0279 Sandra Cisneros

Sandra Cisneros

14 de Julio1987Poem
A Few Items to Consider1994Poem
A House of My Own2004Short Story
A Little Grief Like Gouache1994Poem
A Man in My Bed Like Cracker Crumbs1994Poem
A Woman Cutting Celery1987Poem
Abuelito Who1987Poem
After Everything1994Poem
All Parts from Mexico, Assembled in the U.S.A. or I Am Born2004Short Story
Ame, Amo, Amare1987Poem
Amorcito Corazon1994Poem
Arturito the Amazing Baby Olmec Who Is Mine by Way of Water1994Poem
Arturo Burro1987Poem
Bad Boys (novel)1980Book
Bay Poem from Berkeley1994Poem
Beautiful Man - France1987Poem
Bienvenido Poem for Sophie1994Poem
Black Lace Bra Kind of Woman1994Poem
Bread2004Short Story
By Way of Explanation1987Poem
Caramelo; or Puro Cuento (novel)2002Book
Champagne Poem for La Josie1994Poem
Chillante2004Short Story
Christ You Delight Me1994Poem
Cuidate2004Short Story
Darius & the Clouds2004Short Story
December 24th, Paris - Notre-Dame1987Poem
Do You Know Me? I Wrote the House on Mango Street1987Essay
Down There1994Poem
El Alacran Guero1994Poem
Elenita, Cards, Palm, Water2004Short Story
Eleven2004Short Story
En Route to My Lover I Am Detained by Too Many Cities ...1994Poem
Extreme Unction1994Poem
Eyes of Zapata2004Short Story
Fan of a Floating Woman1994Poem
Fishing Calamari by Moon1987Poem
For a Southern Man1987Poem
For All Tuesday Travelers1987Poem
Four Skinny Trees2004Short Story
Full Moon and You’re Not Here1994Poem
Ghosts and Voices: Writing from Obsession1987Essay
Good Hotdogs1987Poem
Hairs = Pelitos1994Short Story
Heart, My Lovely Hobo1994Poem
Hips2004Short Story
His Story1987Poem
Hydra Coming Down in Rain1987Poem
Hydra Night - House on Fire1987Poem
I Am on My Way ... to Bury the Man I Nearly Left My Husband For1994Poem
I Am So Depressed ... because I’m Thirty-Eight and Not Eighteen1994Poem
I Am So in Love I Grow a New Hymen1994Poem
I Awake in the Middle of the Night and Wonder If You’ve Been Taken1994Poem
I Don’t Like Being in Love1994Poem
I Let Him Take Me1994Poem
I the Woman1987Poem
I Told Susan Reyna1987Poem
I Understand It as a Kiss1987Poem
I Want to Be a Father Like the Men1994Poem
In a Redneck Bar Down the Street1987Poem
Josie Bliss1987Poem
Jumping off Roofs1994Poem
Ladies, South of France - Venice1987Poem
Las Girlfriends (Tip the barmaid in tight jeans)1994Poemhttp://www.chicanas.com/omaids.html
Letter to Ilona from the South of France1987Poem
Letter to Jahn Franco - Venice1987Poem
Little Clown, My Heart1994Poem
Little Miracles, Kept Promises2004Short Story
Loose Woman1994Poem
Loose Woman: Poems1994Collection
Los Desnudos: A Triptych1994Poem
Love Poem #11987Poem
Love Poem for a Non-Believer1994Poem
Men Asleep1987Poem
Mexican Hat Dance1987Poem
Mexicans in France1994Poem
Mexico Next Right2004Short Story
Monsieur Mon Ami1987Poem
Moon in Hydra1987Poem
Muddy Kid Comes Home1987Poem
My Friend Turns Beautiful before My Eyes1994Poem
My Name2004Short Story
My Nemesis Arrives after a Long Hiatus1994Poem
My Wicked Wicked Ways1987Poem
My Wicked, Wicked Ways (poems)1987Collection
Never Marry a Mexican2004Short Story
New Year’s Eve1987Poem
Night Madness Poem1994Poem
No Mercy1987Poem
No Speak English2004Short Story
Notes to a Young(er) Writer1987Essay
Old Maids (My cousins and I)1994Poemhttp://www.chicanas.com/omaids.html
Once Again I Prove the Theory of Relativity1994Poem
One Last Poem for Richard1987Poem
Original Sin1994Poem
Our Good Day2004Short Story
Peaches - Six in a Tin Bowl, Sarajevo1987Poem
Pilon2004Short Story
Postcard to the Lace Man - The Old Market, Antibes1987Poem
Preface2004Short Story
Pumpkin Eater1994Poem
Rodrigo de Barro1987Poem
Rodrigo in the Dark1987Poem
Rodrigo Returns to the Land and Linen Celebrates1987Poem
Salvador Late or Early2004Short Story
Sensuality Plunging Barefoot into Thorns1987Poem
Sir James South Side1987Poem
Six Brothers1987Poem
Small Madness1994Poem
So Here My History Begins for Your Good Understanding and ...2004Short Story
Someday My Prince Popocatepetl Will Come2004Short Story
Something Crazy1987Poem
Something Like Rivers Ran1994Poem
South Sangamon1987Poem
Spic Spanish?2004Short Story
Still Life with Potatoes, Pearls, Raw Meat ... Lard, and Horse Hooves1994Poem
Tantas Cosas Asustan, Tantas1987Poem
Tarzan2004Short Story
Tepeyac2004Short Story
That Beautiful Boy Who Lives across from the Handy Andy1994Poem
The Blue Dress1987Poem
The Family of Little Feet2004Short Story
The Heart Rounds Up the Usual Suspects1994Poem
The House on Mango Street (novel)1984Book
The Poet Reflects on Her Solitary Fate1987Poem
The So-and-So’s1987Poem
The Vogue2004Short Story
The World without Rodrigo1987Poem
Thing in My Shoe1994Poem
Those Who Don’t2004Short Story
To Cesare, Goodbye1987Poem
Trieste - Ciao to Italy1987Poem
Tu Que Sabes de Amor1994Poem
Twister Hits Houston1987Poem
Unos Cuantos Piquetitos1994Poem
Verde, Blanco, y Colorado2004Short Story
Vino Tinto1994Poem
Vintage Cisneros (short stories)2004Collection
Waiting for a Lover1994Poem
Well, if You Insist1994Poem
Why I Didn’t1994Poem
With Lorenzo at the Center of the Universe, el Zocalo, Mexico City1994Poem
Woman Hollering Creek and Other Stories1991Collection
You Bring Out the Mexican in Me1994Poem
You Called Me Corazon1994Poem
You Like to Give and Watch Me My Pleasure1994Poem
You My Saltwater Pearl1994Poem
Your Name Is Mine1994Poem


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