0926 Joyce Carol Oates

Joyce Carol Oates

$ (poem)1996Poem
20.26 Knots1975Poem
29 Inventions1972Short Story
6:27 P.M.1971Short Story
A Bloodsmoor Romance (novel)1982Book
A City Graveyard1973Poem
A Crowded River, Sunday1969Poem
A Descriptive Catalogue1974Short Story
A Drawing of Darkness1969Poem
A Dream of Justice: Dorothy L. Sayers (review)1999Essay
A Fair Maiden (novel)2010Book
A Friend Moving Out of Our Lives1975Poem
A Garden of Earthly Delights (novel)1967Book
A Girl at the Center of Her Life1969Poem
A Girl at the Edge of the Ocean1972Short Story
A Heroine without a Story1975Poem
A Lover1970Poem
A Middle-Class Education1980Short Story
A Midwestern Song1973Poem
A Miniature Passion1970-82Poem
A Posthumous Sketch1975Poem
A Report to an Academy1970-82Poem
A Rising and Sinking and Rising in My Mind1969Poem
A Secular Morning1973Poem
A Sentimental Education1980Short Story
A Sentimental Education: Stories1980Collection
A Sentimental Encounter1988Short Story
A Touch of the Flu1988Short Story
A Vision1975Poem
A Visit with Doris Lessing1973Essayhttp://jco.usfca.edu/lessing.html
A Winter Suite 01: Winter Cemetery1989Poem
A Winter Suite 02: Winter Love1989Poem
A Winter Suite 03: Winter Solstice1989Poem
A Winter Suite 04: Winter Threnody1989Poem
A Winter Suite 05: Follies of Winter1989Poem
A Winter Suite 06: Winter Wrath1989Poem
A Winter Suite 07: Winter Boredom1989Poem
A Winter Suite 08: Winter Aphorisms, Uncoded1989Poem
A Winter Suite 09: Black Winter Day1989Poem
A Winter Suite 10: Winter Noontide1989Poem
A Winter Suite 11: The Thaw1989Poem
A Winter Suite 12: Small Hymns1989Poem
A Winter Suite 13: The Sacred Fount1989Poem
A Woman in Her Secret Life1969Poem
A Woman’s Song1973Poem
A Young Wife1973Poem
Abandoned1992Short Story
Abandoned Airfield, 19771977Poem
Acceleration near the Point of Impact1973Poem
Accident1988Short Story
Accomplished Desires1968Short Story
Accursed Inhabitants of the House of Bly1994Short Story
Ace1988Short Story
Act of Solitude1996Short Story
Actress1992Short Story
Adultress1988Short Story
After Love a Formal Feeling Comes1970Poem
After Sunset1978Poem
After Terror1975Poem
After the Road: The Art of Jack Kerouac (review)1999Essay
After the Storm1975Poem
After the Wreck, I Picked Myself Up, Spread My Wings ... (children)2006Book
After Twelve Years of Traveling Constantly1975Poem
Against Nature1988Essay
Aiding and Abetting2002Short Story
All the Beautiful Women1968Short Story
All the Good People I’ve Left Behind1979Short Story
All the Good People I’ve Left Behind (short stories)1979Collection
All Things Are Full of Gods1975Poem
American Appetites (novel)1989Book
American City1969Poem
American Expressway1970Poem
American Gothic Tales: Introduction1996Essayhttp://jco.usfca.edu/works/anthologies/gothic.html#excerpt
American Holiday1996Poem
American Holiday: A Collage-Play1991Play
American Independence1978Poem
American Literary Culture: A Personal Perspective1990Essayhttp://jco.usfca.edu/amlit.html
American Merchandise1989Poem
American Views: Elizabeth Hardwick (review)1999Essay
American, Abroad1996Short Story
An Age of Miracles1975Poem
An American Adventure1975Short Story
An American Tradition1975Poem
An Incident in the Park1976Short Story
An Infant’s Song1978Poem
An Interior Monologue1969Short Story
An Internal Landscape1969Poem
An Old Prayer1989Poem
An Old-Fashioned Love Story1990Short Story
An Ordinary Morning in Las Vegas1989Poem
An Urban Paradox1996Short Story
Ancient Airs, Voices1986Short Story
And So I Grew Up to Be Nineteen and to Murder1969Poem
Anecdote1988Short Story
Angel Eyes1986Short Story
Angel Fire1973Poem
Angel Fire (poems)1973Collection
Angel of Light (novel)1981Book
Angel of Wrath2002Short Story
Angry1992Short Story
Angst1974Short Story
Anne Sexton: Self-Portrait in Poetry and Letters (review)1983Essay
Annie Johnson: A Lost New England Artist1988Essay
Anonymous Sins1969Poem
Anonymous Sins and Other Poems1969Collection
Appetite and Terror on the Wide White Sands of Western Florida1970-82Poem
Approaching the Speed of Light1975Poem
April1986Short Story
Archways1965Short Story
Area Man Found Crucified1992Short Story
Art and Ethics? The F(U)tility of Art1999Essay
Art and Victim Art1999Essay
Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman: A Celebration1998Essayhttp://jco.usfca.edu/arthurmiller.html
Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman: A Celebration1998Essayhttp://jco.usfca.edu/arthurmiller.html
At an Old Downtown Square1969Poem
At Least I Have Made a Woman of Her: Images of Women in Yeats ...1983Essay
At Our Fingers’ Tips There Are Small Deadly Faces1970Poem
At Peace, at Rest1978Poem
At the Seashore1978Poem
At the Seminary1966Short Story
At this Moment1973Poem
August Evening1988Short Story
Autistic Child, No Longer Child1970-82Poem
Baby1986Short Story
Babysitter2006Short Story
Back Country1970-82Poem
