0729 Jerome Lawrence and Robert Lee

Jerome Lawrence and Robert Lee

A Call on Kuprin/Checkmate (play)1961Play
A Date with Judy (radio plays)1941-42Play
Actor (play)Play
Actor (teleplay)Play
Actor: The Life and Times of Paul Muni (biography)1974Book
Annie Laurie (play)1954Play
Auntie Mame (play)1956Play
Barbara (play)Play
Between Light and Darkness (play)Play
Black Sunset (play)Play
Charles Boyer Show (radio plays)1951Play
Columbia Workshop (radio plays)1941-42Play
Dear World (play)1969Play
Diamond Orchid (play)1965Play
Dilly (play)Play
Dinah Shore Program (radio plays)1948Play
Eclipse (play)Play
Everything for the Boys (radio plays)1944Play
Favorite Story (radio plays)1946-49Play
Favorite Story (teleplays)1952-54Play
First Monday in October (play)1978Play
First Monday in October (screenplay)1981Play
Frank Sinatra Show (radio plays)1947Play
Hallmark Playhouse (radio plays)1950-51Play
Halls of Ivy (radio plays)1950-51Play
Hollywood Showcase (radio plays)1940-41Play
Houseboat in Kashmir (play)Play
I Was There (radio plays)1939Play
Inherit the Wind (play)1955Play
Inherit the Wind (teleplay)1965Play
Inside a Kid’s Head (play)Play
Jabberwock (play)1973Play
Jam Session in Foggia1945Short Story
Junior Theatre of the Air (radio plays)1938Play
Laugh, God! (play)1939Play
Let’s Have a Party (radio plays)1938-39Play
Live Spelled Backward (play)1966Play
Look, Ma, I’m Dancin! (play)1948Play
Make Believe (play)Play
Mame (play)1966Play
Man about Hollywood (radio plays)1940Play
Musical Portraits (radio plays)1938-39Play
Nightcap Yarns/One Man Theatre & Armchair Adventures (radio plays)1939-40Play
Now Is the Time (teleplay)1987Play
Off Mike1944Book
Only in America (play)1959Play
Oscar the Ostrich (children)1940Book
Paris, France (play)Play
Railroad Hour (radio plays)1948-54Play
Roaring Camp (play)1955Play
Screen Guild Theatre (radio plays)1946Play
Shangri-La (play)1956Play
Shangri-La (teleplays)1960Play
Short and Sweet (play)Play
Some Say in Ice (play)Play
Song of NorwayPlay
Stories from Life (radio plays)1939-40Play
Sunday Morning Maniacs (radio plays)1938Play
The Angels Weep (play)Play
The Birthday Story1950Play
The Familiar Stranger (play)1956Play
The Gang’s All Here (play)1959Play
The Incomparable Max (play)1971Play
The Journey of Trygve Jones1949Play
The Laugh Maker (play)1952Play
The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail (play)1971Play
The Unexpected/Times Square Playhouse (teleplays)1951Play
The Unwilling Warrior (teleplay)1975Play
They Live Forever (radio plays)1942Play
Through the Years (radio plays)1939Play
To You, My Son1934Play
Tomorrow (play)1944Play
Top of the Mark (play)Play
Under Western Skies (radio plays)1939Play
West Point (teleplay)Play
Whisper in the Mind (play)Play
Young Love (radio plays)1949-50Play


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