0387 William Dunlap

William Dunlap

A Trip to Niagara (play)1828Play
Abaelino, Where is He? (play)Play
Andre (play)1798Playhttp://www.wayneturney.20m.com/andredunlap.htm




Battle of New Orleans (play)Play
Bonaparte in England (play)Play
Count Benyowsky (play)Play
Darby’s Return (play)1789Play
Diary of William Dunlap, 1766-18391969Collection
False Shame (play)1799Play
Five Plays of William Dunlap1991Collection
Force of Calumny (play)Play
Forty and Twenty (play)Play
Fountainville Abbey (play)1795Play
Four Plays, 1789-1812Collection
Fraternal Discord (play)Play
History of the American Theatre and Anecdotes of the Principal Actors1832Book
History of the Rise and Progress of the Arts of Design in the U.S.1834Book
Indians in England (play)Play
Italian Father (play)Play
La Perouse (play)Play
Lewis of Monte Blanco (play)Play
Lord Leicester (play)Play
Lovers’ Vows (play)Play
Memoirs of George Frederick Cooke1813Book
Nina (play)Play
Peter the Great (play)Play
Rinaldo Rinaldini (play)Play
Robespierre (play)Play
School for Soldiers (play)Play
Sterne’s Maria; or the Vintage (play)Play
Tell Truth and Shame the Devil (play)1797Play
The Africans (play)Play
The Archers; or Mountaineers of Switzerland (play)1796Play
The Blind Boy (play)Play
The Fatal Deception; or the Progress of Guilt (play)1806Play
The Father (play)1789Play
The Father of an Only Child (play)1788Play
The Father; or American Shandyism (play)1789Play
The Flying Dutchman (play)Play
The Glory of Columbia, Her Yeomanry (play)Play
The Good Neighbour (play)Play
The Knight of the Guadalquiver (play)Play
The Knight’s Adventure (play)Play
The Merry Gardener (play)Play
The Miser’s Wedding (play)Play
The Modest Soldier; or Love in New York (play)1787Play
The Mysterious Monk/Ribbemont; or the Feudal Baron (play)1803Play
The Natural Daughter (play)Play
The Proverb; or Conceit Can Kill, Conceit Can Cure (play)Play
The Robbery (play)Play
The Soldier of ’76 (play)Play
The Stranger (play)1798Play
The Stranger’s Birth Day (play)Play
The Virgin of the Sun (play)1800Play
The Voice of Nature (play)Play
The Wife of Two Husbands (play)Play
Thirty Years Ago; or the Memoirs of a Water Drinker (novel)1836BookVol. 1

Vol. 2
Thirty Years; or the Life of a Gambler (play)Play
Wild Goose Chase (play)Play
William Tell; or the Archers (play)Play
Yankee Chronology (play)Play


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