0231 Erskine Caldwell

Erskine Caldwell

22 Great Modern Short Stories from Jackpot1944Collection
A Day’s Wooing1935Short Story
A Day’s Wooing (short stories)1944Collection
A House in the Uplands (novel)1946Book
A Lamp for Nightfall (novel)1952Book
A Night in November/Beverly Hills, California1982Essay
A Place Called Estherville (novel)1949Book
A Swell-Looking Girl1930Short Story
A Woman in the House1933Short Story
Advice about Women1956Short Story
After-Image1932Short Story
Afternoons in Mid-America (essays)1976Collection
All Night Long: A Novel of Guerilla Warfare in Russia1942Book
All-Out on the Road to Smolensk (foreign correspondence)1942Collection
American Earth1931Short Story
American Earth (short stories)1931Collection
An Autumn Courtship1931Short Story
An Evening in Nuevo Leon1940Short Story
Annette (novel)1973Book
Around about America (essays)1964Collection
August Afternoon1933Short Story
Bastard1929Short Story
Big Buck1945Short Story
Blue Boy1935Short Story
Blue Ridge Country (ed.)Collectionhttp://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/25413
Bud Perry’s First Wife1956Short Story
Calexico1964Short Story
Call It Experience (autobiography)1951Book
Candy-Man Beechum1935Short Story
Carnival1955Short Story
Certain Women (short stories)1957Collection
Claudelle Inglish (novel)1958Book
Close to Home1962
Country Full of Swedes1933Short Story
Crown-Fire1933Short Story
Daughter1933Short Story
Deep South/In the Shadows of the Steeple (travel writing)1968Collection
Dorothy1931Short Story
Episode in Palmetto (novel)1950Book
Erskine Caldwell: Selected Letters, 1929-19551999Collection
Figurines of Love1953Short Story
Georgia Boy (novel)1943Book
God’s Little Acre (novel)1933Book
Gretta (novel)1955Book
Gulf Coast Stories (short stories)1956Collection
Hamrick’s Polar Bear1937Short Story
Handy/It’s Against the Law1940Short Story
Honeymoon1935Short Story
Horse Thief1933Short Story
Hot Afternoon with Ellen1968Short Story
I’ll Take My Stand (essays)1930Collection
In Search of Bisco (travel writing)1965Collection
Indian Summer1933Short Story
Jackpot (short stories)1940Collection
Jenny1949Short Story
Jenny by Nature1961Short Story
Jenny by Nature (novel)1961Book
Journeyman (novel)1935Book
Kneel to the Rising Sun1935Short Story
Kneel to the Rising Sun (short stories)1935Collection
Last Night with Laura1968Short Story
Louisiana Jailhouse Blues1965Short Story
Love and Money (novel)1954Book
Mama’s Little Girl1933Short Story
Man and Woman1937Short Story
Martha Jean1935Short Story
Masses of Men1935Short Story
Maud Island1934Short Story
Meddlesome Jack1933Short Story
Memento1955Short Story
Men and Women (short stories)1961Collection
Message for Genevieve1944Short Story
Midsummer Passion1948
Miss Mama Aimee (novel)1967Book
Molly Cottontail (children)1958Book
Moscow Under Fire (foreign correspondence)1942Collection
My Old Man and the Grass Widow1941Short Story
New Cabin1936Short Story
North of the Danube (with Margaret Bourke-White)1939Book
Over the Green Mountains1931Short Story
Picking Cotton1933Short Story
Poor Fool1930Short Story
Rachel1933Short Story
Return to Lavinia1935Short Story
Russia at War (foreign correspondence)1942Collection
Saturday Afternoon1930Short Story
Saturday Night1956Short Story
Say! Is This the U.S.A.? (with Margaret Bourke-White)1941Book
Sinews of War1943Essay
Slow Death1935Short Story
Snacker1937Short Story
Some American People1935Essay
Soquots1956Short Story
Southways1938Short Story
Stories of Life North & South1983Collection
Strange Bedmates (novella)1966Short Story
Summertime Island (novel)1968Book
Tenant Farmers1935Essay
The Art, Craft and Personality of Writing1964Essay
The Black and White Stories1984Collection
The Cold Winter1934Short Story
The Complete Stories of Erskine Caldwell1953Collection
The Courting of Susie Brown (short stories)1952Collection
The Day the Presidential Candidate Came to Aridad Tamaulipas1940Short Story
The Deer at Our House (children)1966Book
The Earnshaw Neighborhood1971
The Empty Room1933Short Story
The First Autumn1933Short Story
The Girl Ellen1935Short Story
The Grass Fire1933Short Story
The Growing Season1935Short Story
The Humorous Side of Erskine Caldwell1951Collection
The Last Night of Summer (novel)1963Book
The Man Who Looked Like Himself1935Short Story
The Medicine Man1933Short Story
The Negro in the Well1935Short Story
The People vs. Abe Lathan, Colored1939Short Story
The People’s Choice1933Short Story
The Picture1933Short Story
The Sacrilege of Alan Kent (novel)1936Book
The Shooting1935Short Story
The Shooting of Judge Price1956Short Story
The Sinews of War1944Essay
The Snoring Skeleton1961Short Story
The Strawberry Season1967Short Story
The Sure Hand of God (novel)1947Book
The Walnut Hunt1935Short Story
The Weather Shelter (novel)1969Book
The Windfall1951Short Story
This Is Darling Jill1958Essay
This Very Earth (novel)1948Book
To the Chaparral1953Short Story
Tobacco Road (novel)1932Book
Tragic Ground (novel)1944Book
Trouble in July (novel)1940Book
Warm River1932Short Story
We Are Looking at You, Agnes1931Short Story
We Are the Living (short stories)1933Collection
When You Think of Me (short stories)1959Collection
Where the Girls Were Different1945
Wild Flowers1938Short Story
With All My Might (autobiography)1987Book
Writing in America1967Essay
Yellow Girl1933Short Story
You Have Seen Their Faces (with Margaret Bourke-White)1937Book


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