Back There1975Short Story
Bad Girls2003Short Story
Bad Girls (play)1998Play
Bad Habits1988Short Story
Ballad of Ashfield Avenue1996Poem
Bare Legs1992Short Story
Beasts (novella)2002Book
Beauty Salon1992Short Story
Because It Is Bitter, and Because It Is My Heart (novel)1990Book
Becoming Garbage1973Poem
Before God Was Love: The Short Stories of Paul Bowles (review)1983Essay
Being Faithful1975Poem
Bellefleur (novel)1980Book
Bellefleur: Preface1980Essay
Bellow’s Portraits (review)1989Essayhttp://jco.usfca.edu/bellow01.html
Big Mouth & Ugly Girl (children)2002Book
Biopsy1992Short Story
Birds of Night1990Short Story
Bitch2005Short Story
Black (play)1991Play
Black Girl/White Girl (novel)2006Book
Black Water (novella)1992Book
Black Water (play)1998Play
Blind1994Short Story
Blonde (novel)2000Book
Blood Mask (novel)2006Book
Blood, Neon and Failure in the Desert1988Essayhttp://jco.usfca.edu/boxing/desert.html
Bloodstains1977Short Story
Blood-Swollen Landscape1979Short Story
Blue-Bearded Lover1988Short Story
Bodies1970Short Story
Boy and Girl1970Short Story
Breaking and Entering1975Poem
Breaking Apart1970Poem
Broke Heart Blues (novel)1999Book
Broken Connections1975Poem
Budapest Journal: May 19801988Essay
Burning Oak, November1996Poem
But I Love1975Poem
By the North Gate (short stories)1963Collection
By the River1972Short Story
Capital Punishment1991Short Story
Capricorn2003Short Story
Celestial Timepiece1970-82Poem
Centuries of Lovers1969Poem
Charles Dodgson’s Golden Hours1983Essay
Child Walking in Sleep1996Poem
Children Not Kept at Home1973Poem
Childwold (novel)1976Book
Christmas Night, 19621996Short Story
City of Locks (there in the bright ignorant air)1973Poem
Coast Guard Rescue Maneuvers1975Poem
Colette’s Purgatory (review)1983Essay
Come Meet Muffin! (children)1998Book
Concerning the Case of Bobby T.1974Short Story
Contraries: Essays1981Collection
Contrary Motions1973Poem
Convalescing1970Short Story
Coronary Thrombosis1978Poem
Craps1991Short Story
Crossing the Border1976Short Story
Crossing the Border (short stories)1976Collection
Cuckold1992Short Story
Cumberland Breakdown (novella)2002Book
Cupid and Psyche1969Poem
Curly Red2004Short Story
Customs1976Short Story
Cybele (novel)1979Book
Daisy1977Short Story
Dakota Mystery, 10 May 19941996Poem
Dead Actors1969Poem
Dear Husband (short stories)2009Collection
Death Astride Bicycle1998Short Story
Death Mother1998Short Story
Death Valley1988Short Story
Declaration of Independence1997Essayhttp://jco.usfca.edu/eyre02.html
Democracy in America1974Short Story
Demon1996Short Story
Demon and Other Tales1996Collection
Demons1970Short Story
Desire1988Short Story
Detente1984Short Story
Did You Ever Slip on Red Blood?1972Short Story
Do with Me What You Will (novella)1973Book
Does the Writer Exist?1988Essay
Domestic Miracles1973Poem
Don’t Bare Your Soul!1989Poem
Don’t You Know the Private Life Is Over?1970Poem
Don’t You Trust Me?1994Short Story
Double Delight (novel)1997Book
Double Solitaire1986Short Story
Double Tragedy Strikes Tennessee Hill Family1975Short Story
Dr. Magic: Six One Act Plays2004Collection
Dream after Bergen-Belsen1989Poem
Dreaming America1975Poem
Dreams1976Short Story
Duet (play)1998Play
Dying1966Short Story
Ecstasy of Boredom at the Berlin Wall1970-82Poem
Ecstasy of Flight1970-82Poem
Ecstasy of Motion1970-82Poem
Edge of the World1963Short Story
Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks, 19421989Poem
Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks, 1942: Painting and Poem1999Essay
Elegy of the Letter I1973Poem
Elegy: The Ancestors1996Poem
Eleutheria1988Short Story
Elvis Is Dead: Why Are You Alive?1998Short Story
Embrace1992Short Story
Entering the Desert1973Poem
Exile and Homeland: Brian Moore (review)1999Essay
Expensive People (novel)1968Book
Expensive People: The Confessions of a Minor Character1999Essay
Extenuating Circumstances1994Short Story
Extraordinary Popular Delusions1972Short Story
Eye-Witness1979Short Story
F. Scott Fitzgerald Revisited (review)1999Essay
Fabulous Beast1975Poem
Face1988Short Story
Faithless: Tales of Transgression2001Collection
Falling Asleep at the Wheel, Route 98 North1989Poem
Falling in Love in Ashton, British Columbia1976Short Story
Family1991Short Story
Fertilizing the Continent1978Poem
Fever1986Short Story
Fever Blisters1998Short Story
Fever Song1978Poem
Fin de Seicle1988Short Story
Fire2004Short Story
Firing a Field1973Poem
First Dark1970-82Poem
First Death1970-82Poem
First Love: A Gothic Tale (novella)1996Book
First Views of the Enemy1966Short Story
Five Confessions1969Poem
Flannery O’Connor: A Self-Portrait in Letters (review)1983Essayhttp://jco.usfca.edu/text/letters.html
Flash Flood1996Poem
Flirtation, July 19531996Poem
Floyd Patterson: The Essence of a Competitor1988Essayhttp://jco.usfca.edu/boxing/patterson.html
Foetal Song1969Poem
