0642 Shirley Jackson

Shirley Jackson

A Cauliflower in Her Hair1944Short Story
A Day in the Jungle1968Short Story
A Fine Old Firm1944Short Story
A Great Voice Stilled1960Short Story
A Little Magic1956Short Story
A Little Test for Mothers1960Essay
A Visit/The Lovely House1950Short Story
About Two Nice People1951Short Story
Account Closed1950Short Story
After You, My Dear Alphonse1943Short Story
Afternoon in Linen1943Short Story
All She Said Was Yes/Cassandra, Not a Tear, and Vicky1962Short Story
All the Girls Were Dancing1950Short Story
Alone in a Den of Cubs1953Short Story
An International Incident1943Short Story
And Baby Makes Three (novel)1960Book
Arch-Criminal1995Short Story
Aunt Gertrude1954Short Story
Before Autumn1995Short Story
Biography of a Story (lecture)Oration
Birthday Party/Pajama Party1963Short Story
Bulletin1954Short Story
Call Me Ishmael1939Short Story
Charles1948Short Story
Colloquy1944Short Story
Come Along with Me1968Short Story
Come Along with Me (short stories)1968Collection
Come Dance with Me in Ireland1943Short Story
Come to the Fair1995Short Story
Comment upon the Death of Leonard Brown, 1904-19601960Essay
Concerning ... Tomorrow1939Short Story
Daughter, Come Home1944Short Story
Day of Glory1953Short Story
Deck the Halls1995Short Story
Devil of a Tale1995Short Story
Dinner for a Gentleman1995Short Story
Don’t Kiss Strangers1995Short Story
Don’t Tell Daddy1954Short Story
Dorothy and My Grandmother and the Sailors1949Short Story
Edgar1995Short Story
Elizabeth1949Short Story
Epilogue1949Short Story
Every Boy Should Learn to Play the Trumpet1956Short Story
Experience and Fiction1969Essay
Experience and Fiction (lecture)Oration
Family Magician1949Short Story
Famous Sally (children)1966Book
Flower Garden1949Short Story
From Our Porch Swing: Poems and Illustrations1992Collection
Gnarly the King of the Jungle1995Short Story
Go Down, Faulkner1991Essay
Got a Letter from Jimmy1949Short Story
Had We but World Enough1940Short Story
Hangsaman (novel)1951Book
Happy Birthday to Baby1952Short Story
Home1965Short Story
How to Enjoy a Family Quarrel1957Essay
I Know Who I Love1968Short Story
I.O.U.1995Short Story
Indians Live in Tents1995Short Story
Island1968Short Story
It Isn’t the Money1945Short Story
It’s Only a Game1956Short Story
Jack the Ripper1995Short Story
Janice1968Short Story
Journey with a Lady/This Is the Life1952Short Story
Just an Ordinary Day (short stories)1995Collection
Karen’s Complaint1959Essay
Liaison a la Cockroach1939Short Story
Life among the Savages (short stories)1953Collection
Like Mother Used to Make1949Short Story
List Found in Coat Pocket1953Essay
Little Dog Lost1943Short Story
Little Old Lady1944Short Story
Little Old Lady in Great Need1995Short Story
Look Ma, We’re Moving1952Essay
Lord of the Castle1995Short Story
Louisa, Please Come Here1960Short Story
Lovers Meeting1995Short Story
Lucky to Get Away1953Short Story
Masterpieces of Shirley Jackson (short stories)1996Collection
Maybe It Was the Car1995Short Story
Men with Their Big Shoes1947Short Story
Monday Morning1951Short Story
Mother is a Fortune Hunter1954Short Story
Mother, Honestly!1959Essay
Mrs. Anderson1995Short Story
Mrs. Melville Makes a Purchase1951Short Story
My Friend1938Short Story
My Grandmother and the World of Cats1995Short Story
My Life in Cats1940Short Story
My Life with R.H. Macy1941Short Story
My Recollections of S.B. Fairchild1995Short Story
My Son and the Bully1949Short Story
My Uncle in the Garden1995Short Story
Nice Day for a Baby1952Short Story
Nightmare1995Short Story
Nine Magic Wishes (children)1963Book
Nine Magic Wishes (short stories)1963Collection
No, I Don’t Want to Go to Europe1964Essay
Nothing to Worry About1953Short Story
Of Course1949Short Story
On Being a Faculty Wife1956Essay
On the House1943Short Story
One Last Chance to Call1956Short Story
One Ordinary Day, with Peanuts1955Short Story
Out of the Mouths of Babes1960Essay
Party of Boys1995Short Story
Pillar of Salt1948Short Story
Portrait1995Short Story
Queen of the May1955Short Story
Questions I Wish I’d Never Asked1961Essay
Raising Demons (memoir)1957Book
Root of Evil1953Short Story
Santa Claus, I Love You1956Essay
Seven Types of Ambiguity1943Short Story
Shirley Jackson Collected Short Stories (short stories)2001Collection
Shirley Jackson: Novels and Stories (short stories)2010Collection
Shopping Trip1953Short Story
So Late on Sunday Morning1953Short Story
Special Delivery: A Useful Book for New Mothers1960Essay
Strangers in Town/The Very Strange House Next Door1959Short Story
Summer Afternoon1995Short Story
The Bad Children (children)1959Book
The Bakery1944Short Story
The Beautiful Stranger1968Short Story
The Bird’s Nest/Lizzie (novel)1954Book
The Box1952Short Story
The Bus1968Short Story
The Case for Dinner-Table Silence1960Essay
The Clothespin Dolls1953Short Story
The Daemon Lover/The Phantom Lover1948Short Story
The Dummy1949Short Story
The First Car is the Hardest1952Short Story
The Friends1953Short Story
The Gift1944Short Story
The Good Wife1995Short Story
The Haunting of Hill House (novel)1959Book
The Homecoming1945Short Story
The Honeymoon of Mrs. Smith1995Short Story
The House1952Short Story
The Intoxicated1949Short Story
The Island1950Short Story
The Life Romantic1949Essay
The Little House1964Short Story
The Lost Kingdom of Oz1959Essay
The Lottery1948Short Storyhttp://jackson.classicauthors.net/lottery/




