0107 Djuna Barnes

Djuna Barnes

A Book1923Book
A Last Toast1916Poem
A Night among the Horses1918Short Story
A Night in the Woods1917Short Story
A Sprinkle of Comedy1917Short Story
An Irish Triangle (play)1921Play
At the Roots of the Stars: The Short Plays1995Collection
Becoming Intimate with the Bohemians1916Essay
Collected Stories of Djuna Barnes1996Collection
Creatures in an Alphabet1982Book
Djuna Barnes’ New York1989Collection
Even unto the Fourth1912Short Story
Finale1918Short Story
For Servants Only1913Essay
From Fifth Avenue Up1915Short Story
From Third Avenue On1915Short Story
Greenwich Village as It Is1916Essay
How It Feels to Be Forcibly Fed1914Essayhttp://en.wikisource.org/wiki/How_It_Feels_to_Be_Forcibly_Fed
I Could Never Be Lonely without a Husband: Interviews1987Collection
I Gave Him My Hands1912Poem
In General1915Short Story
In Particular1915Short Story
Indian Summer1917Short Story
Jap Weather1914Poem
Kurzy from the Sea (play)1920Play
Ladies Almanack (novel)1928Bookhttp://www.women.it/les/ladies/book.htm
Monsieur Ampee1917Short Story
Mother1920Short Story
Nightwood (novel)1936Book
No-Man’s-Mare1917Short Story
Oscar1920Short Story
Paprika Johnson1915Short Story
Poe’s Mother: Selected Drawings1996Collection
Prize Ticket 1771917Short Story
Renunciation1918Short Story
Ryder (novel)1928Book
Seen from the L1915Short Story
Selected Works1958Collection

She Tells Her Daughter (play)1923Play
Smoke1917Short Story
Smoke and Other Early Stories1982Collection
Spillway1918Short Story
Suicide1915Short Story
The Antiphon (play)1958Play
The Blind Man1911Poem
The Book of Repulsive Women: 8 Rhythms and 5 Drawings1915Bookhttp://digital.library.upenn.edu/women/barnes/repulsive/repulsive.html

The Breaking Song1914p
The Coward1917Short Story
The Diary of a Dangerous Child1922Short Story
The Doctors1921Short Story
The Dove (play)1925Play
The Dream Rider1912Poem
The Earth1917Short Story
The Head of Babylon1917Short Story
The Jests of Jests1917Short Story
The Rabbit1917Short Story
The Robin’s House1920Short Story
The Songs of Synge: Man Who Shaped ... Life ... Shaped His Plays1917Essay
The Terrible Peacock1914Short Story
The Terrorists1917Short Story
The Valet1919Short Story
The Yellow Jar1916Poem
This Much and More1915Poem
Three from the Earth (play)1919Play
To a Bird1919Poem
To a Cabaret Dancer1915Short Story
To a Painter of Pictures1913Poem
To One Feeling Differently1920Poem
To One in Favour1919Poem
To the Dead Favorite of Liu Ch’e1920Poem
To the Dogs1982
To the Hands of a Beloved1919Poem
Tramp Summer1915Poem
Truth Painters1911Poem
Twilight of the Illicit1915Short Story
Two Moments1911Poem
Vagaries Malicieux1974Book
What Do You See, Madam?1915Short Story
Who Is This Tom Scarlett1917Short Story


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