Food as Poetry1988Essay
Forbidden Testimonies1975Poem
Forgive Me!1992Short Story
Former Movie Queen, Dying of Cancer, Watches an Old Movie ...1978Poem
Four Summers1970Short Story
Foxfire: Confessions of a Girl Gang1999Essay
Foxfire: Confessions of a Girl Gang (novel)1993Book
Frankenstein’s Fallen Angel1988Essay
Freaky Green Eyes (children)2003Book
Frequent Flier I1996Poem
Frequent Flier II1996Poem
Friday Evening1980Short Story
Friday Night (play)1991Play
From the Dark Side of the Earth1978Poem
From the Life of ...1992Short Story
Fugitive2004Short Story
Funland1984Short Story
Gala Power Blackout of New York City, July ’771978Poem
George Bellows: American Artist1995Essay
George Bellows: The Boxing Paintings1988Essay
George Bellows’ Mrs. T. in Cream Silk, No. 1 (1919-23)1996Poem
Getting and Spending1975Short Story
Getting to Know All about You1991Short Story
Geza Scath’s Garden: The Contours of Surrealism (review)1983Essay
Ghost Girls1999Essay
Gifts1975Short Story
Give Me Your Heart: Tales of Mystery and Suspense2011Collection
Giving Oneself a Form Again1970Poem
Glimpsed from a Car, Quickly Passing1996Poem
Golden Gloves1986Short Story
Good Morning1970-82Poem
Good to Know You1996Short Story
Good to Know You (play)1998Play
Greensleeves (play)1991Play
Growing Together1970Poem
Gulf War (play)1995Play
Hands, Prints, Time: A Collage1996Poem
Happiness2004Short Story
Happy1986Short Story
Happy Birthday1978Poem
Happy Onion1972Short Story
Harrow Street at Linden1986Short Story
Hauled from River, Sunday 8 A.M.1978Poem
Haunted1994Short Story
Haunted Sylvia Plath (review)1991Essayhttp://jco.usfca.edu/text/hauntedplath.html
Haunted: Tales of the Grotesque1994Collection
He Traveled by Jet First Class to Tangier1978Poem
He Was Talking about His Friend1996Poem
Heartland1988Short Story
Heat1991Short Story
Heat and Other Stories1991Collection
Hell1975Short Story
Hello Fine Day Isn’t It1976Short Story
Henry Louis Gates Jr.’s Colored People (review)1999Essay
Here I Am (play)1998Play
Here She Is! (play)1995Play
Hermit Crab1996Poem
High1979Short Story
High Lonesome2005Short Story
High Lonesome: New and Selected Stories, 1966-20062006Collection
High-Wire Artist1970-82Poem
Holiday1988Short Story
Holy Saturday1978Poem
Homage to Virginia Woolf1970-82Poem
Homesick (play)1995Play
Honeymoon: Forty Years1989Poem
Honor Code (novella)2005Book
Hostage1991Short Story
House Hunting1991Short Story
How Delicately1989Poem
How Do You Like Your Meat? (play)1991Play
How Gentle1970Poem
How I Became Fiction1973Poem
How I Contemplated the World from the Detroit House of Correction1970Short Story
How We Are Flowers1970Poem
Hunters’ Harvest1996Essay
I Am Krishna, Destroyer of Worlds (Another Monday morning)1996Poemhttp://jco.usfca.edu/krishna.html
I Am No One You Know: Stories2004Collection
I Am Sorry to Inform You2010Essay
I Can Stand There in the Corner1989Poem
I Don’t Like for People to Scream at Me ’Cause All I Do Is Holler Back1970Poem
I Don’t Want to Alarm You1989Poem
I Had No Other Thrill or Happiness: Literature of Serial Killers (review)1999Essay
I Lock My Door upon Myself (novella)1990Book
I Saw a Woman Walking into a Plate Glass Window1989PoemExcerpt:
I Stand Before You Naked: A Collage-Play1991Play
I Was in Love1970Short Story
I’ll Take You There (novel)2002Book
I’m Not Your Son, I Am No One You Know2004Short Story
Ice Age1978Poem
Ich Bin Ein Berliner1982Short Story
If You Must Go and I Must Stay1978Poem
Imaginary Cities: America1981Essayhttp://jco.usfca.edu/bellow03.html
Immobility Defense1996Poem
Immortal Longings1990Short Story
Imperial Presidency1992Short Story
In Air1975Poem
In Blue Nantucket1996Poem
In Case of Accidental Death1975Poem
In Darkest America (play)1991Play
In Hiding2004Short Story
In Hot May1970Poem
In Jana’s Garden1989Poem
In Medias Res1978Poem
In Memoriam1989Poem
In Olden Times, when Wishing Was Having: Classic ... Fairy Tales1999Essay
In Realms of Day1975Poem
In Rough Country2010Collection
In the Autumn of the Year1980Short Story
In the Country of the Blue1996Poem
In the Fifth Act: The Art of the English and Scottish Traditional Ballads1981Essay
In the Night1969Poem
In the Region of Ice1970Short Story
In the Street1975Poem
In the Warehouse1974Short Story
In Traction1988Short Story
Inside the Locked Room: P.D. James (review)1999Essay
Insomnia1992Short Story
Intensive1998Short Story
Intoxication1979Short Story
Invisible Woman1970-82Poem
Invisible Woman: New and Selected Poems, 1970-19821982Collection
Iris into Eye1973Poem
Is Laughter Contagious?1996Short Story
Is this the Promised End? The Tragedy of King Lear1974Essayhttp://jco.usfca.edu/lear.html
Island, 19491996Poem
Jane Eyre: An Introduction1985Essayhttp://jco.usfca.edu/text/eyre.html
Jean Stafford: Biography as Pathography (review)1999Essay
Jesus, Heal Me1970-82Poem
Jigsaw Puzzle1970Poem
