1063 Gabrielle Roy

Gabrielle Roy

Children of My Heart/Ces Enfants de Ma Vie (novel)1977Book
Cliptail/Courte-Queue (children)1979Book
Enchanted Summer/Cet Ete qui Chantait (novel)1972Book
Enchantment and Sorrow/La Detresse et l’Enchantement (autobio.)1984Book
Garden in the Wind/Un Jardin au bout du Monde (novel)1975Book
La Riviere sans Repos (novel)Book
My Cow Bossie/Ma vache Bossie (children)1976Book
Street of Riches/Rue Deschambault (novel)1955Book
The Cashier/Alexandre Chenevert (novel)1954Book
The Fragile Lights of Earth/Fragiles Lumieres de la Terre (essays)1978Collection
The Hidden Mountain/La Monttagne Secrete (novel)1961Book
The Road Past Altamont/La Route d’Altamont (novel)1966Book
The Tin Flute/Bonheur d’Occasion (novel)1945Book
The Tortoiseshell & the Pekinese/L’Espagnole et le Pekinoise (children)1987Book
Where Nests the Water Hen/La Petite Poule d’Eau (novel)1950Book


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