0286 Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho

Aleph/O Aleph (novel)2010Book
And on the Seventh Day/E no Setimo Dia (collection of novels)2004Collection
Brida (novel)1990Book
By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept/Na Margem do ... (novel)1994Book
Eleven Minutes/Onze Minutos (novel)2003Book
Essential Words/Palavras Essenciais (novel)1998Book
Fathers, Sons and Grandsons/Historias para Pais, Filhos e Netos (novel)2001Book
Hell Archives/Arquivos do Inferno (novel)1982Book
Journeys/Viagens (novel)2004Book
Life: Selected Quotations/Vida: Citacoes Selecionadas2007Collection
Like the Flowing River/Ser Como um rio que Flui (short stories)2006Collection
Love Letters from a Prophet/Letras do Amor de um Profeta (novel)1997Book
Maktub (novel)1994Book
Practical Manual of Vampirism/Manual Pratico do Vampirismo (novel)1986Book
Revived Paths/Caminhos Recolhidos (novel)2005Book
Stories for Parents, Children and Grandchildren2001CollectionPDF
Vol. 1



Vol. 2


The Alchemist/O Alquimista (novel)1988Book
The Devil and Miss Prym/O Demonio e a Srta Prym (novel)2000Book
The Fifth Mountain/O Monte Cinco (novel)1996Book
The Genie and the Roses/O Genio e as Rosas (novel)2004Book
The Greatest Gift/O Dom Supremo (novel)1991Book
The Manifest of Krig-ha/O Manifesto de Krig-ha (novel)1974Book
The Pilgrimage/A PeregrinacA£o (novel)1987Book
The ValkyriesAs Valkirias (novel)1992Book
The Warrior of the Light/Manual do Guerreiro da Luz (novel)1997BookPDF
Vol. 1


Vol. 2


Vol. 3

The Way of the Bow2008Short StoryPDF



The Winner Stands Alone/O Vencedor Esta So (novel)2008Book
The Witch of Portobello/A Bruxa de Portobello (novel)2006Book
The Zahir/O Zahir (novel)2005Book
Theater for Education/Teatro da EducacA£o (novel)1974Book
Veronika Decides to Die/Veronika Decide Morrer (novel)1998Book


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