0426 William Faulkner

William Faulkner

A Bear Hunt1934Short Story
A Courtship1948Short Story
A Dangerous Man1979Short Story
A Fable (novel)1954Book
A Green Bough1933Poem
A Justice1931Short Story
A Mountain Victory1932Short Story
A Name for the City1950Short Story
A Point of Law1940Short Story
A Portrait of Elmer1979Short Story
A Return1979Short Story
A Rose for Emily1930Short Storyhttp://www.wwnorton.com/college/english/litweb05/workshops/fiction/faulkner1.asp
Absalom, Absalom! (novel)1936Book
Ad Astra1931Short Story
Adolescence1979Short Story
Afternoon of a Cow1943Short Story
Air Force (screenplay)1943Play
Al Jackson1971Short Story
All the Dead Pilots1931Short Story
Ambuscade1934Short Story
An Error in Chemistry1946Short Story
And Now What’s to Do1973Short Story
Appendix, Compson, 1699-19451946Short Story
Artist at Home1933Short Story
As I Lay Dying (novel)1930Bookhttp://www.archive.org/details/soundandthefurya013056mbp
Background to Danger (screenplay)1943Play
Banjo on My Knee (screenplay)1936Play
Barn Burning1939Short Story
Bear Man and God1964Short Story
Beyond1933Short Story
Big Woods1955Short Story
Black Music1934Short Story
By the People1955Short Story
Carcassonne1931Short Story
Centaur in Brass1932Short Story
Chance1925Short Story
Cheest1925Short Story
Christmas Tree1995Short Story
Collected Stories of William Faulkner1943CollectionPDF
Country Mice1925Short Story
Crevasse1931Short Story
Damon and Pythias Unlimited1925Short Story
Death Drag1932Short Story
Deep Valley (screenplay)1947Play
Delta Autumn1942Short Story
Ditto1958Short Story
Divorce in Naples1931Short Story
Doctor Martino and Other Stories1934Collection
Don Giovanni1979Short Story
Dr. Martino1931Short Story
Drums Along the Mohawk (screenplay)1939Play
Dry September1931Short Storyhttp://nbu.bg/webs/amb/american/4/faulkner/september.htm
Dull Tale1979Short Story
Elly1934Short Story
Episode1925Short Story
Essays, Speeches and Public Letters1966Collection
Evangeline1979Short Story
Fairchild’s Story1979Short Story
Father Abraham (novel)1926-27Book
Faulkner at West Point1964
Flags in the Dust/Sartoris (novel)1929Bookhttp://www.archive.org/details/Sartoris
Fool About a Horse1936Short Story
Four Men and a Prayer (screenplay)1938Play
Fox Hunt1931Short Story
Frankie and Johnny1958Short Story
Go Down Moses1942Short Story
Go Down, Moses (short stories)1942Collection
Gold Is Not Always1940Short Story
Golden Land1935Short Story
Gunga Din (screenplay)1939Play
Hair1931Short Story
Hand Upon the Waters1939Short Story
Helen, a Courtship1981Poem
Hell Creek Crossing1962Short Story
Hog Pawn1979Short Story
Home1925Short Story
Honor1930Short Story
Idyll in the Desert1931Short Story
If I Forget Thee Jerusalem/The Wild Palms/Old Man (novel)1939Book
Intruder in the Dust (novel)1948Book
Jealousy1925Short Story
Knight’s Gambit1949Short Story
Land of the Pharaohs (screenplay)1955Play
Landing in Luck1919Short Story
Light in August (novel)1932Book
Lion1935Short Story
Lizards in Jamshyd’s Courtyard1932Short Story
Lo!1934Short Story
Love1988Short Story
Lucas Beauchamp1999Short Story
Magdalen1958Short Story
Mayday1977Short Story
Mildred Pierce (screenplay)1945Play
Mink Snopes1959Short Story
Mirrors of Chartres Street1925Short Story
Miss Zilphia Gant (novella)1932Short Story
Mississippi1954Short Story
Mississippi Poems1979Collection
Mistral1931Short Story
Monk1937Short Story
Moonlight1979Short Story
Mosquitoes (novel)1927Book
Mr. Acarius1965Short Story
Mule in the Yard1934Short Story
Music - Sweeter than the Angels SingShort Story
My Grandmother Millard and General Bedford Forrest and ...1943Short Story
New Orleans1958Short Story
New Orleans Sketches1958Collection
Nobel Prize Award Speech1949Orationhttp://www.rjgeib.com/thoughts/faulkner/faulkner.html