Jocoserious Joyce1976Essayhttp://jco.usfca.edu/jocoserious.html
John Edgar Wideman: Memoir and Fiction (review)1999Essay
John Updike’s American Comedies1975Essayhttp://jco.usfca.edu/updike.html
John Updike’s Rabbit at Rest (review)1990Essayhttp://jco.usfca.edu/rabbit.html
John Updike’s The Coup1979Essayhttp://jco.usfca.edu/coup.html
Jorie (& Jamie): A Desposition2004Short Story
June Birthing1996Short Story
Kafka as Storyteller1988Essay
Killer Kids1999Essay
Kite Poem2008Poem
Labor Day1998Short Story
Ladies and Gentlemen1991Short Story
Lamb of Abyssalia1984Short Story
Landscapes 1: Back Yards1970Poem
Landscapes 2: Forms1970Poem
Landscapes 3: Love1970Poem
Last Days1984Short Story
Last Days: Stories1984Collection
Last Exit before Bridge1989Poem
Last Harvest1978Poem
Last Things1970-82Poem
Late December: New Jersey1989Poem
Lawrence’s Gotterdammerung: Apocalyptic Vision of Women in Love1978Essayhttp://jco.usfca.edu/womeninlove.html
Leavetaking at Dusk1970-82Poem
Leaving the Mountains1973Poem
Legendary Jung (review)1983Essay
Leila Lee1991Short Story
Lethal1992Short Story
Letter, Lover1992Short Story
Lies Lovingly Told1975Poem
Life after High School1996Short Story
Life after High School (short stories)Collection
Life, Vigor, Fire: The Watercolors of Winslow Homer1988Essay
Like This ... So This1969Poem
Like Walking to the Drugstore, When I Get Out1996Poem
Lines for Those to Whom Tragedy Is Denied1969Poem
Literature as Pleasure, Pleasure as Literature1988Essay
Little Bird of Heaven (novel)2009Book
Little Blood-Button1986Short Story
Little Wife1986Short Story
Lives of the Twins/ Kindred Passions (novel)1987Book
Locking Through1989Poem
London Winter1975Poem
Looking for Thoreau1988Essay
Losing a Man1972Short Story
Lost Creek1996Poem
Lost in Boxing (review)1999Essay
Love and Death1972Short Story
Love and its Derangements1970Poem
Love and its Derangements (poems)1970Collection
Love and Time1970Poem
Love Letter, with Static Interference from Einstein’s Brain1989Poem
Love Picnic1970Poem
Love Poem1978Poem
Love, Forever1992Short Story
Love. Friendship1976Short Story
Lover’s Bodies1973Poem
Lovers Asleep1978Poem
Loves of the Parrots1989Poem
Loving a Man 11972Short Story
Loving a Man 21972Short Story
Luxury of Being Despised1989Poem
Magda Maria2007Short Story
Makeup Artist1989Poem
Making an End1973Poem
Man Crazy (novel)1997Book
Mania: Early Phase1989Poem
Manslaughter1986Short Story
Many Are Called1978Poem
Mark of Satan1996Short Story
Marriages and Infidelities (short stories)1972Collection
Marsena Sportsmen’s Club, 19571996Poem
Marsyas Flayed by Apollo1989Poem
Martyrdom1994Short Story
Marya: A Life (novel)1986Book
Marya: A Life: Preface1986Essayhttp://jco.usfca.edu/marya.html#preface
Matter and Energy1970Short Story
Maximum Security1988Short Story
Me & Wolfie2004Short Story
Meeting the Gorbachevs1988Essay
Melville and the Tragedy of Nihilism1962Essayhttp://jco.usfca.edu/text/melville.html
Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars1990Short Story
Middle Age: A Romance (novel)2001Book
Mike Tyson1987Essayhttp://jco.usfca.edu/boxing/tyson.html
Mike Tyson, July 19971997Essayhttp://jco.usfca.edu/boxing/fury.html
Mile-High Monday1973Poem
Miniatures: East Europe1989Poem
Miracle Play1974PlayExcerpt:
Missing Mom (novel)2005Book
Moby Dick: An American Book of Wonders1988Essayhttp://jco.usfca.edu/text/mobydick.html
Morning1991Short Story
Morning on Our Beach1970Poem
Motive, Metaphor1996Poem
Mourning and Melancholia: In Memory of Sylvia Plath1975Poem
Mrs. Halifax and Rickie Swann: A Ballad2004Short Story
Mud Elegy1989Poem
Muhammad Ali: The Greatest1999Essayhttp://jco.usfca.edu/boxing/ali.html
Mule1988Short Story
Murder1992Short Story
My Fate Met Me1970Poem
My Heart Laid Bare (novel)1998Book
My Madman1990Short Story
My Sister, My Love (novel)2008Book
My Warszawa: 19801984Short Story
Mysteries of Winterthurn (novel)1984Book
Mysteries of Winterthurn: Preface1984Essay
Mysterious Motions Subside1970Poem
Nairobi1986Short Story
Naked1991Short Story
Natural Boundries1976Short Story
Naughty Cherie! (children)2008Book
Negative (play)1995Play
Nemesis (novel)1990Book
New Heaven, New Earth: Visionary Experience in Literature (essays)1974Collection
New Jersey White-Tailed Deer1989Poem
New Plays1998Collection
Night Driving1989Poem
Night Driving, New Year’s Eve1970-82Poem
Night. Sleep. Death. The Stars1984Short Story
Nightless Nights1970-82Poem
Nightmare, So Sweet1996Poem
Nightmusic1972Short Story
Night-Side (short stories)1979Collection
No Next of Kin (play)1998Play
Normal Love1972Short Story
Norman and the Killer (novella)1965Book
Nostalgia (Crumbling stone steps of the old schoolhouse)1996PoemExcerpt:
Notes on Contributors1975Short Story
Notes on Failure1983Essay
Nuclear Holocaust1986Short Story
Oates in Exile (short stories)1990Collection
Of the Violence of Self-Death1969Poem
Old Budapest1984Short Story
