0245 Angela Carter

Angela Carter

A Souvenir of Japan1974Short Story
A Very, Very Great Lady and Her Son at Home1962-66Short Story
A Victorian Fable1962-66Short Story
Alice in Prague; or the Curious Room1993Short Story
American Ghosts and Old World Wonders (short stories)1993Collection
Angela Carter’s Book of Fairy Tales2005Collection
Ashputtle; or the Mother’s Ghost1993Short Story
Best and Worst Books of 19771977Essay
Black Venus1985Short Story
Black Venus/Saints and Strangers (short stories)1985Collection
Burning Your Boats1995Short Story
Burning Your Boats: The Collected Short Stories1995Collection
Come unto These Yellow Sands (radio play)1985Play
Come unto These Yellow Sands: Four Radio Plays1985Collection
Elegy for a Freelance1974Short Story
Expletives Deleted: Selected Writings1992Collection
Fireworks: Nine Profane Pieces (short stories)1974Collection
Five Quiet Shouters1966Poem
Flesh and the Mirror1974Short Story
Gun for the Devil1993Short Story
Heroes and Villains (novel)1969Book
Images of Frida Kahlo1989Book
Impressions: The Wrightsman Magdalene1993Short Story
In Pantoland1993Short Story
John Ford’s ’Tis Pity She’s a Whore1993Short Story
Lizzie’s Tiger1993Short Story
Love (novel)1971Book
Martin Leman’s Comic and Curious Cats (children)1979Book
Master1974Short Story
Miss Z, the Dark Young Lady (children)1970Book
Moonshadow (children)1982Book
Nights at the Circus (novel)1984Book
Nothing Sacred1982Essay
Nothing Sacred: Selected Writings1982Collection
Oedipus and Father Time1976Short Story
Our Lady of the Massacre1985Short Story
Overture and Incidental Music for a Midsummer Night’s Dream1985Short Story
Penetrating to the Heart of the Forest1974Short Story
Peter and the Wolf1985Short Story
Puss-in-Boots1979Short Story
Reflections1974Short Story
Sea-Cat and Dragon King (children)2000Book
Several Perceptions (novel)1968Book
Shadow Dance/Honeybuzzard (novel)1966Book
Shaking a Leg: Collected Journalism and Writing1997Collection
Sleeping Beauty and Other Favourite Fairy Tales (translation)1982Collection
The Bloody Chamber (novella)1979Book
The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories1979Collection
The Bridegroom1979Short Story
The Cabinet of Edgar Allan Poe1985Short Story
The Company of Wolves1977Short Story
The Company of Wolves (screenplay)1984Play
The Courtship of Mr. Lyon1979Short Story
The Curious Room: Plays, Film Scripts and an Opera1996Collection
The Donkey Prince (children)1970Book
The Erl-King1977Short Story
The Executioner’s Beautiful Daughter1974Short Story
The Fairy Tales of Charles Perrault (translation)1977Collection
The Fall River Axe Murders1985Short Story
The Ghost Ships1993Short Story
The Holy Family Album (television documentary)1991Play
The Infernal Desire Machines of Doctor Hoffman (novel)1972Book
The Kiss1985Short Story
The Kitchen Child1985Short Story
The Lady of the House of Love1979Short Story
The Loves of Lady Purple1974Short Story
The Magic Toyshop (novel)1967Book
The Magic Toyshop (screenplay)Play
The Man Who Loved a Double Bass1962-66Short Story
The Merchant of Shadows1993Short Story
The Music People1980
The Passion of New Eve (novel)1977Book
The Quilt Maker1970-81Short Story
The Sadeian Woman and the Ideology of Pornography1978Book
The Scarlet House1970-81Short Story
The Second Virago Book of Fairy Tales1992Collection
The Smile of Winter1974Short Story
The Snow Child1979Short Story
The Snow Pavilion1970-81Short Story
The Tiger’s Bride1979Short Story
The Unicorn1966Poem
The Virago Book of Fairy Tales/The Old Wives’ Fairy Tale Book1990Collection
The Werewolf1979Short Story
Tokyo Diary1976Short Story
Tokyo Inventory1978Essay
Wayward Girls and Wicked Women: Anthology of Subversive Stories1986Collection
Wise Children (novel)1991Book
Wolf-Alice1979Short Story


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