0350 Don DeLillo

Don DeLillo

A History of the Writer Alone in a Room1999Essay
A Visit from Dr. Bazelon1986Short Story
Amazons (novel)1980Book
American Blood: A Journey through the Labyrinth of Dallas and JFK1983Essay
Americana (novel)1971Book
At Yankee Stadium1990Short Story
Baader-Meinhof2002Short Story
Baghdad Towers West1968Short Story
Coming Sun. Mon. Tues.1966Short Story
Cosmopolis (novel)2003Book
Counterpoint: Three Movies, a Book and an Old Photograph2004Essay
Creation1979Short Story
End Zone (novel)1972Book
Falling Man (novel)2007Book
Female Nude by Louise Nevelson, 19322003Essay
Finding the Dark Heart2000Essay
Fitzgerald: The Movie1996Essay
Game 6 (screenplay)2005Play
Game Plan1971Short Story
Great Jones Street (novel)1973Book
Hammer and Sickle2010Short Story
Human Moments in World War III1983Short Story
In the Men’s Room of the Sixteenth Century1971Short Story
In the Ruins of the Future2001Essayhttp://www.guardian.co.uk/books/2001/dec/22/fiction.dondelillo
JFK’S Assassination2003Essayhttp://www.nybooks.com/articles/archives/2003/dec/18/jfks-assassination/
Libra (novel)1988Book
Looking for Valparaiso1998Essay
Love Lies Bleeding2006Play
Mao II (novel)1991Book
Midnight in Dostoevsky2009Short Storyhttp://www.newyorker.com/fiction/features/2009/11/30/091130fi_fiction_delillo?currentPage=all
Note on Thomas Pynchon, in Pynchon from A to V2005Essay
Notes on ’The Angel Esmeralda’1995Essay
Notes on ’The Uniforms’1973Essay
Notes toward a Definitive Meditation on the Novel ’Americana’1972Essay
On William Gaddis2003Essayhttp://www.conjunctions.com/archives/c41-dd.htm
Oswald in the Lone Star State1988Short Story
Pafko at the Wall (novella)1992Short Story
Players1977Short Story
Players (novel)1977Book
Point Omega (novel)2010Book
Pop, Pop, Hit Those People1972Short Story
Ratner’s Star (novel)1976Book
Running Dog (novel)1978Book
Rushdie Novel Stirs Passions East and West; Answer to the Cardinal1989Essay
Salman Rushdie Defense Pamphlet1994Essayhttp://perival.com/delillo/rushdie_defense.html
Shooting Bill Gray1991Short Story
Showdown at Great Hole1976Short Story
Silhouette City: Hitler, Manson and the Millenium1988Essay
Spaghetti and Meatballs1965Short Story
Sputnik1997Short Story
Still Life2007Short Story
Take the A Train1962Short Story
That Day in Rome: Movies and Memory2003Essay
The Angel Esmeralda1994Short Story
The Artist Naked in a Cage1997Essay
The Black and White Ball1996Short Story
The Body Artist (novel)2001Book
The Border of Fallen Bodies2003Short Story
The Bucky Wunderlick Story1973Short Story
The Day Room1986Play
The Engineer of Moonlight1979Play
The Fictional Man2001Essay
The Ivory Acrobat1988Short Story
The Lone Gunman Theory1988Short Story
The Mystery at the Middle of Ordinary Life2000Play
The Names (novel)1982Book
The Network1977Short Story
The Power of History1997Essayhttp://www.nytimes.com/library/books/090797article3.html
The Rapture of the Athlete Assumed into Heaven1990Play
The River Jordan1960Short Story
The Runner1988Short Story
The Sightings1979Short Story
The Uniforms1970Short Story
The Word for Snow2007Play
Tompkins Square1991Short Story
Total Lost Weekend1972Short Storyhttp://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/vault/article/magazine/MAG1086811/index.htm
Underworld (novel)1997Book
Videotape1994Short Story
Walkmen1984Short Story
White Noise (novel)1985BookExcerpts:
Who Was Lee Harvey Oswald?2003Essayhttp://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/oswald/forum/
Woman in the Distance2005Essay


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