Old Concord Cemetery1996Poem
Old Dog1992Short Story
On Being Borne Reluctantly to New York State by Train1969Poem
On Bob Dylan2004Essayhttp://jco.usfca.edu/ondylan.html
On Don DeLillo1971Essayhttp://jco.usfca.edu/ondelillo.html
On Fiction in Fact1999Essay
On Stephen King1997Essayhttp://jco.usfca.edu/king.html
On the Gulf1974Short Story
On this Morning of Grief1996Poem
Once upon a Time1996Poem
One Flesh1988Short Story
One for Life, One for Death (reviews)1972Essayhttp://jco.usfca.edu/wintertrees.html
Only Son1988Short Story
Only the Exhaustive Can Be Truly Interesting1970Poem
Ontological Proof of My Existence (play)1980Play
Ordinary Summer Days1970Poem
Others’ Dreams1971Short Story
Our Common Past1970Poem
Our Wall1984Short Story
Out of Place1975Short Story
Out of the Machine (review)1971Essayhttp://jco.usfca.edu/mailer02.html
Pain1992Short Story
Party1988Short Story
Passing an Afternoon1970Poem
Passion1991Short Story
Passions and Meditations1975Short Story
Pastoral Blood1975Short Story
Peaches, Pineapples, Hazelnuts1989Poem
Phase Change1994Short Story
Photographer’s Model1988Short Story
Photography Session (You died on Wednesday. On Friday)1989Poemhttp://jco.usfca.edu/pictures/index.html
Physical1996Short Story
Picnic1988Short Story
Pilgrims’ Progress1974Short Story
Pinch1988Short Story
Playlet for Voices1989Poem
Pleasure, Duty, Redemption Then and Now: Susan Warner’s Diana1988Essay
Plot1972Short Story
Poem in Death Valley1989Poem
Poem Jubilant in Place of Mourning1970-82Poem
Politics1996Short Story
Poor Bibi1994Short Story
Poor Bibi (play)1998Play
Poor Lizzie1990Short Story
Posthumous1996Short Story
Pretty Death1978Poem
Preventing the Death of the Brain1978Poem
Problems of Adjustment in Survivors of Natural/Unnatural Disasters1972Short Story
Pseudonymous Selves1987Essayhttp://jco.usfca.edu/rosamond.html
Public Love1970Poem
Public Outcry1978Poem
Puzzle1972Short Story
Queen of the Night1980Short Story
Query, Not to Be Answered1970-82Poem
Questions1987Short Story
Rape and the Boxing Ring1992Essayhttp://jco.usfca.edu/boxing/rape.html
Rape: A Love Story (novella)2003Book
Raven’s Wing1986Short Story
Raven’s Wing: Stories1986Collection
Raymond Chandler: Genre and Art (review)1999Essay
Realism of Distance, Realism of Immediacy (review)1971EssayExcerpt:
Recollection in Tranquility1996Poem
Recurring Dream of Childhood1996Poem
Rediscovering Harold Frederic’s The Damnation of Theron Ware1999Essay
Rene Magritte: Art contra Art (review)1999Essay
Revelations in Small Sunbaked Squares1973Poem
Review: Alice in WonderlandEssayhttp://www.salon.com/weekly/carroll960930.html
Rewards of Fame1974Short Story
Rise Up, O Men of God1996Poem
River Rising1976Short Story
Roller Rink, 19541989Poem
Romance1988Short Story
Rumpled Bed1978Poem
Running1992Short Story
Sacred and Profane Iris Murdoch (review)1978Essayhttp://jco.usfca.edu/murdoch.html
Saul Bird Says: Relate! Communicate! Liberate!1970Short Story
Scars1998Short Story
Scenes of Passion and Despair1972Short Story
Schroeder’s Stepfather1998Short Story
Season of Peril1970-82Poem
Secret1988Short Story
Secret Observations on the Goat-Girl1988Short Story
Self-Portrait as a Still Life1989Poem
Senorita1988Short Story
Sentimental Journey (novella)1977Book
Several Embraces1973Poem
Sexy (children)2005Book
Shadows of the Evening1998Short Story
Shame1970Short Story
Sharpshooting1988Short Story
Shelley at Viareggio1970-82Poem
Shelter1988Short Story
Shopping1991Short Story
Shot1992Short Story
Silkie1972Short Story
Sinners in the Hand of a Righteous God1975Poem
Sisters1980Short Story
Sleeping Together1970Poem
Sleepless in Heidelberg1989Poem
Slow1988Short Story
Small Avalanches1974Short Story
Small Avalanches and Other Stories (children)2003Collection
Snake Eyes (novel)1992Book
Snapshot Album1996Poem
Snow-Drunk in Ontario1970-82Poem
Solstice (novel)1985Book
Son of the Morning (novel)1978Book
Soul at the White Heat: The Romance of Emily Dickinson’s Poetry1987Essayhttp://jco.usfca.edu/romance.html
Soul/Mate (novel)1989Book
Sourland: Stories (short stories)2010Collection
Southern Swamp1973Poem
Sparrow Hawk above a New Jersey Cornfield1989Poem
Splendid Architecture1975Short Story
Split/Brain2008Short Story
Stalking1972Short Story
Starr Bright Will Be With you Soon (novel)1999Book
State-of-the-Art Car: The Ferrari Testarossa1988Essay
Stigmata1963Short Story
Strait of Magellan1989Poem
Stray Children1972Short Story
Stripping2004Short Story
Stroke1988Short Story
Such Beauty!1996Poem
Suicide Watch2006Short Story
Summer Squall, Monhegan Island1996Poem
Summer Sweat1999Short Story
Sundays in Summer1991Short Story
Superstitious1988Short Story
Surf City1986Short Story
Sweet!1992Short Story
Tachycardiac Seizure1970-82Poem
Take Me, Take Me with You (novel)2003Book
Tell Me You Forgive Me? (novella)2001Short Story
Tenderness (poems)1996Collection