The Lottery and Other Stories1949Collection
The Lovely Night1950Short Story
The Magic of Shirley Jackson (short stories)1966Collection
The Missing Girl1957Short Story
The Most Wonderful Thing1952Short Story
The Mouse1995Short Story
The Night We All Had Grippe1952Short Story
The Omen1958Short Story
The Order of Charlotte’s Going1954Short Story
The Pleasures and Perils of Dining Out with Children1957Essay
The Possibility of Evil1965Short Story
The Renegade1948Short Story
The Road through the Wall/The Other Side of the Street (novel)1948Book
The Rock1968Short Story
The Second Mrs. Ellenoy1953Short Story
The Sister1995Short Story
The Smoking Room1995Short Story
The Sneaker Crisis1956Short Story
The Story We Used to Tell1995Short Story
The Strangers1952Short Story
The Summer People1950Short Story
The Sundial (novel)1958Book
The Third Baby’s the Easiest1949Short Story
The Tooth1948Short Story
The Very Hot Sun in Bermuda1995Short Story
The Villager1944Short Story
The Wishing Dime1949Short Story
The Witch1949Short Storyhttp://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:NE5CYRSxOLwJ:jlax.wikispaces.com/file/view/THE%2BWITCH.doc+shirley+jackson+%22the+witch%22&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=3&gl=us
The Witchcraft of Salem Village (children)1956Book
Three Stories (short stories)1991Collection
Tootie in Peonage1968Short Story
Trial by Combat1944Short Story
Trial By Combat1944Short Story
Visions of Sugarplums1952Short Story
We Have Always Lived in the Castle (novel)1962Book
What a Thought1995Short Story
What I Want to Know Is, What Do Other People Cook With?1961Essay
When Barry Was Seven1995Short Story
When Things Get Dark1944Short Story
Whistler’s Grandmother1945Short Story
Worldly Goods1953Short Story
Y and I1938Short Story
Y and I and the Ouija Board1938Short Story


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