiated by Peter the Great) and Russian writers began to produce literature that gained international attention and appreciation.

The works of Russian writers may be divided between “pre-Soviet,” “Soviet” and “white émigré” classifications. Pre-Soviet literature spans every historical and literary period in Russia prior to the Russian Revolution and includes the period known as the “golden age,” during which many of the greatest examples of Russian drama, poetry and prose were published.

The “Soviet” and “white émigré” classifications represent the division W3 BatallonesBolcheviquesHaciaSmolny--throughrussianre00willuoft, Russian Literaturebetween writers who supported the Revolution and its socio-political aims and those who opposed it. Soviet writers promoted the ideals of strength and order under the new Communist regime; those in the “white émigré” camp continued writing in protest, often in exile or state incarceration, and were usually known as “dissident writers” whose works were suppressed and not permitted to be published until the 1960s.

Russian Literature

The following authors in our database represent the Russian Literature category of World Literature:

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Bulgakov, MikhailBook Icon 1891-1940 Pasternak, BorisBook Icon 1890-1960
Bunin, IvanBook Icon 1870-1953 Pushkin, AlexanderBook Icon 1799-1837
Chekhov, AntonBook Icon 1860-1904 Solzhenitsyn, AlexanderBook Icon 1918-2008
Dostoevsky, FyodorBook Icon 1821-1881 Tolstoy, LeoBook Icon 1828-1910
Gogol, NikolaiBook Icon 1809-1852 Turgenev, IvanBook Icon 1818-1883
Lenin, VladimirBook Icon 1870-1924 Zamyatin, YevgenyBook Icon 1884-1937
Lermontov, Mikhail YurevichBook Icon 1814-1841

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