0727 Margaret Laurence

Margaret Laurence

A Bird in the House (novel)1970Book
A Bird in the House (short stories)1970Collection
A Christmas Birthday Story (children)1982Book
A Jest of God (novel)1966Book
A Tree for Poverty (anthology of Somali poetry and folk stories)1954Collection
Dance on the Earth: A Memoir1989Book
Heart of a Stranger (essays)1976Collection
Jason’s Quest (novel)1970Book
Long Drums and Cannons: Nigerian Dramatists and Novelists, 1952-661968Collection
Nanuk1967Short Story
Six Darn Cows (children)1979Book
The Diviners (novel)1974Book
The Exiles1961Short Story
The Fire Dwellers (novel)1969Book
The Olden Days Coat (children)1980Book
The Prophet’s Camel Bell (travel)1963Book
The Spell of the Distant Drum1962Short Story
The Stone Angel (novel)1964Book
The Tomorrow-Tamer (short stories)1963Collection
This Side Jordan (novel)1960Book
To Set Our House in Order1964Short Story
Vanessa1964Short Story


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