1123 Neil Simon

Neil Simon

45 Seconds from Broadway (play)2001Play
After the Fox (screenplay)1966Play
Barefoot in the Park (play)1963Play
Barefoot in the Park (screenplay)1967Play
Biloxi Blues (play)1985Play
Biloxi Blues (screenplay)1988Play
Brighton Beach Memoirs (play)1983Play
Brighton Beach Memoirs (screenplay)1986Play
Broadway Bound (play)1986Play
California Suite (play)1976Play
California Suite (screenplay)1978Play
Chapter Two (play)1977Play
Chapter Two (screenplay)1978Play
Come Blow Your Horn (play)1961Play
Come Blow Your Horn (screenplay)1963Play
Fools (play)1981Play
God’s Favorite (play)1974Play
I Ought to Be in Pictures (play)1980Play
I Ought to Be in Pictures (screenplay)1982Play
Jake’s Women (play)1992Play
Laughter on the 23rd Floor (play)1993Play
Little Me (play)1962Play
London Suite (play)1995Play
Lost in Yonkers (play)1991Play
Lost in Yonkers (screenplay)1993Play
Max Dugan Returns (screenplay)1983Play
Murder by Death (screenplay)1976Play
Only When I Laugh (screenplay)1981Play
Plaza Suite (play)1968Play
Plaza Suite (screenplay)1971Play
Promises, Promises (play)1968Play
Proposals (play)1997Play
Rose’s Dilemma (play)2003Play
Rumors (play)1988Play
Seems Like Old Times (screenplay)1980Play
Sweet Charity (play)1966Play
Sweet Charity (screenplay)1969Play
The Cheap Detective (screenplay)1978Play
The Dinner Party (play)2000Play
The Gingerbread Lady (play)1970Play
The Good Doctor (play)1973Play
The Goodbye Girl (play)1993Play
The Goodbye Girl (screenplay)1977Play
The Heartbreak Kid (screenplay)1972Play
The Last of the Red Hot Lovers (play)1969Play
The Last of the Red Hot Lovers (screenplay)1972Play
The Lonely Guy (screenplay)1984Play
The Marrying Man (screenplay)1991Play
The Odd Couple (female version, play)1986Play
The Odd Couple (play)1965Play
The Odd Couple (screenplay)1968Play
The Odd Couple II (screenplay)1998Play
The Out-of-Towners (screenplay)1970Play
The Prisoner of Second Avenue (play)1971Play
The Prisoner of Second Avenue (screenplay)1975Play
The Slugger’s Wife (screenplay)1985Play
The Star-Spangled Girl (play)1966Play
The Sunshine Boys (play)1972Play
The Sunshine Boys (screenplay)1975Play
They’re Playing Our Song (play)1979Play


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