Testimony1986Short Story
Thanksgiving1994Short Story
The Abandoned1989Poem
The Abduction1988Short Story
The Adoption (play)1998Play
The Aesthetics of Fear1999Essay
The Affliction1998Short Story
The Art of Self-Criticism1988Essay
The Artist1992Short Story
The Artist Looks at Nature: Some Works of Charles SheelerEssay
The Assailant1970Short Story
The Assassins: A Book of Hours (novel)1975Book
The Assignation1988Short Story
The Assignation: Stories1988Collection
The Ballad of Love Canal (play)1991Play
The Banshee2004Short Story
The Barrens (novel)2001Book
The Barter1999Short Story
The Bellow Epoch1991Essayhttp://jco.usfca.edu/bellow02.html
The Bingo Master1994Short Story
The Birth of Tragedy1974Short Story
The Black Glove: A Rapture1996Poem
The Boy1988Short Story
The Boyfriend1991Short Story
The Broken Man1978Poem
The Brothers1996Short Story
The Buck1991Short Story
The Bullfrogs1996Poem
The Bystander1988Short Story
The Call1990Short Story
The Child-Bride1970-82Poem
The Child-Martyr1975Poem
The Children1972Short Story
The Citizen Courior in Outer Space1982Essayhttp://jco.usfca.edu/calisher.html
The Collector of Hearts1998Short Story
The Collector of Hearts: New Tales of the Grotesque1998Collection
The Coming Storm (poems)Collection
The Consolation of Animals1989Poem
The Corn Maiden: A Love Story (novella)2005Book
The Cousins2004Short Story
The Creation1978Poem
The Crossing1998Short Story
The Crosswicks Horror (novel)2011Book
The Cruelest Sport1992Essayhttp://jco.usfca.edu/boxing/cruelest.html
The Crying Baby1991Short Story
The Dark1969Poem
The Date1992Short Story
The Dead1972Short Story
The Death of Mrs. Sheer1966Short Story
The Death Throes of Romanticism: The Poetry of Sylvia Plath1973Essayhttp://jco.usfca.edu/throes.html
The Deaths (novella)2002Book
The Demons1978Poem
The Doll1994Short Story
The Dream of the Sacred Text1988Essay
The Dream-Catcher1998Short Story
The Dreaming Woman1975Short Story
The Ebony Casket1990Short Story
The Eclipse (play)1991Play
The Edge of Impossibility: Tragic Forms in Literature (essays)1972Collection
The Enigmatic Art of Paul Bowles (review)1999Essay
The Escape1992Short Story
The Essential Emily Dickinson: Introduction1996Essayhttp://jco.usfca.edu/works/anthologies/essdickinson.html

The Eternal Children1978Poem
The Fabulous Beasts (poems)1975Collection
The Faith of a Writer: Life, Craft, Art (essays)2003Collection
The Falls (novel)2004Book
The False Mirror1992Short Story
The Fear of Going Blind1975Poem
The Female of the Species: Tales of Mystery and Suspense2006Collection
The Fine White Mist of Winter1963Short Story
The First Husband (novella)2008Book
The Floating Birches1989Poem
The Forbidden1970-82Poem
The Forgiveness of Sins1975Poem
The Fruit Cellar2004Short Story
The Girl Who Was to Die1996Short Story
The Girl with the Blackened Eye2004Short Story
The Goddess1974Short Story
The Goddess and Other Women (short stories)1974Collection
The Golden Madonna1974Short Story
The Good Life Here on Earth1970Poem
The Goose-Girl1996Short Story
The Grave Dwellers1970Poem
The Gravedigger’s Daughter (novel)2007Book
The Great Egg1970-82Poem
The Guilty Party1994Short Story
The Hair1991Short Story
The Hallucination1979Short Story
The Handclasp1996Short Story
The Hand-Puppet1998Short Story
The Hands1996Short Story
The Heavy Sorrow of the Body1970Short Story
The Heir1992Short Story
The Hemingway Mystique1988Essay
The High School Sweetheart2001Short Story
The Hostile Sun: The Poetry of D.H. Lawrence1972Essayhttp://jco.usfca.edu/hostilesun.html
The House of Mystery1989Poem
The Hungry Ghosts: Seven Allusive Comedies (short stories)1974Collection
The Hunter2003Short Story
The Ice Pick1992Short Story
The Immense Indifference of Things: Conrad’s Nostromo1981Essay
The Impasse1975Poem
The Impostors1975Short Story
The Infant’s Wake1996Poem
The Insomniac1996Poem
The Insomniac1990Short Story
The Instructor2004Short Story
The Interior Castle: The Art of Jean Stafford’s Short Fiction (review)1983Essay
The Interview (play)1995Play
The Jesuit1986Short Story
The Journey1996Short Story
The Key (play)1991Play
The Knife1991Short Story
The Lady with the Pet Dog1972Short Story
The Last Man of Letters1998Short Story
The Leap1979Short Story
The Liberation of Jake Hanley1976Short Story
The Lord Is My Shepherd I Shall Not Want1996Poem
The Loss1970-82Poem
The Lost Brother2005Short Story
The Lost Child1996Short Story
The Lover1990Short Story
The Lovers1978Poem
The Loves of Franklin Ambrose1972Short Story
The Madness of Art: Henry James’s The Middle Years1999Essay
The Madwoman1975Short Story
The Magnanimity of Wuthering Heights1983Essayhttp://jco.usfca.edu/wuthering.html
The Maker of Parables1992Short Story
The Man that Turned into a Statue1966Short Story
The Man Whom Women Adored1984Short Story
The Metamorphosis1972Short Story
The Miniaturist Art of Grace Paley (review)1999Essay
