1107 Ntozake Shange

Ntozake Shange

A Daughter’s Geography (poems)1983Collection
A Photograph: A Study of Cruelty (play)1977Play
A Photograph: Lovers in Motion: A Drama (poems)1977Collection
A Photograph: Lovers-in-Motion (play)1977Play
Betsey Brown (novel)1985Book
Black and White Two Dimensional Planes (play)1979Play
Blood Rhythms - Blood Currents - Black n’ Blue Stylin’ (Fragrant)Poemhttp://www.afropoets.net/ntozakeshange4.html



Bocas (play)1982Play
Bocas: A Daughter’s Geography (i have a daughter/ mozambique)Poemhttp://www.afropoets.net/ntozakeshange9.html

Boogie Woogie Landscapes (play)1979Play
Coretta Scott (children)2009Book
Daddy Says (children)2003Book
Daddy Says (play)1989Play
Educating Rita (play, adaptation)1982Play
Ellington Was Not a Street (children)2003Book
Enuf (at 4:30 AM)Poemhttp://www.completeclassics.com/p/m/poem.asp?poem=28553260&poet=17078&num=2&total=6
Enuf (poems)Collection
Float Like a Butterfly: Muhammad Ali ... (children)2002Book
For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide (novel)1977Book
For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide (play)1975Play
From Okra to Greens: A Different Kinda Love Story (play)1983Play
I Live in Music1994Poemhttp://www.afropoets.net/ntozakeshange10.html

If I Can Cook You Know God Can1998Essay
Liliane: Resurrection of the Daughter (novel)1994Book
Melissa & Smith (poems)1976Collection
Mother Courage and Her Children (play, adaptation)1980Play
My Father Is a Retired MagicianPoemhttp://www.poets.org/viewmedia.php/prmMID/16225



Nappy Edges (poems)1978Collection
Natural Disasters and Other Festive Occasions (poems)1977Collection
People of Watts (where we come from, sometimes, beauty)Poemhttp://www.afropoets.net/ntozakeshange3.html



Poet Hero (poems)Collection
Resurrection of the Daughter (the family had been ill for some time)Poemhttp://www.afropoets.net/ntozakeshange7.html

Ridin’ the Moon in Texas: Word Paintings (poems)1987Collection
Sassafras, Cypress, and Indigo (novel)1982Book
See No Evil: Prefaces, Essays and Accounts, 1976-19831984Collection
Senses of Heritage (my grandpa waz a doughboy from carolina)Poemhttp://www.afropoets.net/ntozakeshange8.html

Some Men (poems)1981Collection
Some Sing, Some Cry (novel)2010Book
Sorry (one thing i don’t need)Poemhttp://www.afropoets.net/ntozakeshange6.html

Spell #7 (play)1979Play
The Black Book (novel)1986Book
The Love Space Demands: A Continuing Saga (poems)1987Collection
The Sweet Breath of Life (poems)2004Collection
Three for a Full Moon (play)1982Play
Three Pieces (poems)1992Collection
Three Views of Mt. Fuji (play)1987Play
Where the Mississippi Meets the Amazon (play)1977Play
Whitewash (children)1997Book
Whitewash (play)1994Play
With No Immediate Cause (every 3 minutes a woman is beaten)Poemhttp://www.afropoets.net/ntozakeshange5.html


You Are Sucha FoolPoemhttp://www.afropoets.net/ntozakeshange2.html




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