Northern Pursuit (screenplay)1943Play
Notes on a Horsethief (novella)1951Short Story
Nympholepsy1973Short Story
Once Aboard the Lugger I1932Short Story
Once Aboard the Lugger II1979Short Story
Out of Nazareth1925Short Story
Pantaloon in Black1940Short Story
Pennsylvania Station1934Short Story
Peter1979Short Story
Pylon (novel)1935Book
Race at Morning1955Short Story
Raid1934Short Story
Red Leaves1930Short Story
Requiem for a Nun (novel)1951Book
Retreat1934Short Story
Rose of Lebanon1995Short Story
Salmagundi1932Short Story
Sanctuary (novel)1931Book
Selected Letters of William Faulkner1977Collection
Selected Short Stories1961Collection
Sepulture South: Gaslight1954Short Story
Shall Not Perish1943Short Story
Shingles for the Lord1943Short Story
Skirmish at Sartoris1935Short Story
Slave Ship (screenplay)1937Play
Smoke (novella)1932Short Story
Snow1979Short Story
Soldiers’ Pay (novel)1926Book
Spotted Horses1931Short Story
Stallion Road (screenplay)1947Play
Submarine Patrol (screenplay)1938Play
Sunset1925Short Story
Sutter’s Gold (screenplay)1936Play
That Evening Sun1931Short Story
That Will Be Fine1935Short Story
The Adventures of Don Juan (screenplay)1948Play
The Artist1958Short Story
The Bear (novella)1942Short Story
The Beggar1958Short Story
The Big Shot1979Short Story
The Big Sleep (screenplay)1946Play
The Brooch1936Short Story
The Cobbler1925Short Story
The Cop1958Short Story
The Damned Don’t Cry (screenplay)1950Play
The Education of Lucius Priest1962Short Story
The Fire and the Hearth1942Short Story
The Hamlet (novel)1940Book
The Hill1922Short Story
The Hound1931Short Story
The Kid Learns1925Short Story
The Kingdom of God1925Short Story
The Left Hand of God (screenplay)1955Play
The Leg1934Short Story
The Liar1925Short Story
The Longshore Man1958Short Story
The Mansion (novel)1959Book
The Marble Faun1924Poem
The Marionettes1975Short Story
The Old People1940Short Story
The Priest1958Short Story
The Reivers (novel)1962Book
The Road to Glory (screenplay)1936Play
The Rosary1925Short Story
The Sailor1958Short Story
The Sound and the Fury (novel)1929Bookhttp://www.usask.ca/english/faulkner/main/index.html


The Southener (screenplay)1945Play
The Tall Men1941Short Story
The Tourist1958Short Story
The Town (novel)1957Book
The Unvanquished1936Short Story
The Unvanquished (novel)1938Book
The Waifs1957Short Story
The Wishing Tree1967Short Story
There Was a Queen1933Short Story
These Thirteen (short stories)1931Collection
This Earth, a Poem1932Poem
Thrift1930Short Story
To Have and to Have Not (screenplay)1944-45Play
Tomorrow1940Short Story
Turnabout1932Short Story
Two Dollar Wife1936Short Story
Two Soldiers1942Short Story
Uncle Willy1935Short Story
Uncollected Stories of William Faulkner1979Collection
Vendee1936Short Story
Victory1931Short Story
Vision in Spring1921Poem
Was1942Short Story
Wash1934Short Story
Wealthy Jew1958Short Story
William Faulkner: Early Prose and Poetry1962Collection
With Caution and Dispatch1979Short Story
Yo Ho and Two Bottles of Rum1925Short Story


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