0885 Alice Munro

Alice Munro

A Queer Streak1986Short Story
A Real Life1994Short Story
A Trip to the Coast1968Short Story
A Wilderness Station1994Short Story
Accident1982Short Story
An Ounce of Cure1968Short Story
Bardon Bus1982Short Story
Before the Change1998Short Story
Blowtrain1990Short Story
Boys and Girls1968Short Story
Carried Away1994Short Story
Carried Away: A Selection of Stories2006Collection
Chaddeleys and Flemings I: The Connection1982Short Story
Chaddeleys and Flemings II: The Stone in the Field1982Short Story
Chance2004Short Story
Characters (novella)1978Book
Child’s Play2009Short Story
Circle of Prayer1986Short Story
Comfort2001Short Story
Cortes Island1998Short Story
Dance of the Happy Shades1968Short Story
Dance of the Happy Shades1968Collection
Day of the Butterfly1968Short Story
Deep-Holes2009Short Story
Differently1990Short Story
Dimensions2006Short Story
Dulse1982Short Story
Eskimo1986Short Story
Executioners1974Short Story
Face2009Short Story
Family Furnishings2001Short Story
Fathers2006Short Story
Fiction2009Short Story
Fits1986Short Story
Five Points1990Short Story
Floating Bridge2001Short Story
Forgiveness in Families1974Short Story
Free Radicals2009Short Story
Friend of My Youth1990Short Story
Friend of My Youth1990Collection
Goodness and Mercy1990Short Story
Half a Grapefruit1978Short Story
Hard-Luck Stories1982Short Story
Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage2001Short Story
Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage2001Collection
Hired Girl2006Short Story
Hold Me Fast, Don’t Let Me Pass1990Short Story
Home2006Short Story
How I Met My Husband1974Short Story
Illinois2006Short Story
Images1996Short Story
Jakarta1998Short Story
Jesse and Meribeth1986Short Story
Labor Day Dinner1982Short Story
Lichen1986Short Story
Lives of Girls and Women (novel/short story cycle)1971Book
Lying under the Apple Tree2006Short Story
Marrakesh1974Short Story
Material1974Short Story
Memorial1974Short Story
Meneseteung1990Short Story
Messenger2006Short Story
Miles City, Montana1986Short Story
Mischief1978Short Story
Monsieur les Deux Chapeaux1986Short Story
Mrs. Cross and Mrs. Kidd1982Short Story
My Mother’s Dream1998Short Story
Nettles2001Short Story
No Advantages2006Short Story
No Love Lost2003Collection
Oh, What Avails1990Short Story
Open Secrets1994Short Story
Open Secrets1994Collection
Oranges and Apples1990Short Story
Passion2004Short Story
Pictures of the Ice1990Short Story
Post and Beam2001Short Story
Postcard1968Short Story
Powers2004Short Story
Privilege1978Short Story
Providence1978Short Story
Prue1982Short Story
Queenie2001Short Story
Red Dress - 19461968Short Story
Rich as Stink1998Short Story
Royal Beatings1978Short Story
Runaway2004Short Story
Save the Reaper1998Short Story
Selected Stories1996Collection
Silence2004Short Story
Simon’s Luck1978Short Story
Some Women2009Short Story
Something I’ve Been Meaning to Tell You1974Short Story
Something I’ve Been Meaning to Tell You1974Collection
Soon2004Short Story
Spaceships Have Landed1994Short Story
Spelling1978Short Story
Sunday Afternoon1968Short Story
Tell Me Yes or No1974Short Story
Thanks for the Ride1968Short Story
The Albanian Virgin1994Short Story
The Bear Came Over the Mountain1999Short Story
The Beggar Maid1978Short Story
The Children Stay1998Short Story
The Found Boat1974Short Story
The Jack Randa Hotel1994Short Story
The Love of a Good Woman1998Short Story
The Love of a Good Woman1998Collection
The Moon in the Orange Street Skating Rink1986Short Story
The Moons of Jupiter1996Short Story
The Moons of Jupiter1982Collection
The Office1968Short Story
The Ottawa Valley1974Short Story
The Peace of Utrecht1968Short Story
The Progress of Love1986Short Story
The Progress of Love1986Collection
The Shining Houses1968Short Story
The Short Stories of Alice MunroCollection
The Spanish Lady1974Short Story
The Ticket2006Short Story
The Time of Death1968Short Story
The Turkey Season1982Short Story
The View from Castle Rock2006Short Story
The View from Castle Rock2006Collection
The Wilds of Morris Township2006Short Story
Too Much Happiness2009Short Story
Too Much Happiness2009Collection
Trespasses2004Short Story
Tricks2004Short Story
Vandals1994Short Story
Vintage Munro2004Collection
Visitors1982Short Story
Walker Brothers Cowboy1968Short Story
Walking on Water1974Short Story
Wenlock Edge2009Short Story
What Do You Want to Know For?2006Short Story
What is Remembered2001Short Story
White Dump1986Short Story
Who Do You Think You Are?1978Short Story
Who Do You Think You Are?1978Collection
Wigtime1990Short Story
Wild Swans1978Short Story
Winter Wind1974Short Story
Wood2009Short Story
Working for a Living2006Short Story


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