The Miraculous Birth1989Poem
The Mirror1982Short Story
The Missing Person1996Short Story
The Model1994Short Story
The Molesters1968Short Story
The Mother1986Short Story
The Mountain Lion1989Poem
The Mourning I1970-82Poem
The Mourning II1970-82Poem
The Museum of Dr. Moses: Tales of Mystery and Suspense2007Collection
The Mutants2004Short Story
The Mysticism of Simone Weil (review)1983Essay
The Nightmare1973Poem
The Noisy Sorrowful Ones1978Poem
The Omen1996Short Story
The Others1988Short Story
The Oxford Book of American Short Stories: Introduction1992Essayhttp://jco.usfca.edu/works/anthologies/oxford.html#excerpt
The Parables of Flannery O’Connor2009Essayhttp://www.nybooks.com/articles/archives/2009/apr/09/the-parables-of-flannery-oconnor/
The Passion of Henry David Thoreau (play)1998Play
The Passion of Rydcie Mather1996Short Story
The Perfectionist (play)1995Play
The Perfectionist and Other Plays1995Collection
The Picture of Dorian Gray: Wilde’s Parable of the Fall1981Essay
The Poisoned Kiss and Other Stories from the Portuguese1976Collection
The Precipice1980Short Story
The Premonition1992Short Story
The Present Tense1970-82Poem
The Profane Art: Essays & Reviews1983Collection
The Proofs of God1970-82Poem
The Quarrel1988Short Story
The Radio Astronomer1994Short Story
The Rehearsal (play)1995Play
The Resurrection of the Dead1978Poem
The Revenge of the Foot, 19701996Short Story
The Riddle1996Poem
The Riddle of Christina Rossetti’s Goblin Market1999Essay
The Ride1969Poem
The Rise of Life on Earth (novella)1991Book
The Romance of Art 11999Essay
The Romance of Art 2: First Principles1999Essay
The Romance of Art 3: Transformations of Play1999Essay
The Romance of Art 4: The Artist as Perpetual Antagonist1999Essay
The Sacred Marriage1972Short Story
The Sacrifice (play)1995Play
The Scarf1998Short Story
The Scream1976Short Story
The Seasons1986Short Story
The Secret Mirror: A Collage-Play1991Play
The Secret of the Water Off Point Pelee1970Poem
The Secret Sweetness of Nightmares1973Poem
The Seduction1975Short Story
The Seduction and Other Stories1975Collection
The Sepulchre1998Short Story
The Sirens1970Poem
The Skull: A Love Story2004Short Story
The Sky Blue Ball1998Short Story
The Small Still Voice behind the Great Romances1973Poem
The Sons of Angus MacElster1998Short Story
The Spectre1978Poem
The Spiral1972Short Story
The Stadium1988Short Story
The Stolen Heart (novel)2005Book
The Stone House1975Short Story
The Stone Orchard1970-82Poem
The Stone Well1996Poem
The Struggle to Wake from Sleep1970Poem
The Suicide1978Poem
The Sunken Woman1981Short Story
The Survival of Childhood1966Short Story
The Survivor1975Poem
The Swimmers1989Short Story
The Tattooed Girl (novel)2003Book
The Teleology of the Unconscious: The Art of Norman Mailer1973Essayhttp://jco.usfca.edu/mailer01.html
The Temple1996Short Storyhttp://www.nbu.bg/webs/amb/american/6/oates/temple.htm
The Tempter1976Short Story
The Thin Rain1996Poem
The Time Traveler1989Poem
The Time Traveler (poems)1989Collection
The Track1996Short Story
The Tragedy of Existence: Shakespeare’s Troilus and Cressida1966Essayhttp://jco.usfca.edu/troilus.html
The Tragedy of Imagination: Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra1964Essayhttp://jco.usfca.edu/antony.html
The Transformation of Vincent Scoville1976Short Story
The Translation1977Short Story
The Triumph of Gravity1996Poem
The Triumph of the Spider Monkey (novella)1976Book
The Triumph of the Spider Monkey (play)1980Play
The Tryst1979Short Story
The Turn of the Screw1972Short Story
The Twins: A Mystery2002Short Story
The Undesirable Table1996Short Story
The Vision1996Short Story
The Visionary Art of Flannery O’Connor1966Essayhttp://jco.usfca.edu/text/visionary.html
The Visit2003Short Story
The Wasp1970-82Poem
The Wheel of Love1967Short Story
The Wheel of Love and Other Stories1970Collection
The White Cat1994Short Story
The Widows1977Short Story
The Wig1992Short Story
The Witness1984Short Story
Them (novel)1969Book
Them: Preface1969Essayhttp://jco.usfca.edu/them.html#preface
Then All Collapsed: Tragic Melville1998Essayhttp://jco.usfca.edu/text/collapsed.html
There Are Northern Lakes1970-82Poem
There Are Those Who Die1978Poem
There Was a Shot1996Poem
They Just Went Away1995Essay
Things Happen to Us1973Poem
This Is the Time for which We Have Been Waiting2008Poem
Three American Gothics 1: Jeffrey Dahmer, November 1994 (review)1999Essay
Three American Gothics 2: Timothy McVeigh, May 1995 (review)1999Essay
Three American Gothics 3: Mike Tyson, July 1997 (review)1999Essay
Three Dances of Death1969Poem
Three Girls2004Short Story
Three Plays1980Collection
Through the Looking Glass1976Short Story
Tick1988Short Story
Tinkly Song1969Poem
To a Victim1975Poem
To an Aged Cat Dying in My Arms1996Poem
To Bedlam: Anne Sexton (review)1999Essay
