0215 William S. Burroughs

William S. Burroughs

A Report from the Bunker1981
Ah Pook is Here and Other Texts1979Collection
Ali’s Smile1971Short Story
Ali’s Smile: Naked Scientology (essays)1978Collection
An Advertising Short for Television1989Short Story
And the Hippos Were Boiled in Their Tanks1945Book
Antonio the Portuguese Mooch1989Short Story
APO-331966Short Story
Astronaut’s Return1973Short Story
Blade Runner (novella)1979Book
Book of Shadows1989Short Story
Brion Gysin Let the Mice In1973
Cities of the Red Night1981Book
Cities of the Red Night (novel)1981Book
Cobble Stone Gardens1976Short Story
Cold Lost Marbles1973Short Story
Coldspring News 18991974
Colloque de Tangier1976
Colloque de Tangier, Vol. 21979
Davy Jones1973Short Story
Dead Fingers Talk (novel)1963Book
Dead-End Reeking Street1989Short Story
Die Alten Filme/The Old Movies1979Short Story
Displaced Fuzz1989Short Story
Dream of the Penal Colony1989Short Story
Driving Lesson1989Short Story
Early Routines1981Short Story
Electricals1973Short Story
End of the Line1973Short Story
Everything Lost: The Latin American Notebook of Wm. S. Burroughs2007Collection
Exterminator!1967Short Story
Exterminator! (short stories)1973Collection
Friends1973Short Story
From Here to Eternity1973Short Story
Ghost of Chance (novella)1991Book
Ginsberg Notes1989Short Story
In the Cafe Central1989Short Story
International Zone1989Short Story
Interzone (short stories)1989CollectionExcerpts:
Iron Wrack Dream1989Short Story
Jack Kerouac1970Book
Jerry and the Stockbroker1989Short Story
Johnny 231973Short Story
Junkie (novel)1953Book
Last Words: The Final Journals of William S. Burroughs2000Collection
Lee and the Boys1989Short Story
Lee’s Journals1989Short Story
Letters to Allen Ginsberg, 1953-19571976Collection
Mayfair Academy Series More or Less1973Short Story
Minutes to Go1960
My Education: A Book of Dreams (novel)1995Book
My Face1973Short Story
My Legs Senor1973Short Story
Nova Express (novel)1964Book
Old Movie1973Short Story
Paper Cloud; Thick Pages1992Short Story
Port of Saints (novel)1973Book
Queer (novel)1951-53Book
Quick Fix (To put the country simple, earth has a lot of things other)Poemhttp://www.rooknet.net/beatpage/writers/burroughs.html#quickfix
Reddies1973Short Story
Roosevelt after Inauguration and Other Atrocities1965Collection
Rules of Duel2010
Ruski1984Short Story
Seeing Red1973Short Story
Selected Letters1993Collection
Seven Deadly Sins1992Short Story
Short Trip Home1973Short Story
Sinki’s Sauna1982Short Story
Snack1975Short Story
So Who Owns Death TV?1967
Spare Ass Annie1989Short Story
SPUT1973Short Story
Streets of Chance1981Short Story
Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 28, 19861989Poem
The Adding Machine: Collected Essays1985Collection
The Black Rider (musical play)1989Play
The Book of Breething1974Short Story
The Burroughs File (short stories and essays)1984Collection
The Cat Inside (novella)1986Book
The Coming of the Purple Better One1973Short Story
The Conspiracy1989Short Story
The Day the Records Went Up1968Short Story
The Dead Child1971Short Story
The Dead Star1969Short Story
The Discipline of DE1973Short Story
The Dream Cops1989Short Story
The Drums of Death1973Short Story
The Electronic Revolution (essays)1970Collection
The End1973Short Story
The Evening News1973Short Story
The Exterminator (short stories)1960Collection
The Finger1989Short Story
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse1984Short Story
The FUs1989Short Story
The JobEssayhttp://www.cs.cmu.edu/afs/cs.cmu.edu/user/ehn/Web/release/burroughs.html
The Junky’s Christmas1989Short Story
The Last Words of Dutch Schultz (novel)1969Book
The Lemon Kid1973Short Story
The Letters of William S. Burroughs: 1945-19591994Collection
The Naked Lunch (novel)1959BookExcerpts:

The Perfect Servant1973Short Story
The Place of Dead Roads (novel)1983BookExcerpt:
The Priest They Called Him1973Short Story
The Retreat Diaries (journal entries)1976Collection
The Soft Machine (novel)1961BookExcerpt:
The Teacher1973Short Story
The Third Mind (essays)1977Collection
The Ticket That Exploded (novel)1962Book
The Western Lands (novel)1987Book
The Whole Tamale1987-88Short Story
The Wild Boys: A Book of the Dead (novel)1971Book
The Word Hoard (collected manuscripts)1953-58Collection
The Yage Letters1963Collection
The Yage Letters: Redux2006Collection
They Do Not Always Remember1966Short Story
Time1965Short Story
To Talk for Joe the Dead1977Short Story
Tornado Alley (short stories)1989Collection
Twilight’s Last Gleamings1973Short Story
Valentine’s Day Reading1965Short Story
What Washington? What Orders?1973Short Story
Where He Was Going1989Short Story
White Subway1973Short Story
Wind Die. You Die. We Die.1968Short Story
Word (novella)1989Book
Word Virus: The William Burroughs Reader1998Collection


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