To Whose Country Have I Come?1969Poem
Tone Clusters (play)1991Play
Tragic and Comic Visions in The Brothers Karamazov1972Essayhttp://jco.usfca.edu/karamazov.html
Tragic Conrad: Heart of Darkness and The Secret Sharer1999Essay
Tragic Rites in Dostoyevsky’s ’The Possessed’1981Essayhttp://jco.usfca.edu/tragic.html
Train1988Short Story
Transfigured Night1992Short Story
Traveling with You1970Poem
Turning into Another Person1970Poem
Turquoise1992Short Story
Twelve Plays1991Collection
Twins1991Short Story
Two Doors1988Short Story
Two Insomniacs1975Poem
Two of Us Staring into Another Dimension1970Poem
Tyson/Biggs: Postscript1987Essayhttp://jco.usfca.edu/boxing/biggs.html
Unborn Child1969Poem
Uncensored Sylvia Plath (review)2000Essayhttp://jco.usfca.edu/text/uncensoredplath.html
Uncensored: Views and (Re)views2005Collection
Undefeated Heavyweight, 20 Years Old1989Poem
Under/Ground (play)1991Play
Undertow, Wolf’s Head Lake1996Poem
Unholy Loves (novel)1979Book
Unmailed, Unwritten Letters1970Short Story
Unprintable1998Short Story
Unpronouncing of Names1973Poem
Up from Slavery1974Short Story
Updike toward the End of Time (review)1997Essayhttp://jco.usfca.edu/towardtime.html
Upholstery2004Short Story
Upon the Sweeping Flood1966Short Story
Upon the Sweeping Flood and Other Stories1966Collection
Valentine1998Short Story
Valentine, July Heat Wave2007Short Story
Visionary Adventures of a Wild Dog Pack1978Poem
Visions of Detroit1988Essay
Visitation Rights1988Short Story
Waiting on Elvis, 19561989Poem
Walled City1979Short Story
We Were the Mulvaneys (novel)1996Book
Wealthy Lady1978Poem
Wednesday1970Short Story
Wednesday’s Child1972Short Story
Weedy Logic1989Poem
Welcome to Dallas!1989Poem
What Death with Love Should Have to Do1966Short Story
What Has Not Been Lost in the Deserts of North America?1975Poem
What Herbert Breuer and I Did to Each Other1970Short Story
What I Fear1970Poem
What I Lived For (novel)1994Book
What Is Most American Is Most in Motion1996Poem
What Is the Connection between Men and Women?1970Short Story
What We Fear from Dreams & Waking1973Poem
When I Was a Little Girl and My Mother Didn’t Want Me (play)1998Play
Where Are You Going ... and Smooth Talk: Short Story into Film1986Essayhttp://jco.usfca.edu/works/film/smoothtalk.html
Where Are You Going ... Selected Early Stories: Afterword1999Essay
Where Are You Going ...: Selected Early Stories1993Collection
Where Are You Going ...: Stories of Young America1975Collection
Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?1967Short Storyhttp://jco.usfca.edu/works/wgoing/text.html
Where I Lived and What I Lived For1972Short Story
Where I’ve Been and Where I’m Going: Essays, Reviews and Prose1999Collection
Where Is an Author?1999Essay
Where Is Here?1992Short Story
Where Is Here?: Stories1992Collection
Where Is Little Reynard? (children)2003Book
Where the Shadow is Darkest1973Poem
Where the Wind Went Crazy1973Poem
While We Slept1975Poem
Whispering Glades1989Poem
Whistle2005Short Story
White Piano1989Poem
White Trash1991Short Story
Why Don’t You Come Live with Me It’s Time1991Short Story
Why the Plath Legacy Lives2009Essayhttp://roomfordebate.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/03/24/why-the-plath-legacy-lives/#oates
Wild Nights! (short stories)2008Collection
Wild Saturday1970Short Story
Wild Saturday (short stories)1984Collection
Will You Always Love Me?1996Short Story
Will You Always Love Me? and Other Stories1996Collection
Will You Always Love Me? Preface1999Essayhttp://jco.usfca.edu/will.html#preface
Winslow Homer’s ’The Gulf Stream,’ 19021989Poem
Winter Trees (review)1972Essayhttp://jco.usfca.edu/wintertrees2.html
With Shuddering Fall (novel)1964Book
Wolf’s Head Lake2004Short Story
Woman Is the Death of the Soul1970Poem
Woman Writer: Occasions and Opportunities (essays)1988Collection
Woman Writer: Theory and Practice1988Essay
Women in Love1969Poem
Women in Love and Other Poems1968Collection
Women Whose Lives Are Food, Men Whose Lives Are Money1978Poem
Women Whose Lives Are Food, Men Whose Lives Are Money (poems)1978Collection
Wonderland (novel)1971Book
Wonderland Revisited1971Essayhttp://jco.usfca.edu/wonderland.html#afterword
Wonders of the Invisible World1975Poem
Wooded Forms1975Poem
Workings of Grace: Flannery O’Connor’s The Artificial Nigger1998Essayhttp://jco.usfca.edu/text/grace.html
Yarrow1991Short Story
Year of Wonders1975Short Story
You1970Short Story
You Can’t Catch Me (novel)1995Book
You Must Remember This (novel)1987Book
You Must Remember This: Preface1987Essayhttp://jco.usfca.edu/remember.html#preface
You Petted Me, and I Followed You Home1996Short Story
Young Love, America1989Poem
Your Blood in a Little Puddle on the Ground1989Poem
Zero at the Bone: Despair as Sin and Enlightenment1999Essay
Zombie (novel)1995Book


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